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IMAK Compression Arthritis Sleeve - Knee or Elbow Option Essential Oil Blends Trial Kit by Lotus Touch IMAK Compression Arthritis Gloves by BrownMed
Increase circulation, reduce pain and promote healing with a compression sleeve comfortable enough to wear all day and all night! Elbow or Knee model. As an alternative medicine, essential oil blends are used to holistically treat ailments with aromatherapy, including stress, insomnia, headaches & more. Keep your, or a loved one's, hands warm, while helping to increase circulation, relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis.
Evo OT Ware Easy Grip Eating Utensils Pressure Positive The Knobble II Motion Medicine Topical Analgesic - 4 oz tube
For those with injuries or ailments such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Carpal
Tunnel, Parkinson's, and many others, OTware is an innovative way to
increase self-independence for those in need at the dining table.
Made of durable polymer; smoothly rounded tip is used to apply pressure to trigger points in soft tissue. The Knobble II has the added benefit of a soft band of non-latex. With 5 x more active ingredients than leading drug store brands, Motion Medicine is a revolutionary pain, arthritis and inflammation reliever.
Innotech Solitude Water Pillow - Free Shipping Offer EmbraceAIRPlus Back Cushion
Water pillow made of special Kluster fibers conforms to the position and shape of head and neck. Internal lumbar support can be inflated to conform to the lumbar spine. Straps easily position the lumbar to specific comfort zone.