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We use science and innovation to create products that are not only wellness for the skin, but also good for the environment, ensuring a better world for all of us to live in.

We design, manufacture and package all of our products in-house from formulas that we have developed. Because we remain a family owned business, we have the unique ability to stay in close touch with our customers' requests, and give you the best customer service that you deserve!
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Bon Vital Coconut Massage Creme Deep Tissue Massage Creme Bon Vital Deep Tissue Massage Lotion
Smooth unscented creme with coconut oil; leaves no greasy feel. Size Options. Special blend of Seed oils provides high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins to nourish the skin. You and your clients will be amazed at how this creme softens. No greasy feel, no paraben & water dispersible. Specifically designed for deeper modalities; lotion provides a smooth glide and texture which is perfect for creating friction for the ideal massage.
Bon Vital Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Bon Vital Foot Balm Bon Vital Fresh and Clean Detergent - 1 Gal
Bon Vital Foot Balm
HPMS Price $13.28
Scrub away impurities and dead skin cells to refresh, revive and reveal a healthy glow. Non-sticky, easy to rinse-off & available in scent and size options. Ideal for reflexology, deep tissue and general relaxing massage. Great absorption with no residue. Extend the life of your sheets, linens and towels. All natural detergent does not contain harsh chemicals or bleaches.
Bon Vital Grapeseed Oil Bon Vital Multi-Purpose Massage Creme Bon Vital Muscle Therapy Gel
Bon Vital Grapeseed Oil
HPMS Price $10.69
100% pure and natural grapeseed oil. Can be used with massage or gentle skin toner. sold each, 2 sizes available. Bon Vital´ Multi-Purpose Massage Crème has a superior light whipped texture that applies like a creme and performs like an oil. Leaves no greasy feel. Lightweight gel that absorbs like a lotion. Available in 4 sizes; sold each.
Bon Vital Muscle Therapy Oil Bon Vital Naturale Massage Creme Bon Vital Naturale Massage Gel
Lightweight oil with clean, absorption is perfect for sports massage or deep tissue. 3 sizes available. The perfect blend of ingredients for the very best in massage therapy. This massage creme is unscented and water dispersible. Size Options. The lasting glide outperforms cremes, lotions and oils so you will use less per application. Paraben free and no nut oils.
Bon Vital Naturale Massage Oil Organica Massage Creme Bon Vital Original Massage Lotion - 5 Gallon Pail
The perfect nut free blend of Jojoba, Safflower, Grapeseed, Apricot, and Peach Kernel Oils. Earth friendly formula massage creme! Infused with Organic Arnica and Chamomile to soothe and calm achy muscles. Unscented and Parabin free! Size options. Lightweight and a smooth glide make this lotion the perfect choice for massage. Hypoallergenic and paraben free.
Bon Vital Original Massage Oil Bon Vital Salt Glow Bon Vital Sesame Seed Oil
Bon Vital Salt Glow
HPMS Price $15.29
Bon Vital Sesame Seed Oil
HPMS Price $12.19
This massage oil is enriched with vitamin A, E, C, and Pro Vitamin B5. Great choice for stone massage or swedish style modalities. Therapeutic dead sea salt removes impurities and dead skin cells. Available in 3 scents. 100% pure and natural sesame seed oil. Sold each, 2 sizes available.
Bon Vital SPA Facial Therapy Massage Creme Bon Vital Swedish Massage Lotion - 5 Gallon Pail Bon Vital Therapeutic Touch Cream
This skin sensitive formula has a luxuriously smooth and whipped texture with the perfect amount of glide that leaves a non-greasy feel. A blend of firming actives, botanicals, and vitamins help restore and maintain skin's youthful appearance. Made to last longer than most lotions and is lighter on the skin. Provides effortless smooth glide and texture. No greasy feel and water dispersible. The active ingredients of jojoba, grape seed and sesame oil will keep your skin silky smooth and soft to the touch. Does not contain nut oils and is completely unscented.
Bon Vital Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion Bon Vital Coconut Massage Lotion Bon Vital All Purpose Massage Creme
Lasting glide with a lighter touch makes this great for both Swedish and Deep Tissue modalities. Lightweight coconut infused massage oil leaves no greasy feeling.  Unscented and paraben free. Versatile Massage without nut oils or paraben, so you can massage without allergic reaction worries. Perfect to have on hand for request and for all types of massage. Size options available.
Bon Vital Coconut Massage Gel - All Sizes Bon Vital Muscle Therapy Lotion
Water dispersible gel infused with coconut oil. Paraben and unscented; all sizes available. Moisture rich lotion infused with essential oils leaves a warm and soothing feeling on the skin. Available in 4 sizes.