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Acro™ Shoulder Support Actimove Arthritis Elbow Support AFO Posterior Leaf Spring Drop Foot Brace
Acro™ Shoulder Support
HPMS Price $139.99

Contoured shoulder stabilizing support designed for higher levels of activity and support, allowing protected shoulder motion. Soothing warmth for elbows from heat-retaining ceramic fibers. Unique ceramic fibers retain and reflect body heat for soothing warmth to help relieve pain. Pre-dorsiflexed Position, Low Profile AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) for Patient Comfort! This lightweight AFO is designed to assist ambulation for those patients suffering mild to moderate neurological deficit resulting in drop-foot. Size options in left or right.
Aircast Airheel™/DNS Care Kit - Round the Clock Relief Aircast Airsport™ Ankle Brace Alex Orthopedic Post Op Shoe - Super Shoe II
Provide relief from plantar fasciitis around the clock. Help manage and prevent ankle sprains with this easy-to-use brace. The Airsport has a clinically proven semi-rigid shell and foam-filled aircells to provide moderate support, compression and comfort. The ATF (anterior talofibular) cross strap and integral forefoot and shin wraps offer additional compression and stabilization. Post Op shoe with removable tongue and cushioned rocker sole. Indicated sizes for male and female.
Alex Orthopedics 6" Sacro Belt Alex Orthopedics Ankle-Foot Orthotics Alex Orthopedics Elbow Immobilizer
6" sacro belt helps support and relieve minor backaches, soreness and strain. Comes with neoprene pad insert. Aids in correcting drop foot and toe drag. Provides stability to the ankle; with hook and loop closure. Please indicate left or right leg. Comfortable & breathable elbow immobilization in an easy on and off design perfect for alleviating elbow joint pain or injury.
Alex Orthopedics Neoprene Tennis Elbow Sleeve Alex Orthopedics Tennis Elbow Strap w/ Gel Pad Alex Orthopedics ThermaPress Ankle Wrap - One Size
Relieves pain from tennis/golfers elbow, arthritis, strains and sprains. Easily slips on; available in beige or black. Wrap around elbow support with gel pad for added comfort and support. Available in black or beige. Universal size. Insulated hot/cold therapy wrap helps relieve pain, soreness and swelling of the ankle. Can be used on right or left ankle; One size.
Alex Orthopedics Ultra Fit Wrist Brace Alex Orthopedics Wrist Brace w/ Thumb Abduction AliMed Freedom Thumb Spica
Easy one handed application. Black brushed trico with air-space liner. 1.5" removable aluminum stay.
Wrist brace with semi rigid thumb abduction. Ideal for those with carpal tunnel, arthritis or minor strains and sprains. Black. For de Quervain's syndrome, MP and CMC arthritis, and repetitive motion injuries.
NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt - Fleece Lining B.I.G. (Back in Game) Knee Brace by Rolyan
Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions. Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions. Fleece Lined. Appropriate for mild to moderate ACL, PCL and/or MCL, PCL instabilities.Constructed of 1/8" thick neoprene.
Beasy Transfer Board Bell Horn Elastic Knee Support Blue Jay Adjustable Ankle Wrap
Beasy Transfer Board
HPMS Price $217.59

No Lift Transfer Assist Board for Easier Mobility at Home or To Get Out of the House! Ultra strong transfer board with disc slide helps avoid patient skin friction, sore arms and caregiver back injury. Model options.
Recommended for stabilization of the knee joint when ligaments or muscles have been damaged or weakened. Designed to provide customized support to help relieve pain and provide further protection from injury.
Blue Jay Adjustable Knee Support, Open Patella Design Blue Jay Deluxe Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel Blue Jay Fashion Knee High Compression Stockings
Slip-on neoprene knee support with two adjustable straps for excellent fit and comfort. Helps relieve carpal tunnel symptoms, day or night. Relief on Your Feet! Say No to Boring Beige - Legs Feel Great & Look Great All Day! Ultra sheer, latex-free compression improves circulation, giving your feet and legs the relief they need. Fashionable hosiery for Women (Size 5-11) in style, color & compression level options.
Blue Jay Gel Ankle Support with Hard Exterior Shell Blue Jay Sacroiliac Support Belt Blue Jay Slip-On Knee Support
Interior gel pad provides a comfortable, contoured fit while the exterior hard shell minimizes rolling. Provides compression, stability and support for the sacroiliac joint. Provides firm yet comfortable knee support.
Blue Jay Slip-On Knee Support, Open Patella with Stabilizers Blue Jay Universal Abdominal Binder Blue Jay Universal Arm Sling with Shoulder Comfort Pad
Designed to provide excellent support to stiff, weak or injured knees. Controlled tension, three panel design provides excellent support without stiffness. Provides comfort and support. Durable cotton blend for lasting wear.
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