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Innotech Rehabilitation Products Inc. (Innotech) is a Canadian manufacturer of the patented EmbraceAir Plus back support, Solitude water pillow and Motion Medicine healing cream. For 30 years, their products have been the ideal choice of healthcare professionals worldwide. All of their products are manufactured from evidence- based research. Everything produced is made with the utmost quality materials and scientific design. Started with the vision of helping people find real value in their search for rehabilitation products and pain reduction solutions. Whether you are looking for a proper adjustable back support, pillow or an effective topical remedy to relieve pain, rest assured, these products will help you.

The Innotech product line offers solutions for maintaining correct posture whether you are at the office, traveling, on the road, at home, or even for sleeping. Natural Motion Medicine offers quick and lasting pain relief with natural ingredients to stop pain, swelling (inflammation), bruising and promote healing. Truly remarkable and highly effective products are recognized by Health Professionals worldwide as effective in treatment and prevention. Also recognized by public and private health insurers for rehabilitation and prevention. Invest in your wellness.

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EmbraceAIRPlus Back Cushion Embrace Air Water Based Pillow  by Innotech Rehabilitation Innotech EmbraceAIR King Backrest
Internal lumbar support can be inflated to conform to the lumbar spine. Straps easily position the lumbar to specific comfort zone. Black or Navy options. Water filled design allows you to create an individualized pillow which cradles your head and neck for a great night's sleep. EmbraceAIR KIng offers the exact same features as our EmbraceAIRPlus with additional width & height.
Innotech EmbracePlus Adjustable Backrest (No Air) Innotech Lumb-AIR Plus Portable Backrest Motion Medicine All Natural Topical Pain Remedy - 4 oz.
EmbracePlus backrest has an internal foam cushion that provides the user with built in back support. Enjoy the ride! If you need adjustable and portable back or neck comfort, the Embrace Air Portable Backrest is for you. Perfect back rest for at home, car or office. With 5 x more active ingredients than leading drug store brands, Motion Medicine All Natural Topical Pain Remedy eases pain, improves movement and is highly effective.
PropAir Sleeper Back Pillow by Innotech Solitude Water Pillow by Innotech
Awaken pain-free to breathe easier, while reducing joint stresses and the conditions that lead to pain. One size fits all. Water pillow made of special Kluster fibers conforms to the position and shape of head and neck.