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5 in 1 All Purpose Jar/Bottle/Can Opener ADL Hi Lo Scoop Dish Adult Waterproof Bandanna Bib Pink
ADL Hi Lo Scoop Dish
HPMS Price $12.69

Helps eliminate stress and discomfort on hands when opening jars, bottles and cans! Easily Access, Guide & Keep Food on Dish With Help of Low Entry, High Back Wall Dish! Non-skid bottom holds dish in place while low entry allows easier access and high backstop wall helps scoop food onto utensil while preventing it from being pushed off the dish. Easier clean up and independent eating for more freedom.
Waterproof bandana have been made specifically to suit both young and mature adults who need a little bit of extra protection for their skin and clothing
Adult Wheelchair Tray Assist-A-Tray Ultimate by Standards B&L Engineering Scoopy Scoop Dish
Adult Wheelchair Tray
HPMS Price $59.99
Fits standard wheelchairs. Washable with soap & water. 24"x 20"x 1/2" Makes standing and sitting easy and safe. Tray includes cup holder and utensil compartment. Rounded back edge dish allows food to "plop" on to eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex "plop" on to the eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex free.
Clear Cup with Snorkel Lid by Performance Health Comfort Grip Curved Utensil Comfort Grip Roller Knife/Fork
Comfort Grip Curved Utensil
HPMS Price $14.99

8 oz cup with snorkel lid to help regulate the flow of liquids. Dishwasher safe. sold each. Built-up 7/8" handles with molded finger grips and curved design minimize upper extremity movement. Model Options. Dishwasher safe. Latex free. This utensil combines the utility of the roller knife/fork with our Comfort Grip.
Comfy Grip Utensils by Sammons Preston Deluxe Built-Up Foam Utensil Deluxe Flexible Utensil by Performance Health
Dishwasher safe. Handles are thicker for easier grasping. Ideal for arthritis sufferers. Sold each. Soft, contoured foam handle is removable from stainless-steel utensil for easy cleaning. Utensil options. Flexible utensil fits more securely around the hand. Dishwasher safe, latex free. Sold individually. Deluxe version is longer & has loc-line extension.
Deluxe Paring Board by Performance Health - Laminated Maple Maddak Drink Holder Clip-On Duro-Med Mabis Walker Basket w/ Plastic Insert
Duro-Med Mabis Walker Basket w/ Plastic Insert
HPMS Price $26.99
Members Price: $36.66
Members Price: $36.66
Plastic corner guard with silicone edge sealer helps keep food in place. Non-skid feet. Two sides are notched out to accommodate cups with handles and glasses. A plastic-coated steel spring clip grips tubular furniture, wheelchairs, and beds. Duro-Med Mabis Walker Basket - Ideal for carrying lightweight items and attaches easily to any walker with snap-style hooks. There is a plastic insert tray with a cup holder to keep beverages from spilling and smaller items from falling through the basket that is available separately.

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Dycem® Coaster Sets Dycem® Netting Non-Slip Material Roll Dycem Non-Slip Material Pad
Dycem® Coaster Sets
HPMS Price $15.99
Dycem® non-slip square coasters firmly hold drinks in place to help prevent spillages. Easy to use non-slip netting is made from a soft mesh material that can be cut to size. Padding makes it perfect for seating and positioning. This non-slip material grips on both sides making it ideal for wheelchair pads, cushions or dinnerware. Easy to clean
Dycem® Non-Slip Material Rolls Dycem® Non-Slip Material Wipes Dysphagia Cup by Performance Health
Dycem® Non-Slip Material Rolls
HPMS Price $20.39

Dycem® Non-Slip Material Rolls has excellent flexibility that allows it to flex and fit around objects. Easy to cut and clean. Individually wrapped Non-Slip material wipes are alcohol based and dry instantly, leaving your Dycem® non-slip products squeaky clean. Drinking while tucking the chin toward the chest gives normal swallowing mechanisms time to work. Dishwasher safe.
EazyHold ® Grip Universal Cuff Assist Flexi-Cut Cup by Equipment Shop Maroon Spoon
Equipment Shop Flexi-Cut Cup
HPMS Price $12.99

The flexible universal cuffs attach securely to get a grip on handles of utensils, tools, toys and more! The strap helps people accomplish daily living activities independently despite physical conditions or disabilities impacting grip strength. Flexible Cup Promotes Controlled Drinking Without Neck Extension! Innovative design allows drinking without head tilting. Highly recommended as a feeding therapy staple for beginning drinkers or those with limited neck/head movement.
Feeding Therapy Spoons Limit Intake to Help Avoid Choking on Food! Ideal for Poor Lip Closure, Oral Hypersensitivity or Tongue Thrust!
Etac Swedish One-Handed Cutting Board EvoOTware Easy Grip Eating Utensils Maddak Feeding Bottle With Flexible Tube
This adaptable cutting board can be used to slice and grate food or hold mixing and salad bowls. More Comfortable Dining with Easy Grip Utensil Dining Aid! Specifically designed with innovative ergonomic gripping positions, OTware works to be a reliable source of utensil comfort and control.
Useful for individuals with difficulty chewing, sucking or swallowing. It helps control placement and amount of liquid intake.
Flexible Utensil by Performance Health Maddak Flo-Trol Convalescent Feeding Cup Maddak Flo-Trol Vacuum Feeding Cup
Ideal for evaluating self-feeding needs. Utensil may be angled or positioned in a variety of directions. Dishwasher safe. Permits dribble-free drinking without the need to sit up or raise the head. Control liquid input. A soft rubber air release button on this vacuum feeding cup makes it possible to drink liquid without raising the head.
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