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Gift Certificate for Official Sweepstakes TriadBall and Pilates Workout Level 2 DVD Set
Give the ultimate gift of Health & Wellness with a gift certificate for We offer an enormous selection with something for everyone to choose from. Leave FEEDBACK on any or HPMS Inc., The Therapy Connection listing on any web or review site and include the code "10GC" in your subject/title. Then copy & paste the link to your feedback into our Official Sweepstakes Entry Form at the bottom of our Contact Us page here. Strengthen and tone your entire body with the TriadBall and Pilates workout DVD set.
OPTP Anatomy Trains Fascial Tensegrity DVD Lhasa OMS Pointer Excel II - TENS & Point Locator - LIMITED STOCK
This DVD series provides an invaluable look at how the fascial net integrates our entire internal body structure. Two probe tips & 9 volt battery included. The latest and most advanced user friendly stimulator.