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Nosey Cup by Providence Spillproof North Coast Medical Nose Cut-Out Tumbler Cup - Clear-Green Replacement Lids by Providence Spillproof
Nosey cup allows drinking without need for bending the neck or tilting the head. Dishwasher safe. Size, color & quantity options. Nose cut-out cup is perfect for those with cerebral palsy or neck injury.  Made of flexible polypropylene plastic; microwave and dishwasher safe. These replacement lids come in 2 difference styles for your choice of the best drinking experience.  Comes in packs or each
Nosey Cutout Thumblers Cups by Performance Health Maddak Flo-Trol Convalescent Feeding Cup Maddak Food Bumpers
Latex free cutout cup which helps maintain proper head and neck positioning while drinking. Sold each, 3 sizes available. Permits dribble-free drinking without the need to sit up or raise the head. Ideal for people who have difficulty getting food onto utensils. Practical for people who tend to push food off the plate because of a lack of coordination.
PSC Cup Sets by Providence Spillproof - Multiple Styles Maddak Eating Tool - Fork & Knife Combo Kinsman Nosey Glass II - 8 oz
Each cup set comes with 2 different styles of spillproof lid.  Cups can hold either hot or cold liquid and are dishwasher safe. Cut and eat an entire meal using only one hand with combined fork and knife! Dishwasher safe. Textured grip and cut out surface to allow easy drinking without the need to tilt the head. 8 oz.
Maddak Nosey Cup North Coast Medical GripWare Round Scoop Dish Plastisol-Coated Spoon
Plastisol-Coated Spoon
HPMS Price $7.99
Ideal for people who have oral motor limitations, limited range of motion of the head, neck or upper extremities, or arthritis. The feet have a textured rubber surface that grips tabletops and helps prevent plates from sliding. Ideal for those with limited hand use. Coated to increase the bowl thickness and gives protection to the lips and teeth. 3 spoon sizes available.
Providence Spillproof Lid for Dishes - 9" Kennedy Cup by Providence Spillproof - 7 oz SureFit Plastic Food Guard
Fits all 9" diameter independence plates. Plates sold separately. The Kennedy Cup is a lightweight spillproof drinking cup that is ideal for people of all ages.
The ideal aid for keeping food on your plate.  Made of durable plastic that is easy to clean for multiple uses.
Kinsman Utensil Holder Scooper Plate w/ Suction Cup Base Maddak Scooper Bowl With Suction Cup Base
Kinsman Utensil Holder
HPMS Price $8.90
Easy to clean polypropylene webbing with a utensil pocket. Scooper plate w/ suction cup for no mess stress! Ideal for those with limited hand mobility, arthritis etc. Suction cup helps keep bowl firmly in place. Scooper bowl design aids in utensil use without spilling.
Maddak Whiplash Nosey Drinking Cup - 8 oz. Maddak Covered Spoon Norco Universal Cuff
Norco Universal Cuff
HPMS Price $9.39
Makes drinking easier for those with limited neck movement. 8 oz cup made of molded translucent plastic. It can be used with liquids and smaller type foods such as corn, rice, peas, etc. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Economical, adjustable holder. Made of comfortable cotton.
Kinsman Meat Cutter Rocker Knife Kinsman Soft Built Up Handle Utensils Skidtrol Scooper Dish with Non-Skid Base
Wooden handle with stainless steel blade. Provides rocking motion to facilitate cutting. Soft foam Built-Up handle provides easy grasp for those with arthritis or limited hand involvement. Designed for people with limited muscle control or the use of only one hand. Do not microwave.
Maddak Ableware Inner Lip Plate - 3 Colors Parsons Plastic Plate Guard Reusable Drinking Straws by Performance Health - Flexible
High wall with inner lip to keep food from sliding off of the plate. Ideal for those with limited muscle control. Made of plastic; 3 color choices. Provides an area to push food onto your utensil for scooping and aids in keeping the food on the plate. The flexible polyethylene straw comes with a 3/16"-diameter hole. Latex free.
Spoon & Fork Holders - 2 Pack Inner Lip Plate by Providence Spillproof - 9" Partitioned Plate by Providence Spillproof - 9"
Provides an easy grip surface to any fork or spoon. 2 per pack. Ideal for those with weak or limited hand mobility. The Inner Lip Plate has an overhanging lip to help push scooped food onto the fork or spoon.Available in white or red. The Partition Plate keeps servings separate in three compartments and they have an inner lip. Available in white or red.
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