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Fitness, generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise and sufficient rest, has endless benefits. Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your overall health improvement, reducing risks for many chronic diseases.
Rehab (short for Rehabilitation) is the process of returning something to its original condition, and physical rehab generally focuses on restoring bodily strength and movement to recover from injuries. Building strength & range of motion with pain-relieving techniques is typically the goal, limiting the pain in joints and/or muscles while rebuilding them.
We offer a huge selection of high quality Fitness & Rehab tools for your overall good health.

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Patriot Back Brace by Corflex - Accessories available Rolling Muscle Massager by Tiger Tail IMAK Compression Arthritis Sleeve - Knee or Elbow Option
Low profile design back brace incorporates hi-tech mesh fabric that helps manage heat and moisture for all-day comfort. Accessories available. Reinvigorate tired muscles and prepare them for exercise. Great for neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Size options. Increase circulation, reduce pain and promote healing with a compression sleeve comfortable enough to wear all day and all night! Elbow or Knee model.
CanDo Mobile Ball Stabilizer Chair - With Arms CanDo Mobile Ball Stabilizer Chair - No Arms SoloGrip One-Handed Jar Opener
The mobile ergonomic seating system combines the benefits of ball therapy with the convenience of a chair base. Chair with arms. The mobile ergonomic seating system combines the benefits of ball therapy with the convenience of a chair base. No arm model. Opening various bottles or jars is a snap with SoloGrip one-handed jar opener. Give yourself, or those you care for, the gift of extra muscle power!
Corflex Pediatric Fixed Walker Fitterfirst Classic Blue Foam Roller - 6" x 36" Medi-Dyne Pro Stretch- Double- Bilateral
Easy to apply pediatric walker for children 1- 9 years of age. Support for foot or ankle fractures; post cast or alternative to casting. Fitterfirst Classic Blue Foam Roller helps improve stability and flexibility through myofascial release. Great for rolling out muscles. Increase range of motion and flexibility in your lower legs. Vary stretching levels & time spent by exercising feet simultaneously.
Medi-Dyne Wooden ProStretch- Single Sock-eez Compression Stocking Remover by Achieva Collum CMC Thumb Brace by Rolyan® - Size Options
Patented rocker design automatically holds foot in optimal position for proper stretching, works lower leg muscles more effectively. Sock-eez allows Compression Hosiery benefits to be possible, even for those with limited mobility or arthritis. Soft, comfortable brace, for those with arthritis at the CMC and MCP joints of the thumb, to perform routine tasks in comfort. Size options.
Corflex 13" CoolTex Anterior Closure Knee Wrap w/Hinge - Op Pop Corflex 12" Ultra Abdominal Binder Corflex Universal Bucks Traction Splint
Made of lightweight, breathable cooltex, an alternative to neoprene. Heavy duty hinges with easy wrap around design. All sizes available. Made of hook compatible elastic material. Helps support muscles and ease abdominal pain. 4 panel design. Universal design features medial and lateral stays for added support.
Constructed of soft foam.
SoftGym OverBall by Gymnic - Varying Color Corflex Elastic Rib Belt Corflex 9" Panel Elastic Abdominal Binder
Lightweight easy to inflate exercise ball that is ideal for gym use, for elderly and for children. Color varies and is merchant's choice. Male version of rib belt. Made of premium quality elastic with contact closure. Elastic binder with 3 panel design. Ideal for abdominal compression and muscle strains.
Corflex Criss Cross Back Support Corflex Contour Back Support Corflex Disc Unloader LSO w/ 6" Anterior Panel
Criss cross back panel with anti-roll stays. Indicated for moderate back and lumbar pain. All sizes available. Contoured front panel to accommodate the hip area. Made of high quality elastic. All sizes available. Offers support from T9 to SC junction; features a modular design that helps relieve back pain. All sizes available.
Corflex Cock-Up Splint Corflex Finger Splint Assortment Kit- 45 piece Corflex Heelwedge Shoe
Corflex Cock-Up Splint
HPMS Price $19.99
Corflex Heelwedge Shoe
HPMS Price $33.99
Pre-molded design splint allows optimal anatomic fit. All sizes available. 45 piece kit of various style & size finger splints that provide comfortable immobilization and protection for the finger. Ideal for post-op use or following trauma involving the heel to help promote healing. All sizes available.
Corflex Pressure Reduction Insole Corflex SlimLine Cast Boot Corflex Pediatric SlimLine Cast Boot
Insole features removable pegs that help off-load pressure from the plantar surface of the foot. All Sizes available.
Indicated for post-surgical application or use with casts or compression bandaging of the foot and ankle. All sizes available.
Indicated for post-surgical application or use with casts or compression bandaging of the foot and ankle. Pediatric size.
Corflex Enclosed Toe Cast Boot Corflex Cryo Pneumatic Knee Orthosis w/ROM Hinge Corflex Thumbster- Soft
Corflex Soft Thumbster
HPMS Price $26.39
Features enclosed toe to provide complete protection and warmth for the foot. All sizes available. ROM Hinged Orthosis offering full flexion and extension control. Optional Gel Packs and replacement hinge/strap set available. Anatomically designed to provide comfortable and secure immobilization of the thumb. Made of polyester with stretchable closures.
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