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Ottobock products are grounded in real-world data, as their clinical studies and real world feedback are used as as protocols for continuous improvement. Ottobock manufactures; Prosthetics - and is the largest provider of upper and lower limb prosthetics in the world. Orthotics – from advanced electronic devices to highly effective spinal bracing, they offer options for treatment, improved mobility, prevention of injury, and rehabilitation. Pediatric mobility solutions – with a focus on the appropriate positioning 24/7, helping children engage in life at school, at play and at home. Seating and positioning – products designed to help position those who rely on a wheelchair or special cushions to maintain appropriate posture.
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Acro™ Shoulder Support Acro™ Shoulder Support

Contoured shoulder stabilizing support designed for higher levels of activity and support, allowing protected shoulder motion.

HPMS Price $139.99

Otto Bock SPINE Brace (OTC) Otto Bock SPINE Brace (OTC)

The Otto Bock SPINE Brace helps users easily treat or manage back pain without a prescription

HPMS Price $64.99
Otto-Bock™ Manu Junior Otto-Bock™ Manu Junior

Children’s wrist brace for stability and support. Anatomically preshaped volar aluminum splint for optimal support and pain relief in the wrist. Seamless, child-friendly design for wearer comfort. Flexible hook-and-loop strap

HPMS Price $36.99
Ottobock Cybertech Low Profile SI Belt Ottobock Cybertech Low Profile SI Belt

Superior Compression & Stabilization from L5 to the Coccyx! Pulley system SI belt made from breathable nylon fabric. Provides excellent pain relief.

HPMS Price $57.99