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Beasy Transfer Board SafetySure® Pivot Disc by Mobility Transfer Systems Mobility Transfer Systems SafetySure® Transfer Belts
Beasy Transfer Board
HPMS Price $217.59

No Lift Transfer Assist Board for Easier Mobility at Home or To Get Out of the House! Ultra strong transfer board with disc slide helps avoid patient skin friction, sore arms and caregiver back injury. Model options.
Easy or Independent Patient Transfers Reduce Back Strain - New, Improved Anti-slip Coverage! Pivot Disc is the ideal transfer assistance aid and caregiver tool. The easy-to-fasten "fix lock" buckle allows the caregiver to tighten the transfer belt once the individual is in a standing position, without having to open the belt.
Mobility Transfer Systems Safety-Sure Transfer Slide NCM Assure Safety Transfer Disc SkiL-Care EZ Clean Gait Belts
The Transfer Slide is best suited for individuals with limited mobility. The continuous loop with a low friction inner liner facilitates transfer with little or no strain on the caregivers back. Portable turntable Pivoting help for those able to stand and have good upper body strength or as a caregiver
assistance tool that makes transfers easier.
An effective belt that belt provides ambulation assistance that is comfortable for both the resident and caregiver.
Skil-Care™ Walker Belt Maddak Standing-Sitting Turntable Wheelchair Transfer Aides
Skil-Care™ Walker Belt
HPMS Price $29.98
Wheelchair Transfer Aides
HPMS Price $48.99
Skil-Care™ Walker Belt is intended to be used as an ambulatory assistance device. The flexible design allows the user to sit on the device and turn on a bed or chair. Deluxe hardwood transfer boards facilitate easy patient transfer from a wheelchair to a car seat, commode, bed or bath