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Relief and support of symptoms due to a rotator cuff injury. Shoulder specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.

Rotator Cuff Injury is a tear in the tissues connecting muscle to bone (tendons) around the shoulder joint. A rotator cuff tear often occurs in people who repeatedly perform the same shoulder motions.
Symptoms include shoulder pain and weakness.
Treatment includes rest, medication, physical therapy, corticosteroid injections, and possibly surgery.
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RangeMaster  Shoulder Pulley w/ Wooden Handles Corflex Ultra Shoulder Immobilizer Corflex Sling & Swathe - Shoulder Immobilization
Wooden handled shoulder pulley that easily adjusts. 2 models available, sold each. Durable, yet lightweight sling with added pad for shoulder strap comfort. Thumb loop and waist strap for secure immobilization. All Sizes. Immobilize shoulder in durable, cradle-style sling. Especially for rotator cuff repair or other shoulder related injuries. Several size options available.
Corflex Ultra Sling & Swathe Corflex Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer RangeMaster Therapeutic Dimensions ShoulderWand
Made of lightweight, seamless material; features high profile sling design to fully support the elbow. All sizes available. Made of premium quality elastic with 4" wide elastic waist band. All sizes available. Collapsible stretching bar for patients who need to stretch shoulder-area scar tissue and increase range of motion.
Corflex Universal Shoulder Immobilizer Corflex Ultra ER Shoulder Abduction PILLOW ONLY Corflex Tricot Shoulder Immobilizer
Foam laminate chest band with anti-migration strap, moveable humerus & wrist cuffs to immobilize following shoulder/rotator cuff repair. PILLOW ONLY; for use in Corflex Ultra ER Shoulder Abduction Sling. Soft, durable tricot with secure fit helps prevent wrist drop, allows immobilization following rotator cuff repairs, S/P glenohumeral acromioplasty surgery or other shoulder-related injuries.
Corflex Universal Sling & Swathe Corflex Ranger™ Universal Shoulder Sling Immobilzer BodySport TracCollar Neck Support
Cradle-style sling with trimmable swathe for optimal fit; universal design allows for inventory reduction.

Achieve secure shoulder immobilization post-surgery or injury with maximum comfort and wearability for short or long term use. Innovative design features universal sizing, durable CoolMesh and Outlast fabrics for proactive heat management. Several model options available.

Inflatable collar allows you full control of air for compression muscle relief. Comes with portable carrying case.
Corflex Shoulder Abduction Pillow w/ Firm Fit Sling OmoTrain by Bauerfeind
Secure immobilization sling with maximum comfort, wearability & easy to apply alone or with help post operative. Bauerfeind’s OmoTrain® braces and supports stabilize the shoulder joint and provide secure stability during movement.