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Relief and support of symptoms due to an ACL injury or tear. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.

ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is located in the knee. It is tissue that connects the thighbone to the shinbone. Most ACL injuries occur during certain sports such as basketball, soccer, football, skiing, and tennis.
Symptoms include knee swelling, instability and pain. Treatment may include surgery and physical therapy.
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SpiderTech - Spider - Precut kinesiology Tape - Calf & Arch Cramer ESS Calf Compression Sleeve 12" Calf Sleeve with 1/8" Density by Corflex
A professionally engineered, dynamic therapeutic support for the muscles stabilizing the calf & arch. I application per pack. The ESS Calf Sleeves are built to provide enough support to minimize muscle vibration and the exertion that accompanies it. Provides warmth, support and compression for the calf.
Corflex Calf Sleeve 3/16" Cho-Pat Calf Compression Sleeve RangeRoller by Medi-Dyne- 3 model options
Corflex Calf Sleeve 3/16"
HPMS Price $21.99
Provides warmth, support and compression for the calf. Compression sleeve helps reduce pain and expediate heeling from strained or injured muscles.  Made from comfortable, lightweight and breathable material. Non-slip grip handles and light-weight design to enhance control, prevent muscle fatigue and maximize roller performance.
Medi-Dyne StepStretch- Single Medi-Dyne ProStretch Plus Jobst Relief Compression Thigh High - 20-30mmHg
Medi-Dyne ProStretch Plus
HPMS Price $42.50
Lower extremity stretching tool that helps relieve plantar fasciitis. Ideal for increasing flexibility and strength. Offers flexibility and strength for legs and foot. Adjustable support to fit almost any foot size. Closed Toe Thigh High Compression Stockings with Silicone dot border provides gradient compression therapy to moderate varicose veins, edema, postural hypotension and other leg & ankle swelling. Latex free and made of 70% Nylon , 23% Spandex, 7% Silicone.
Corflex 13" CoolTex Anterior Closure Knee Wrap w/Hinge Corflex Lower Leg Fixed Walker Corflex U-Shaped Patella Stablizer w/Hinge- Cooltex/OP POP
Made of lightweight, breathable cooltex, an alternative to neoprene. Heavy duty hinges with easy wrap around design. All sizes available. Open - Popliteal. Lower leg fixed walker with natural heel height helps reduce leg length discrepancy providing stability while healing. Cooltex, open patella design knee stablilizer with hinge; made of latex free neoprene. Provides optimal medial/lateral support.
Medi-Dyne Pro Stretch- Double- Bilateral Aircast Calf Cryo/Cuff  - Cuff Only Genutrain Knee Brace by Bauerfeind - Titanium
Increase range of motion and flexibility in your lower legs. Vary stretching levels & time spent by exercising feet simultaneously. Covers the calf. One size fits most. To be used with cryo/cuff system; cuff only. Advanced knee support stabilizes the joints and helps achieve faster mobilization.  The perfect support for those with weak knees, joint or leg pain.
Corflex Tri Shell Pneumatic Walker Corflex Pneumatic Walker Aircast Calf Cryo/Cuff  - Cuff Only
Optimal compression and stability featured in this lower leg walker. Durable plastic shell and plush liner with medial/lateral air chambers. Built in compression pump lower leg walker has low profile non-skid bottom, promotes natural gait & increases stability, decreasing edema. Covers the calf. One size fits most. To be used with cryo/cuff system; cuff and cooler.
Corflex Cryo Pneumatic Knee Orthosis w/ROM Hinge Medi-Dyne Wooden ProStretch- Single Medi-Dyne Wooden ProStretch- Double- Bilateral
ROM Hinged Orthosis offering full flexion and extension control. Optional Gel Packs and replacement hinge/strap set available. Patented rocker design automatically holds foot in optimal position for proper stretching, works lower leg muscles more effectively. Original ProStretch Wood Double- allows you to vary stretching levels, exercises and time spent by exercising both feet simultaneously.