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Replacement Rubber Pad for Kinsman Sock Aid Blue Jay Sock Aid - 2 Models Available G4 Sock And Stocking Aid w/ Foam Handles
Replacement rubber pad for select Kinsman sock aids. Adhesive backed. Help with putting on socks and stockings. Molded or flexible sock aid(s) options. Easy to use sock aid is the perfect product for anyone suffering from back pain, arthritis or injury. Comes in two different styles.
Complete Medical Dressing Stick - Lightweight - 27" Norco Molded Sock Aid W/Cord Handle FabLife Sock Aids - 4 Models
This lightweight dressing stick is perfect for people with limited mobility. The Norco Molded Sock Aid has a semi-flexible plastic trough that holds a sock or stockings in place while being pulled onto the foot. Put on socks easier with these sock aids. Available in 4 models, sold separately.
Formed Sock Aid w/ Foam Handles by Kinsman North Coast Medical Achieva Sock Assist - 2 Models Available Economy Plastic Sock & Stocking Aid by Kinsman
Sturdy molded plastic with foam grips make this sock aid easy to use.  Rubber self adhesive provides a non-slip resistance to the sock. Accommodates feet and calves of all sizes; flat bottom surface prevents the sock assist from rolling. Adjustable handles. Bendable plastic sock aid with cord handles. Latex Free.
Kinsman Deluxe Sock Aid Maddak Supreme Sock Aid Molded Sock Aid - Standard by Kinsman
Kinsman Deluxe Sock Aid
HPMS Price $10.99
Made of flexible plastic which contours to the heel. 2 Cloth straps. Flexible sock aid makes putting socks on easier. Ideal for people who have difficulty bending or lifting their legs. Kinsman standard model sock aid with a braided nylon loop.  Firm design can be used with compression socks or stockings.
Bariatric Sock Aid by Kinsman - 5" Wide Maddak Mboss Sock & Stocking Aid - With Ridges Norco English Sock Aid
Norco English Sock Aid
HPMS Price $12.99
The bariatric sock aid provides a non-slip resistance to the sock.  Made of extra firm ABS molded plastic. Cord or foam handles option. Provides maximum benefits at a moderate price. 3 finger design; ideal for those who have difficulty bending or lifting their legs. The plastic trough can be bent as necessary to fit any size sock or nylon stocking. Indentations hold the sock securely until it is in place.
Sock Aid by Homecraft - Wide Style Sock Aid Deluxe by Kinsman - Garter Clips Sock and Stocking Aid w/ Built up Foam Handles by Sammons Preston
Wide style with flat design to prevent rolling during sock application. Sold separately. This sock aid garter hooks assist in securing the sock or stocking. Rubber adhesive helps provide a non-slip resistance to the sock. Easy to use sock aid for putting on socks or stockings. Multiple models available. Sold each.
Sock Notch - Cord & Garter Style Sock Aid - No-Slip Cord Style by Homecraft Stocking Aid by Homecraft - 2 Styles
Sock aid with notch made of flexible plastic. Available in Cord or garter style. No-slip sock aid features a pad to create a non-slip surface.  Each sold separately. Made of flexible plastic; available in 2 styles.
Maddak Sock Horn Sock & Stocking Aid Maddak Deluxe Flexible Sock And Stocking Aid Maddak Long Shoehorn
The sock is loaded onto the aid and kept in place by the "horns". Easy to travel with. 3 finger design and 2 loop handles allow for ease of use. Flexible design. For anyone who has trouble bending, these extra long, plastic coated steel shoehorns help slide shoes on quickly
Maddak Sock Aid Kinsman Sock Horse Sock Aid Kinsman Foot Socker Sock Aid
Designed with ease in mind. Cloth straps allows the user to pull the sock onto the foot without bending over. The sock aid without flimsy rope handles! Designed for people with back, knee or hip problems. Made of durable plastic. The Foot Socker Sock Aid has a rigid handle for firm control as you don and doff your socks.
Maddak Slip-On Dressing Aid Maddak Dressing Stocking Aid Kinsman Econo Sock/Stocking Doffer - Remover
People who have trouble bending over can put on socks, stockings, slacks, etc. Hook-and-loop closure at one end to hold onto an article of clothing. Features contoured plastic sheet to keep the stocking open; garter clips hold stocking in place. Designed to help easily remove socks or stockings. Easy to use and can be used with one hand.
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