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Ark Therapeutic Products - is a family company owned by Debbie Lowsky, a SLP (speech-language pathologist), who often needed to get into the mouth to provide tactile cues for certain speech sounds, tongue lateralization for feeding skills, etc. Back in 2000, however, there were very few tools available for oral motor therapy. So, her and her husband John joined forces to create ARK Therapeutic. Their mission has always been to create solutions that will make life easier for you and your loved ones. Since then, they have developed over 100 different products for speech & oral motor development, sensory integration, oral defensiveness, texture aversions, fine motor, drinking, feeding, chewing, and more. Each ARK product was created for the same reasons - she either saw a need within her own practice, or a therapist/parent would share a problem and ask them to create a solution. Every ARK product is also designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA which means that every $1 of ARK products sold, almost $1.50 goes back into the US economy. It also means your support is creating not just jobs, but jobs with fair wages, benefits and a safe, happy environment. And particularly since these are oral products to be used in the mouth, they knew made in the USA was the best option to ensure product safety. They're medical grade, FDA compliant, and free from BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, and latex.