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Scar Management - Scar tissue is made up of collagen fibers. Collagen fibers are fibrous connective tissues that have many functions within the body. The main function of collagen fibers within scar tissue is for the repair of damaged fibers within the body. Scar tissue can become very restrictive as the elasticity of the tissues is smaller than the body's natural muscular tissues. Outside of surgical procedures, there are many products available including; massagers, ointments, taping, compression wear and others designed to help break down scar tissue to help decrease pain, increase range of movement and relieve restriction.
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Mini Vibrator Massager by Norco Rolyan Mini Massager - Vibrational Therapy
Mini Vibrator Massager by Norco
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Rolyan Mini Massager - Vibrational Therapy
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Vibration therapy for scar massage, desensitization, muscle stimulation, oral stimulation and sensory re-education on small muscle areas such as the hands and feet. Perfect for in home use or on the go! Includes 3 silicone head attachments and a cover that can be used for larger areas. Vibrational trigger point therapy pain relief in a portable, easy to operate battery operated mini massager. Approximately 5500 cycles per second. Great for scar tissue repair.