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We offer a vast array of options for high quality Pillows & Cushions; therapeutic, general bed, bolsters, travel, cervical, CPAP, maternity, supportive, body, leg, seat, water-based, inflatable, memory foam, elevating and more. For hygiene reasons, pillows are non-returnable.
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Solitude Water Pillow by Innotech Grasshopper Portable Purple Massage Chair by NRG- Limited Stock Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair by NRG
Water pillow made of special Kluster fibers conforms to the position and shape of head and neck. High quality portability in an easy to transport and set up massage chair. Comes with a carrying case that received tear during shipping. Discounted. Color is purple. High quality portability in an easy to transport and set up massage chair. Comes with a carrying case. Color options.
Leg Spacer Positioning Pillow by Core Products Earthlite Disposable Headrest Covers - 100 pack Max Relax Face Cushion by Core Products
Eliminates the need of sleeping with a pillow between your knees. Designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, knees, and ankles. Disposable head rests, pack of 100. made of soft absorbent fiber that is hypoallergenic. This face cushion offers full access to back and neck without the discomfort of turning the head to one side.
Memory Face Cradle Pillow by Core Products - Sherpa Red Rubber Inflatable Ring - 18"/45cm Complete Medical "Anti-Stress" Square Cervical Pillow
Soothing memory foam pillow comfortably conforms to the face. Sherpa covering. Inflatable pillow is perfect for extra cushion support for your comfort or rehabilitation needs. Two cervical rolls and recessed center help support the head and spine for anatomically correct comfort during sleep.  Made of polyester fiber and will fit most standard pillow cases.
Duro-Med 18" Molded Foam Ring Cushion Duro-Med 16" Molded Foam Ring Cushion - Plaid Med Spec Universal Hip Abduction Pillow
Comfortably conforms to body contours reducing pressure point discomfort. Made of puncture proof molded foam. Comfortably conforms to body contours reducing pressure point discomfort. Made of puncture proof molded foam. This high density foam pillow maintains the hip in abduction following injury or surgery to prevent dislocation.
Duro-Med Sloping Coccyx Cushion With Navy Poly / Cotton Cover Therabeads Neck Rest Medic-Air Seat Cushion by Corflex
A firm foam cushion that is constructed of highly resilient foam for maximum comfort and durability. Machine washable cover. Therabeads Neck Rest is specially contoured for the neck and shoulder area. Portable, easy to inflate/deflate, easy to clean seat cushion provides comfortable, stress-free sitting anywhere. Wheelchair friendly.
OPTP McKenzie Airback Inflatable Roll OPTP The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll # 703 McKenzie D-Section Lumbar Roll
Ideal for individuals with back and neck pain. Inflatable cushion allows for perfect adjustable support. Made of durable PVC. Provides cervical spine support while promoting natural sleeping habits on the side or back. Improves posture and helps to correct mechanical back pain. Built in adjustable strap; contains latex.
OPTP McKenzie Lumbar Roll - Firm Density Pressure Positive Co. The Original Indexknobber with Ball Pressure Positive Co. The Original Indexknobber with Cap
Provides adequate lumbar support for the car, home or office. Firm density offers durable support. Designed for hands-on therapists that would allow for precise, deep tissue, hands-on therapy. Ball design. Designed for hands-on therapists to allow for precise, deep tissue, hands-on therapy.
Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow by Core Products Therapeutica The Commuter Pillow Comfort Stress Wedge by Core Products
Pillow is designed to offer the correct support for a more comfortable and ache-free night sleep. Excellent for adult passengers who want to sleep while traveling. Keeps head and upper spine steady and supported. The Core stress wedge is an economical way to help improve posture and ease lower back pain while sitting.
Sitback Standard Lumbar Support by Core Products ObusForme Ergonomic Contoured Seat Cushion Headache Ice Pillo by Core Products
Contour cut foam cushion provides comfort and support to the lower back. Available in 3 colors. Help alleviate pressure on tailbone, sitting bones and thighs with this ergonomic contoured seat cushion. Helps relieve aches and pains with insertable cold therapy pack. Helps relieve migraine and tension headaches.
Blue Satin Cervical Contour Pillow Econo-Wave Cervical Pillow by Core Products Jackson Roll Pillow by Core Products
Jackson-style, hypoallergenic fiberfill pillow is designed for greater sleep comfort.
Gives proper support to your neck in its most natural position. Improves air circulation around your head and neck. Kiss neck pain goodbye! Specially designed to relieve the worst neck tension and stiffness for a more comfortable sleeping experience.
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