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Fablife Shoehorns - 3 Models Kinsman Metallic Plastic Shoehorn G4 Flexible Sock Aid / Stocking Aid
Ideal for bad backs, hips or arthritis. 3 models available, sold each. Economical shoehorn with a curved hand grip for easier grasping. 20" length Flexible, easy to use sock aid and stocking aid is ideal for anyone suffering from back pain, arthritis or injury that has trouble putting socks on by themselves. 29" long handles reduce the need to bend. Gain or give freedom and independence with a G4 Flexible Sock Aid & Stocking Aid!
Get Your Shoe On Shoehorn by BlueJay Kinsman Economical Plastic Shoehorn 18" Kinsman Plastic Shoehorn
Get Your Shoe On Shoehorn by BlueJay allows you to put on shoes with ease. Eliminates uncomfortable bending and stretching. Length and material Options sold separately. curved instrument for easing one's heel into a shoe. This economical plastic shoehorn is 18” long and has a hole in the handle for hanging. Plastic shoehorn with a curved hand grip for easier grasping.
Maddak Shoehorn With "T" Handle North Coast Medical Norco Plastic Shoehorn with HookOffer Kinsman Stainless Steel Shoehorn - Curved or Textured Grip
Unique "T" shaped handle allows the wrist to remain in a neutral position while putting on shoes. Eliminates the need for rotating the wrist.
Offers a comfortable hold for fingers and may be used to pull up socks. Vinyl covered hand grip for ease of use. Multiple sizes available.
Kinsman EZ Slide Shoehorn Blue Jay Get Dressed Dressing Aid w/ Shoehorn Maddak Combination Dressing Stick/Shoehorn
Powder coated surface makes it easy for the foot to slide into the shoe. Sold individually. Size options. Helps reduce bending and stretching. Foam covered handle provides easy grip. Sold each. Mutli-purpose dressing stick encourages independence in dressing while aiding in reaching.
Plastic Shoehorn by Performance Health FootFunnel Shoe Assist Aid - Shoe Horn Alternative Kinsman Spring Action Long Handled Jockey Shoehorn
Durable and lightweight. 18" has hanging hole. Colors vary. Hands-Free, Safe & Easy Shoe Donning without Bending! The best hands-free way to put your shoes on is the FootFunnel Shoes Assist Aid. Just place it into your shoe, place shoe on floor and insert your foot. Perfect for those who want to put their shoes on without any help!
Non-skid handle, spring action shoe horn. 23", sold individually.
ArcMate Dress E-Z Dressing Aid w/ Shoehorn - 2 Models Maddak Long Shoehorn Kinsman Foam Handle Shoehorn
Maddak Ableware Long Shoehorn
HPMS Price $15.99

Versatile push-pull S-hook with non-slip cap allows for better control when handling clothing. For anyone who has trouble bending, these extra long, plastic coated steel shoehorns help slide shoes on quickly Built-up foam handle is easy to grasp. Additional loop string can help with positioning the shoe horn.
E-Z Slide Shoehorn by Therafin - 12" Kinsman Telescopic Shoehorn Kinsman Unbreakable Plastic Shoehorn
Coated steel shaft prevents shoehorn from sticking to the skin or clothing. 6" nonslip red plastic handle. The Telescopic Shoehorn can adjust from 12" to 30" in length. Ideal for packing in your suitcase. Includes wrist strap. 31" plastic shoehorn with curved grips for easy handling. Can be bent or folded for easy travel. Sold individually.
ArcMate Long-Handle Flex Shoehorn Good Grips Shoehorn Stop Your Bending Hip Kit by Blue Jay
Good Grips Shoehorn
HPMS Price $19.99
Comfortable and durable. Easy to bend spring on the horn for better positioning. Sold each. The built-up handle is made of a latex-free, rubber-like material and features flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip. Hip kit options feature tools that provide independence, freedom and immense recovery help.
ArcMate Telescoping Shoe Horn FabLife Hip Kit Series - Daily Living Aids Hip Kit by Sammons Preston - Model I & II
Smooth chrome finished shoe horn. Can be rotated or tilted for a more comfort while in use. Sold each. A variety of aids to daily living products to help those recovering from hip or knee surgery. Bending aids for those suffering from hip/knee injury or post surgery. Kit either includes a 26" or 32" reacher.
Kinsman Dressing EZ Hip Kit Kinsman Hip Kit "K-1" Kinsman Hip Kit "K-8"
Kinsman Hip Kit "K-1"
HPMS Price $32.99
Kinsman Hip Kit "K-8"
HPMS Price $34.99
ADL's recommended for patients who are recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury. 2 reacher lengths available, sold each. ADL's recommended for patients who are recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury. 2 reacher lengths available, sold each. ADL's recommended for patients who are recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury. 27" reacher.
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