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OCSI - Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc., is the leading provider of contracture management orthotic devices in the U.S. OCSI offers static orthotics designed to support, protect, and correctly position the joint. By utilizing rehabilitative contracture products as opposed to just splinting, we can better serve the patient and the therapists.
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DynaPro™ Finger Flex DynaPro™ Finger Flex

A Flexible Wrist, MCP and PIP joints including flexible finger platform designed for treatment of Spasticity during involuntary muscle contractions to help inhibit tone.

HPMS Price $73.99
DynaPro Flex Elbow DynaPro™ Flex Elbow

Excellent for Treating Elbow Contractures for Patients with Spasticity. The Elbow Demonstrate a good feel to Passive Stretch and Significant Gains in Range of Motion (ROM).

HPMS Price $159.99

DynaPro™ Flex Knee Orthotics DynaPro™ Flex Knee Orthotics

Provides abnormal reflex arc neuro therapy for patients with spasticity. Orthotic therapy for mild to moderate adaptive tissue shortening contracture of the knee.

HPMS Price $199.99

Dynapro Orthotics Hand Splint Dynapro™ Orthotics Hand Splint

Helps to reverse moderate to severe flexion and /or spasticity of wrist, hand and fingers. Two incrementally larger palmar rolls (included) to gradually increase extension of the MC and PIP joints while providing gentle ulnar drift correction.

HPMS Price $109.99