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Rigid Leg Lifter  - 41" or 34.5" Maddak Leg Lift Soft Flexible Leg Lifter by Sammons Preston
Bendable leg lifter to accommodate any size. Available in 41" or 34.5". Simple but practical device is useful for people with limited lower extremity strength. It enables them to lift the foot onto a wheelchair foot rest, bed or into a car. Loops for the wrist and foot made of high-strength nylon webbing. Color may vary.
Kinsman Leg Lifter Strap Kinsman Leg Lifter - Rainbow - Pediatric North Coast Medical Norco Leg Lifter
Kinsman Leg Lifter Strap
HPMS Price $11.75
Norco Leg Lifter
HPMS Price $12.69
Pre-formed foot support with a heavy gauge wire insert that can be modified by bending it to the desired shape. Length options. 35" rainbow leg lifter for pediatric use. Reinforced webbing with metal rod will extend the users reach to assist in lifting one leg at a time. Assists those who have had total hip replacement surgery or those with limited mobility raise or lower their legs.
Maddak Leg Loop Lifter - Black 36" Blue Rigid Leg Lifter by Sammons Preston - 40" Skil-Care 145" Bed Ladder
Skil-Care 145" Bed Ladder
HPMS Price $15.40
Assists people with limited lower extremity strength lift the leg and foot onto a wheelchair footrest, bed, into a car, etc. Black 36". Reinforced webbing around a rigid metal rod in the center and foot portion. Flexible rubber foot grip to prevent foot from sliding out of foot loop. Skil-Care Bed Ladder This bed ladder is designed to enable residents to pull themselves upright in a bed and can also be used for upper body exercise. Easily attaches to any bed. Can be grabbed easily.
Blue Jay Get a Leg Up Leg Lifter - 40.5" Kinsman Triple Loop Quad Leg Lifter Kinsman Bed Pull-Up
Kinsman Bed Pull-Up
HPMS Price $16.99
Lifts one leg at a time. Rigid design, loop can be manually adjusted to accommodate casts or boots. Sold each. This leg lifter is ideal for lifting a leg on a wheelchair rest, bed or into a car.  Webbing material is reinforced with a metal rod; made of 1 inch heavy duty webbing. Heavy duty cotton webbing with easy grip ladder rungs to assist those with limited hand strength, to pull themselves upright in bed.
Quick Release Gait Belt by Sammons Preston Maddak Leg Assist Mobility Device Maddak Leg Wrap Positioning Aid
2" quick release buckle. Latex free. Ideal for people recovering from total hip or knee surgery. Made of soft, comfortable fabric with built-up grip. Leg Wrap attaches to user in 3 places to assist re-positioning leg and transferring from multitude of activities. Sold individually or 2 pack.
Triple Loop Resting Leg Lifter by Sammons Preston OPTP Contour Leg Pillow - Light Blue Maddak Blanket Lift Bar
Adjustable hook and loop closure to accommodate thigh sizes up to 22 inches. Latex free with an easy grip D-Ring for ease of use. Made of OPTP supportive foam, this pillow helps relieve stress to aleviate lower back pain, knee and ankle pain. Soft velour cover. Keep your feet warm while enjoying freedom of movement, by taking the weight of blankets off of them. Made of plastic-coated steel.
Maddak Roberts Book Holder Quick Clean Gail Belts by Sammons Preston - Metal Buckle Quick Clean Gait Belts by Sammons Preston - Plastic Buckle
Hands free convenience when reading. Holds nearly any size thickness of book. Easy to clean Gait belt and 50% thicker. Available with either metal or polyethylene plastic buckle. Easy to clean Gait belt and 50% thicker. Available with either metal or polyethylene plastic buckle.
TLC Positioning Pad Bed Wedge Cinching Leg Lifter by Sammons Preston
Core Products Bed Wedge
HPMS Price $57.25
TLC Positioning Pad by Skil-Care aids in positioning and transfer from bed to wheelchair. Whisks urine away from sensitive skin. Three height options available for varied degrees of elevation that may be required. Use while reading, watching television or sleeping. Assists in positioning & ease of movement. Latex free.
Maddak The Patient Handler Alex Orthopedics 10" Leg Wedge - Blue North Coast Medical Universal Transfer Bench
An easily handled sling that saves the attendant’s back and provides more comfort and safety for the patient.
10" leg wedge to help elevate legs to reduce swelling in feet and legs. Washable cover. Provides safer, easier access getting in and out of tubs. Supports up to 400 lbs (181 kg).
Assist-A-Tray Ultimate by Standards The Bumbo Seat North Coast Medical Advantage Rail - Floor Mounted
The Bumbo Seat
HPMS Price $179.99
Makes standing and sitting easy and safe. Tray includes cup holder and utensil compartment.
This revolutionary infant chair is uniquely designed to fit baby's posture. For babies 9-22 lbs approx. 24" L.
Floor mounted security bar provides support when standing or sitting. Height adjustable.