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Aids to Daily Living are everyday aids for those recovering from surgery, going through rehabilitation, living with pain from a chronic condition, mobility deficiencies or other ailments and conditions. Our vast assortment includes; hip kits, writing aids, kitchen aids, sock aids, dressing sticks, transfer boards & more. If unsure if an item may be right for you, please consult with a medical professional before purchase.

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Red Rubber Inflatable Ring - 18"/45cm Expandable Door Hinge - 2 Pack Un-Skru Jar Opener
Un-Skru Jar Opener
HPMS Price $12.99
Inflatable pillow is perfect for extra cushion support for your comfort or rehabilitation needs. Installs easily, uses same screws and holes as standard hinge. Ideal for those looking to widen doorways. 2 pack. Opens every size screw lid from 1/2 inch to 5 inches. Hangs under cabinets, counter-tops or shelves.
N95 Respirator Mask With Valve Breathe-Free - Box of 10 Easy Opener - All in One Maddak Soft Nosey Cup
The reinforced outer shell resists structural collapsing that can be brought on by increased humidity. Box of 10. All in one opener; opens for a variety of needs from box tops to bottle caps. One per pack. Allows the user to drink with little or no shoulder flexion. Made with a softer plastic that is easier to grip and hold.
Maddak Nail Care Combination Set Maddak Leg Loop Lifter - Black 36" Maddak Suppository Inserter
The stainless steel trimmer clips nails with a simple push of a lever. Includes 2 emery boards. Assists people with limited lower extremity strength lift the leg and foot onto a wheelchair footrest, bed, into a car, etc. Black 36". Made of smooth plastic to reduce shock of metal designed inserts. Hand adjustable with hook and loop closure.
Easy Shampoo Hair Washing Basin Maddak Inflatable Crescent-Shaped Shampoo Maddak Utensil Hand Clip
Simple, easy to use inflatable tray comfortably supports and cushions the head, neck and shoulders during shampooing process. Made of white heat-sealed plastic. No repositioning of the person being shampooed is necessary. An excellent eating aid for people who have trouble grasping and holding small utensils. This spring-action plastic clip fits the hand snugly without pinching.
Maddak Halo Cup Maddak No-Tip Weighted Base Cup Maddak Doidy-Children’s Nosey Cup
Wide "halo" base design provides stability and reduces the occurrence of accidental spills. Sized for small hands. Spill Proof. Two-handled cup with weighted base and rounded corners is ideal for pediatric use. Unique angle reduces the need to tilt head when drinking. Appeals to children because of its “leaning” shape and handles on each side
Maddak Ableware People Feeder North Coast Medical Clear Cup With Two Lids, 10 oz Maddak Rigid Clear Plastic Straws - Reusable
Help feed people with swallowing problems. An alternative to syringe feeding. Comes with 2 lids to accommodate a persons specific drinking needs. Cup and lids are microwave safe.
Useful for drinking soups, milkshakes and other moderately thick liquids. Can be used for hot or cold liquids. 3 Pack.
Maddak Straw Holder Pack Of 6 Maddak No-Tip Cup Keeper Maddak Round-Up Plate
For people who are unable to hold or drink from a glass, this clip-on device eliminates the need to hold the straw.
Prevent cups from tipping over and spilling. Cup not included. For children and adults with limited muscle control and coordination. Prevents food from spilling or sliding off the plate.
Maddak Skidtrol Non-Skid Bowl Maddak Denture Safe Cup Maddak Roll Easy Lotion Applicator
Put an end to messy accidents caused by sliding. The molded melamine bowl has a non-skid ring to prevent sliding, even on an incline. No corners or crevices to trap bacteria. Hinged lid provides a tight seal and legs prevent condensation from forming on the bottom.
Lotion applicator that massages the body while applying ointments, creams, lotions and medications. Folds for easy storage and travel.
Maddak Cord Type Zipper Pull Kinsman Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Aid Nosey Cup by Providence Spillproof
Allows for full zipper control for those hard to reach instances.  Can be applied to any zipper; ideal for those with arthritis or joint pain. Provides independence to people with limited range-of-motion or limited reach, achieve intimate personal hygiene when using the toilet. Nosey cup allows drinking without need for bending the neck or tilting the head. Dishwasher safe. Size, color & quantity options.
Battle Creek Thermophore Bed Warmer Autodrop Eye Drop Guide by Maddak SP Ableware SoloGrip One-Handed Jar Opener
Convenient bed warmer with on/off switch for total control over warmth of bed. Measures 18" x 36". Add eye drops with ease and reduce wasting expensive eye drops. Device holds the eye open, directing drops for accurate installation. Opening various bottles or jars is a snap with SoloGrip one-handed jar opener. Give yourself, or those you care for, the gift of extra muscle power!
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