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Airex Balance Pad FitBALL Balance Disc FitBall Balance Pods
Airex Balance Pad
HPMS Price $59.99

The Airex Balance Pad is a simple yet effective therapy and training tool. Impervious to water, easy to clean and long-lasting. Improves balance and joint stabilization while strengthening and toning core muscles. Improve your balance and agility in a fun and dynamic way with the FitBALL Balance Pods.
FitBALL Dual Action Air Pump by Ball Dynamics FitBALL Seating Disc BodySport 14" Pilates Ring With Foam Padded Grips
Rapid two-way pump action creates high volume air flow on both up and down strokes to make inflation easy.
Improves balance and joint stabilization while strengthening and toning core muscles. Lightweight Pilates ring adds resistance to your workout to tone specific areas of the body such as outer thighs, core, arms, and calves. Features padded EVA foam handles and spring steel construction.
CanDo Inflatable Balance Stones Thin, easy to use bar allows you to increase strength and range-of-motion from any position. 6" Hand Inflation Pump by Fabrication Enterprises
CanDo® Weight Bars
HPMS Price $24.99

Versatile inflatable balancing stone is perfect for therapy or play. Can be filled with water or sand. Available in 14 inch or 7 inch. Increase Your Strength & Range of Motion From Any Position! Exercise tool used in the supine, sitting, or standing position also improves endurance, balance, and motor skills. Ideal for therapy, group classes, aerobics, yoga, and Pilates. Model/size options. Hand pump can be used to manually inflate and deflate inflatable exercise balls. 6" pump.
FitBALL MiniMed Medicine Ball FitBALL SoftMeds Mini Medicine Ball Gymnic Classic Exercise Ball
Enjoy a hands free strength-training workout without having to grip the ball with this adjustable, removable strap. Available in multiple progressive weights to challenge your core. Safe and effective way to add upper body strength training to exercise ball exercises. Sand-filled, weighted balls are perfectly sized for anyone who wants a soft, comfortable alternative to bulky dumbbells. Enhance Fitness and Motor Activities with Fun, Functional Fitness Ball! Versatile exercise ball available in various size & color options. Perfect for rehabilitation, exercise and fitness.
Gymnic Faster Blaster Power Air Pump MVP® Balance System OPTP Universal Pump Adapter
MVP® Balance System
HPMS Price $24.99
Inflate your balls with ease! Easy-to-use hand pump, with cone shaped nozzle. Ideal for inflating OverBall, Disc-o-Sit and other Gymnic products.
MVP® balance system is a modular balance system with 4 different non-skid platforms available and 5 different color-coded instability balls to choose from. Universal pump with needle adapter to speed inflation of exercise balls. Compatible with air hoses, compressors and bicycle tires.
OPTP Clear Balls Stacker - Set of 3 OPTP Needle Inflating Pump OPTP Positex Patient Stabilizer - Manual Therapy
OPTP Needle Inflating Pump
HPMS Price $11.94

Durable plastic stackers fit 22"-34" fitness balls. Fits up to 3. Air pump with needle nozzle will inflate (or deflate) nearly any small to medium size ball. Needle conveniently stores in the top of the pump handle when not in use. Includes how-to insert with inflation instructions. Ideal for inflating OPTP Bumpy Ball, Body Therapy Balls, Franklin Balls and Balls for Body Work. Strong woven-nylon strap adjusts for length with one hand and features a push-to-release buckle. Perfect for manual therapy techniques.
OPTP PRO-ROLLER® Soft Foam Roller OPTP PRO-ROLLER® Standard Foam Roller SoftGym OverBall by Gymnic - Varying Color
Professional Foam Roller Outperforms & Outlasts Store Models. Softer, more comfortable density has more “give” or cushion for a gentler massage that still maintains form, even after repeated heavy use. Great for those seeking comfort as opposed to deeper massage of firm/standard rollers. Color/Size options.
Professional-quality foam roller designed for heavy repeated use features a comfortable standard density (medium firmness) in multiple size options. This roller offers a variety of uses and benefits including releasing tension, breaking up tight fascia, soothing sore muscles and helping promote exercise recovery.
Lightweight easy to inflate exercise ball that is ideal for gym use, for elderly and for children. Color varies and is merchant's choice.
Stress Buster Massage Ball TheraBand Stability Disc TheraBand Standard Exercise Ball
Stress Buster Massage Ball
HPMS Price $19.95

The Stress Buster Ball helps improve circulation, relieve stress and tension, and for self-massage. Offers an unstable, sensory-stimulating surface designed to facilitate balance and proprioceptive training. The Exercise Ball is made for various rehabilitation and fitness exercises to help strengthen muscles, improve posture, prevent back pain, and aid in recovery.