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Relief and support of symptoms due to Spinal Stenosis. Back specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.

Spinal stenosis can put pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves within the spine. It commonly occurs in the neck and lower back. The condition is often caused by age-related wear and tear.
Symptoms, if they occur, include pain, numbness, muscle weakness, and impaired bladder or bowel control.
Treatment includes medication, physical therapy, and possibly surgery.
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Actimove® Back Support High-Density Foam Panel Adjustable Double Layer Compression Corflex Disc Unloader Spinal Orthosis Corflex Medic-Air Back Pillo
Corflex Medic-Air Back Pillo
HPMS Price $30.77

Pain relief and healing are supported through balanced warmth and medical compression. Comfort and good breathability through neoprene-free perforated performance material. Designed by a leading physiatrist, the Disc Unloader provides relief from chronic or acute back pain by unloading pressure off the lumbar disc and shifting the load to the abdominal region. Easily attaches to any chair to convert it into ergonomically correct seating. Easily inflates to desired comfort level or deflates for portability. Provides support for the back and relief from lower back pain.
Corflex Medic-Air Lumbar Roll Medic-Air Snooze Airplane Pillow by Corflex Corflex Patriot Back Brace
Corflex Medic-Air Lumbar Roll
HPMS Price $15.49

Corflex Patriot Back Brace
HPMS Price $69.99

Easily attaches to any chair to provide support for the lower back, easily inflates to desired comfort level or deflates for portability. Supports posture and maintains lordotic curve while seated. Lightweight, adjustable air that you can take on the go! Gentle to moderate support of for the head, neck and cervical spine.
Adjustable back support with all-day comfort. CoolMesh™ fabric manages heat and moisture while keeping a low profile design.
CORFLEX REALIGN SPINAL ORTHOSES Dynamic Tape PosturePals Precut Lumbar Pack Full Back Stretch Massage Trigger Point Chiropractic Pillow by Acupillow Pro
Orthoses are designed to help stabilize and decompress the spine in patients recovering from surgery or injury. Rigid anterior and posterior panels limit flexion and extension and help protect and support the vertebrae and surrounding tissues. Quick to apply, low profile tape. Ideal for injured, overworked and fatigued muscles. Pack of 5, pre-cut Box shape Lumbar support tapes. The Acupillow Pro Acupressure Neck Pain Relief Cushion offers a simple yet effective at-home solution for neck and shoulder pain. In ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used to target acupressure points to reduce pain. Simply lay down and rest your head and neck into the Acupillow, and begin to relax.
Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat SkiL-Care Lateral/Lumbar Support SkiL-Care Roll Belt
SkiL-Care Roll Belt
HPMS Price $38.45

Helps relieve back and tailbone pain. Light-weight and portable. Designed to provide lumbar support and lateral support for left and or right leaning wheelchair users. The bed restraint provides a reminder not to leave the bed and conveniently allows the resident to roll from side to side.
SpiderTech Lower Back One Piece Pre-Cut Tape
The lower back one piece pre-cut kinesiology tape (KT) from SpiderTech helps support and stabilize the muscles in your lower back, helping to reduce discomfort, prevent injury, and promote better posture.