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With headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden, the Etac Group is a world-leading developer of ergonomic products that assist people living with restricted mobility. Our strength and competitive edge are delivered through a proven synergy of pioneering product design, excellence in service and a true understanding of end user needs.

Etac provides home health care products that help people with their daily living routines regardless of their physical circumstances.
Every person is unique and our wheelchairs are designed to meet individual needs and strengthen capacity.
Our bathroom equipment stretches from stylish shower stools and toilet seat raisers to advanced tilt-able shower commodes.
Etac product range also includes smart products that make every day activities easier and help individuals with impaired mobility to continue to live independently.
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Torkel Toilet Tissue Aid Torkel Toilet Tissue Aid by Etac

Can be used for toilet paper, wash cloths or small towels. Sold each.

HPMS Price $34.19
Etac Beauty Hairbrushes - Sold Each Etac Beauty Hairbrushes - Sold Each

Contoured brush and comb with anti-slip handles. 2 sizes available.

HPMS Price $34.99
Etac Feed Angled Adjustable Spoons - Sold Each Etac Feed Angled Adjustable Spoons - Sold Each

The spoon is angle adjustable and comfortable in the mouth thanks to its flat shape. Ideal for those with poor grip. Dishwasher safe.

HPMS Price $38.99
Etac Folding Stocking Aid Etac Folding Stocking Aid

Latex free lightweight foldable stocking aid. Perfect for on the go; 2  handed.

HPMS Price $39.99
Etac Cup with Holder & Lid Etac Cup with Holder & Lid

Can be held by either hand with second hand lip for extra holding support. Latex Free.

HPMS Price $42.99
Etac Fix Preparation Cutting Board Etac Fix Preparation Cutting Board

This adaptable cutting board can be used to slice and grate food or hold mixing and salad bowls.

HPMS Price $67.39