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Graham Field Lumex Pill Cutter Norco® Pill Pal™ North Coast Medical Pill Splitter
Norco® Pill Pal™
HPMS Price $10.88
Sturdy plastic cutter with stainless steel edge requires little pressure to split coated or uncoated pills, caplets and tablets. Splits tablets up to 9/16" diameter without crumbling. Features a storage compartment to hold unused portions.
All in one pill splitter, crusher and storage container. Convenient three-in-one pill-splitter cuts, crushes and stores pills. Cuts pills in clean, even portions. Eliminate the mess and inaccuracies of dividing medication. The Pill Splitter easily cuts pills without the risk of cutting the hand.
Kinsman Enterprises Purrfect™ or DogGone™ Rx Opener Metal Pill Crusher
Metal Pill Crusher
HPMS Price $109.99
Perfect for those with joint pain, arthritis or weak wrists. Easy to grip & use aid opens a variety of household items. Pill Crusher. For home or professional use. Makes pills easy to swallow.