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Doorknob Gripper Zipper Hook & Button Puller - 2 in 1 Design Easy Opener - All in One
Slip resistant material to make turning doorknobs stress-free. Perfect for those with limited or weak hands. For those with weak or limited hand mobility; 2 in 1 button/zipper aid eliminates stress and frustration from fastening. Folds up for easy portability. All in one opener; opens for a variety of needs from box tops to bottle caps. One per pack.
E-Z Key Turner - 2 Pack Jar Opener & Closure Pen & Pencil Cushion - 2 Pack
E-Z Key Turner - 2 Pack
HPMS Price $6.99
Jar Opener & Closure
HPMS Price $7.99
Turn your keys with these stress free key turners. Comes in pack of 2; colors vary for easy key identification. Open and turn any jar lid with ease. Ideal for those with limited hand mobility. Designed to shape for any grip. Will fit on most standard sized pens or pencils. Colors vary; pack of 2.
Feather-Reach Reacher Clips by Sammons Preston Complete Medical Dressing Stick - Lightweight - 27" Maddak Big Lamp Switch
Additional clips for feather-reach reachers. 10 per pack or sold individually. This lightweight dressing stick is perfect for people with limited mobility. Easy to turn lamp switch aid for those suffering from joint pain and stiffness due to arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.  Fits most standard lamps.
Spoon & Fork Holders - 2 Pack North Coast Medical JarPop! Maddak Plug Puller
Provides an easy grip surface to any fork or spoon. 2 per pack. Ideal for those with weak or limited hand mobility. No more twisting, wrestling or fussing with awkward gadgets. JarPop opens jars effortlessly. Attaches permanently to various types of plugs; including European styles. Two large finger holes that make it simple to hold and manipulate.
North Coast Medical Bag Opener with Magnet (Pack of 3) Maddak Ableware Plastic Lotion Applicator Dycem Grip-It Jar Opener
Dycem Grip-It Jar Opener
HPMS Price $11.38
This handy, easy-to-use device has a sharp point that punctures and slits open plastic bags. Ribbed handle has thumb rest and angled for maneuverability and comfort while handling. Replacement sponges available. Makes the strain of jar opening easy for anyone with weak or injured hands or wrists. Easy to clean and fits multiple sized jars.
5 in 1 All Purpose Jar/Bottle/Can Opener Fablife Deluxe Jaw & Trigger Reachers Fablife Finger Trigger Reachers
Helps eliminate stress and discomfort on hands. Used to reach and avoid bending. Multiple lengths available, sold each. Used to reach and avoid bending. Multiple lengths available, sold each.
Sammons Preston Reachers - 3 Models Available Blue Jay Nothing Beyond Your Reach Parsons Cane Holder
Parsons Cane Holder
HPMS Price $12.35
Gain independence in daily living and limit strain or fall risks. Lightweight, easy grip handle with magnetic tip in choice of 3 Models. Help Grab items off hard to reach shelves. Reach difficult places easier. Less bending, straining and stretching. Size & model options. Slip resistant foam disc helps keep cane upright against a table. Clip attaches to most flat surfaces.
Kinsman Heavy Duty Dressing Assist w/ C Hook Maddak Key Holder Kinsman KE Deluxe Reacher
Kinsman KE Deluxe Reacher
HPMS Price $12.73
Ideal for persons with limited upper extremity movement or decreased hip flexion. Bendable push-pull hook and a 1 1/2" vinyl coated C hook. Practical key holder ends the struggle of turning keys in locks by providing a rigid handle for extra leverage. Keys fold back into the plastic holder when not in use. Magnetic tip and clip for easy storage. Available in 27" or 32"; sold each.
PurrFect or DogGone Opener Kinsman Easy Grip Jar and Bottle Opener Parsons Playing Cards - Large Face
Perfect for those with joint pain, arthritis or weak wrists.  Easy to grip & use aid opens a variety of household items. Cute dog or cat shape. Cat shaped easy grip is perfect for opening bottles and jars.  Magnet in head allows it to stick to the fridge for easy storage. Playing cards to help with the visually impaired. Full deck.
North Coast Medical Plastic Card Holder 10" Kinsman Handi-Hook Reacher North Coast Medical Featherlite Reacher
Helps relieve hand strain. Perfect for those suffering from poor grasp or arthritis. Handy handle design has a built in clip. Push-pull post has a magnet. Available in 2 lengths, 26" or 32". Reachers are great for those hard to reach places because they can add up to 26" to anyones reach.
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