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Maddak - SP Ableware's main goal is to manufacture innovative products that enable people to remain active and maximize their independence. They specialize in home healthcare and rehabilitation products for the senior, disability and rehab markets. SP Ableware/Maddak has been recognized as the largest manufacturer in the United States (where the vast majority of their products are made) of Aids for Daily Living (ADL) products. As the first company in the world to introduce an elevated toilet seat, they have since been in the forefront of numerous innovative product developments, many times as a direct result of therapist and consumer suggestions. Maddak® products are available through home healthcare dealers all over the world. All products are marketed under the Maddak® trade name. SP Ableware is a division of SP Industries.

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Maddak Ableware All Gel Toe Spreader - 4 Pack Maddak Ableware All-Out Universal Opener Maddak Arm Escort
Spreader provides relief from overlapping toes, bunions, and other foot conditions, fitting comfortably between toes to absorb pressure. Easy to open packages, containers, bottles, and cans with this easy to use tool. Protects and supports the hemiplegic arm during all aspects of functional mobility, Instead of a regular arm sling.
Autodrop Eye Drop Guide by Maddak SP Ableware Maddak Autosqueeze Eye Drop Bottle Squeezer Maddak Battery Powered Card Shuffler
Add eye drops with ease and reduce wasting expensive eye drops. Device holds the eye open, directing drops for accurate installation. Ideal for people with weak or arthritic fingers. Can be used in conjunction with Autodrop. 2 deck card shuffler; eliminates the need to shuffle by hand. Perfect for those with arthritis or limited hand mobility.
Maddak Ableware Bend Aid Basic Hip Kit Bend Aids Hip Kit by Maddak SP Ableware Maddak Big Lamp Switch
Basic hip kit contains the items suggested most by therapists for anyone recovering from hip, knee or back surgery.
Includes the most helpful products for anyone with limited mobility, arthritis or recovering from hip or knee surgery. Easy to turn lamp switch aid for those suffering from joint pain and stiffness due to arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.  Fits most standard lamps.
Maddak Ableware Black Vinyl Crutch Bag Maddak Blanket Lift Bar Maddak Ableware Blue Print Quilted Cotton Crutch Bag
Attaches to the side of the crutch and does not interfere with any movement. Machine wash, air dry. Keep your feet warm while enjoying freedom of movement, by taking the weight of blankets off of them. Made of plastic-coated steel. Stylish bag makes it easier to carry personal items while using crutches.
Maddak Cane / Crutch Holder Maddak Cane Holder For Walkers / Wheelchairs Maddak Cane Valet Cane Holder - 2 Pack
Clips onto the cane so it can hang from the edge of any table, desk, or counter. 2 foam pads on either side for maximum hold. Double-clip cane holder allows users to keep a cane handy wherever they may need it. Easy to use, flexible and adjustable cane valet holder keeps canes nearby and easy to access when not in use. Set of 2.
Maddak Closed-Cell Foam Tubing Maddak Ableware Collecting Funnel with Filter Maddak Combination Dressing Stick/Shoehorn
For building up tool and utensil handles and increasing softness. Built-up handles give greater control. Can be used with or without filter paper for collecting kidney stones, straining urine or retaining undissolved crystals.
Mutli-purpose dressing stick encourages independence in dressing while aiding in reaching.
Maddak Cord Type Zipper Pull Maddak Ableware Cotton Mobility Tote Bag Maddak Covered Spoon
Allows for full zipper control for those hard to reach instances.  Can be applied to any zipper; ideal for those with arthritis or joint pain. Easy to use, attractive and roomy cotton tote is the perfect accessory for keeping personal belongings safe and close by. Machine washable. It can be used with liquids and smaller type foods such as corn, rice, peas, etc. Comes apart for easy cleaning.
Maddak Deluxe Flexible Sock And Stocking Aid Maddak Deluxe Reach Assist Kit Maddak Deluxe Walker Basket
3 finger design and 2 loop handles allow for ease of use. Flexible design. The deluxe reach assist kit includes the most popular assistive devices for people recovering from hip, knee or back surgery. Two hooks support the basket while two adjustable stabilizing bars keep it from swinging.
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