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Daily Living Aids - are everyday aids for those recovering from surgery, going through rehabilitation, living with pain from a chronic condition, mobility deficiencies or other ailments and conditions. Our vast assortment includes; hip kits, writing aids, kitchen aids, sock aids, dressing sticks, transfer boards & more. If unsure if an item may be right for you, please consult with a medical professional before purchase.

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2Toms ButtShield - Towelettes or Roll-on 3M Cavilon Extra Dry Skin Cream - 4 oz 3M™ Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream
Say Goodbye To Friction Burns, Saddle Sores & Butt Rashes. ButtShield® is ideal for riding a bicycle, motorcycle, snowmobile, horse, kayak, canoe, jet ski & more! 24-hour relief for extra dry, rough, cracked or scaly skin. Great help for those with diabetes. 4 oz tube. Protection for At-Risk Skin to Prevent Painful Skin Conditions. Protect your skin from damage that can occur due to body fluids. Long lasting cream moisturizes while it protects the skin.
Transpore Medical Tape by 3M™ 4 Piece Hip Kit w/ 32" Reacher by Sammons Preston 5 in 1 All Purpose Jar/Bottle/Can Opener
Latex-free, hypoallergenic and water resistant tape that can be torn bi-directionally. Porous and transparent to provide wound monitoring and healing. Hip kit includes all the essential aids for those suffering from hip injury or post surgery.  Includes a 32" reacher. Helps eliminate stress and discomfort on hands when opening jars, bottles and cans!
Achieva Sock Assist Sock Aid Writing Bird Writing Aid by Achieva Adjustable Gripping Tool
Adjustable Gripping Tool
HPMS Price $39.99
Accommodates feet and calves of all sizes. Textured, Non-stick surface. Wide foot bed and Two side wings. Helpful, easy to use and inconspicuous writing device for persons with limited hand control and writing with less hand pain. Pen included. This lightweight tool helps ease tasks such as opening containers and grasping hard-to-hold objects like small knobs.
Adult Waterproof Bandanna Bib Pink Adult Wheelchair Tray Alex Orthopedics 10" Leg Wedge - Blue
Adult Wheelchair Tray
HPMS Price $59.99
Waterproof bandana have been made specifically to suit both young and mature adults who need a little bit of extra protection for their skin and clothing Fits standard wheelchairs. Washable with soap & water. 24"x 20"x 1/2" 10" leg wedge to help elevate legs to reduce swelling in feet and legs. Washable cover.
Alex Orthopedics Wheelchair Bag Alex Orthopedics Wrist Strap w/ Snap Off Clip All Pro Adjustable Therapeutic Ankle & Wrist Weights
Wheelchair bag for back of chair; contains several pockets to carry a variety of items while on the go. Made of washable fabric. Wrist strap for cane with detachable clip for easy release. Available in Black. Cushioned flaps keep weights secure and provide friction-free comfort. Sold individually. Latex free.
ArcMate Dress E-Z Dressing Aid w/ Shoehorn - 2 Models ArcMate ErgoMate Deluxe ArcMate EZ-Reacher Deluxe - w/ SAF-T-LOK
ArcMate ErgoMate Deluxe
HPMS Price $16.99

Versatile push-pull S-hook with non-slip cap allows for better control when handling clothing. The most popular classic design reacher has special yellow gripping surfaces and handy pull lug. Fits tubing on most wheelchairs and walkers. Flexible blue silicone cups w/ strong sensitive fingers for extra wide grasp. Available in 2 sizes; sold each.
ArcMate Long-Handle Flex Shoehorn ArcMate ReachMate Reacher w/ LOK ArcMate Standard Hip Kit
ArcMate Standard Hip Kit
HPMS Price $48.99
Comfortable and durable. Easy to bend spring on the horn for better positioning. Sold each. Stainless steel fingers with aluminum shaft. Available in 3 sizes. Comes with 4 accessories for aid for daily living. Packaged together with instructions.
ArcMate Telescoping Shoe Horn Assist-A-Tray Ultimate by Standards NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt
Smooth chrome finished shoe horn. Can be rotated or tilted for a more comfort while in use. Sold each. Makes standing and sitting easy and safe. Tray includes cup holder and utensil compartment. Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions.
NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt - Fleece Lining North Coast Medical Automatic Card Shuffler Avagard™ D Hand Sanitizer Gel by 3M™ - 16oz
Automatic Card Shuffler
HPMS Price $14.39
Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions. Fleece Lined. This battery-operated card shuffler is perfect for those with limited hand use. Simply push the button and it shuffles one or two decks. Emollient-rich formulation kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria, helps prevent skin break down and has shown to improve hand hygiene compliance. Formula is uniquely formulated to be non-drying and non-irritating to skin, even with multiple daily use.
B&L Engineering Scoopy Scoop Dish Baseline Measurement Tape - Multiple Lengths Fabrication Enterprises Baseline Finger Circumference Gauge
Rounded back edge dish allows food to "plop" on to eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex "plop" on to the eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex free. Woven fabric measurement tape is calibrated in inches and centimeters. Finger circumference gauge with clear measurement reading and comfortable webbing.
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