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From the basement of his dad’s drug store, Curt Mueller coupled his knowledge of sports and pharmacology to step beyond training room supplies into perfected sports medicine products that truly benefited athletes. Today, Mueller is an international corporation providing sports medicine solutions to athletes at all skill levels. Their approach has never changed. They get personal and work closely with athletes to understand the demands placed on their bodies.
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Mueller Lumbar Back Brace w/Removable Pad Mueller Lip & Mouthguard Mueller Neoprene Thigh Support - Universal
This premium back brace helps relieve lower back pain from strains, sprains and muscle spasms. Regular Size. Combination device augments basic oral protector with shock shield for vulnerable lip tissue. This universal thigh support is made with soft neoprene to help warm and soothe the muscles during strenuous activity.  Ideal for injuries and added support.
Mueller Adjustable Wrap Around Wrist Brace Mueller Tub-O-Quench Gum - Assorted Flavors Mueller Reversible Thumb Stabilizer
Designed to help support weak or injured wrists while maintaining full range of movement. Athletic gum for on the go! This thirst quenching gum is available in an assortment of flavors; comes in a 49 oz tub. Ideal support for weak sore thumbs.  Provides stable relief from thumb pain without limiting mobility. Available in Beige.
Mueller Adjustable Elbow Sleeve Mueller Stickum Grip Powder - 1.25 oz. Shaker Mueller Lube Stick For Runners - 2.25 oz.
Adjustable elbow support helps relieve elbow pain and offers added protection during competition. Helps keeps hands dry to prevent slipping. Fast application shaker; 1.25 oz. Provides a barrier between the skin and equipment, pads, shoes, etc.
Mueller Lube Stick For Runners - 0.6 oz. Mueller Elastic Knee Brace Mueller Adjustable Hot/Cold Wrap
Provides a barrier between the skin and equipment, pads, shoes, etc. This latex-free and neoprene-free lightweight brace provides support for
stiff, weak or sore knees.
Ideal pack and compression wrap for application of cold and heat therapy to all body joints. Mesh pouch with hook and loop fasteners holds reusable cold-hot packs.
Mueller Back Support with Suspenders Mueller Self-Adhesive Blister Pads - 5 Pack Mueller Blister Kit # 200724
Mueller Blister Kit
HPMS Price $10.99
Supports lower back and helps prevent injury during lifting or strenuous activity. Made from breathable mesh fabric with removable suspenders. Helps protect blisters from friction and irritation. Easy to apply adhesive pad conforms to the desired area. 5 pack. Convenient, take-along kit contains all the essentials to care for blisters.
Mueller Textured ITB Strap - One Size Mueller Bandage Scissors Mueller Bandage Shears
Mueller Bandage Scissors
HPMS Price $14.36
Mueller Bandage Shears
HPMS Price $14.36
Adjustable easy on & off ITB strap. Helps relieve pain on outer side of knee. One size fits most. Mueller Bandage Scissors: Blunt lower blade scissor for safely removing tape and bandages. Measures 7.25" Heavy duty, stainless steel paramedic shears cut through straps, padding, clothing.
Mueller M Tac Non Aerosol Pre Tape Spray - 8 oz Mueller Tape Tote - Sold Individually Mueller Fanny Pack
Mueller Fanny Pack
HPMS Price $25.99
Helps tape and re-tape stick. Will not stain clothes or skin and provides an even spray. Double cylinder Styrofoam case to help keep trainers tape protected from damage and weather conditions. Water-resistant construction features large compartments to keep supplies organized.
Mueller Medi Kit - Heavy Duty Metal Mueller Medi Kit - Heavy Duty Hip Roof Design - #200708 Mueller Medi Kit Refill Kit
Heavy duty metal medi kit by Mueller. Medi kit comes empty. Heavy duty medi kit with hilltop roof design. Sold empty. Refill kit for mueller sports care trainers kits.
Mueller Sling Bag - Empty Mueller Tape Roll Holder - Empty Mueller Team First Aid Kit Complete
Mueller Sling Bag - Empty
HPMS Price $59.99
Can be worn over the shoulder or head. Convenient sling bag can easily be moved from back to front. Rigid design keeps tape from being crushed, bruised or getting dirty. Movable inner divider. Lightweight sturdy first aid kit contains basic supplies for taping, cold therapy and wound care.
Mueller Therapist Cold/Hot Pack - Reusable Mueller Single Use Ice Bags - 4 Pack Mueller Flexible Cold / Hot Therapy Pads 16" x 28' Roll
12" x 14" reusable hot/cold pack is ideal for muscle aches, sprains, headaches, minor burns or insect bites. Single use ice bags ideal for reducing painful swelling from minor sprains and muscle aches. Each pack contains 4 ice bags. Cut to size, lightweight anatomically conforming pads expand in water for long-lasting heat or cold therapy. 16" x 28' roll.
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