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Adjustable Gripping Tool ArcMate Collapsible EZ Reacher ArcMate ErgoMate Deluxe
Adjustable Gripping Tool
HPMS Price $39.99
ArcMate ErgoMate Deluxe
HPMS Price $30.49
This lightweight tool helps ease tasks such as opening containers and grasping hard-to-hold objects like small knobs. This reacher COLLAPSES in half for easy storage and portability. The slip joint is very strong and easy to use -- even with only one hand (after a little practice). Here is the one of the most popular classic design reachers ... and it has been improved with special yellow gripping surfaces and handy pull lug.
ArcMate ErgoMate Deluxe Collapsible Reacher ArcMate EZ Reacher Standard ArcMate EZ Reacher® Deluxe
The most popular classic design reacher has special yellow gripping surfaces and handy pull lug. Fits tubing on most wheelchairs and walkers. Stainless steel fingers will not rust -- so durable it is Guaranteed FOREVER Strong sensitive fingers for extra-wide grasp. Stainless steel fingers will not rust -- If you have ever bought a cheap grabber and been disappointed, you will be delighted with this reacher.
ArcMate EZ-Reacher Deluxe - w/ SAF-T-LOK ArcMate Mammouth PRO Grabber Reacher ArcMate Rainbow Reacher Ultra-lightweight, Plastic
Flexible blue silicone cups w/ strong sensitive fingers for extra wide grasp. Available in 2 sizes; sold each. Fingers open 5.25in and with a depth of 4.5in making the grabber mouth one of the largest available – it’s the mammouth! Lightweight plastic construction for quick and easy pick-up. Easy to use small squeeze grip.
ArcMate ReachMate Reacher W/LOK Basic Hip Kit with 32 inch Ergo Plus Reacher Blue Jay Nothing Beyond Your Reach
Economy rubber cup reacher. This lightweight reacher has all the most popular features: pistol grip with four finger trigger and locking mechanism. Offers the most recommended ADL items for patients recovering from hip surgery.
Help Grab items off hard to reach shelves. Reach difficult places easier. Less bending, straining and stretching. Size & model options.
Blue Jay Stop Your Bending Prepackaged Hip Kits DMI® Aluminum Folding  Reachers with Magnetic Tip DMI® Ergonomic Reachers with Rotating Jaw
Perfect for people who are recovering from hip, knee, or other surgeries where bending and mobility are compromised or difficult. This best-selling reacher eliminates excessive bending and reaching. Wide 2.5 inch jaw opening features interlocking tips for a secure grip. This lightweight plastic reacher helps you pick up hard-to-reach objects. Ergonomic trigger handle is easy on your hand. Claw rotates 360 degrees to reach any direction. Simply pull up on it and turn. Convenient magnet on the back of the handle picks up light metal objects. Rubber cushion tips help secure your grasp.
Dressing Stick 27" Duro-Med Reach Extender Hip Kit One-Piece Handle Extension Attaches To Your Seat Belt To Put It Within Easy Reach.
Dressing Stick 27"
HPMS Price $15.95
Ideal for people with limited range of motion. Extra strong hardwood dowel. Features a plastic coated push-pull hook and C pull hook. Makes pushing, pulling and dressing easier. Ideal for those with limited range of motion. Comes with dressing stick, reacher, handled sponge, sock aid, and shoe horn. Easily Reach Your Seat Belt Without Twisting or Turning! One-Piece Handle Extension Attaches To Your Seat Belt To Put It Within Easy Reach. Opaque. 9-1/4” Long.
ErgoMate Classic ErgoMate Shoehorn-Reacher, 32in Fablife Deluxe Jaw & Trigger Reachers
ErgoMate Classic
HPMS Price $30.59
Here is the classic design reacher. Simple, lightweight, economical, and yet capable of picking up objects weighing as much as 2 pounds. This two-in-one helper is perfect for every bedroom. Now reach into the back of your closet to get the shoes you want. Then easily slip them on with the smooth plastic shoehorn. Used to reach and avoid bending. Multiple lengths available, sold each.
Fablife Finger Trigger Reachers Fablife Full Hand Trigger Reachers FabLife Hip Kit Series - Daily Living Aids
FabLife Hip Kits
HPMS Price $35.99
Used to reach and avoid bending. Multiple lengths available, sold each. Used to reach and avoid bending. Multiple lengths available, sold each. The FabLife Hip Kit is the perfect set of accessories for those who need assistance in their day-to-day tasks. Designed to help users avoid bending at the hip and improve daily living, the hip kit is a variety of selected tools that are vital in assisting patients with bathing, dressing, reaching, and other activities. A total package that's ideal for those undergoing hip, knee, and back rehabilitation. All the items in the kit help users regain and maintain their independence as well as prevent them from bending, kneeling, reaching, and twisting.
G4 Medical RX Lite Reachers Hip Kit; 32" reacher, hourglass sponge, formed sock aid, 18" plastic shoehorn JarPop™
G4 Medical RX Reachers
HPMS Price $14.49
Hip Kit
Our Price: $32.99
HPMS Price $11.59
Three Models available - 32" RX Lite Folding Reacher, 32" RX Lite Reacher, and 26" or 32" RX Deluxe Reacher Hip Kit; 32" reacher, hourglass sponge, formed sock aid, 18" plastic shoehorn. No more twisting and straining to open jars! JarPop™ opens tight, vacuum-sealed jars with little effort.
Kinsman Dressing Assist Stick with C hook - 27 inch Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener Kinsman Enterprises "AP" Hip Kit
Ideal for persons with limited upper extremity movement or decreased hip flexion. Bendable push-pull hook and a 1 1/2" vinyl coated C hook. Cat shaped easy grip is perfect for opening bottles and jars.  Magnet in head allows it to stick to the fridge for easy storage. The "AP" hip kit is ideal for patients recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury.
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