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Bath Cushion by Performance Health Beasy Transfer Board BrownMed Seal-Tight Cast & Bandage Protector - Original - Adult Arm/Hand
Beasy Transfer Board
HPMS Price $217.59

15" x 30" x 1/2" thick soft closed cell foam offers cushioning and protection from hard bathing surfaces.
No Lift Transfer Assist Board for Easier Mobility at Home or To Get Out of the House! Ultra strong transfer board with disc slide helps avoid patient skin friction, sore arms and caregiver back injury. Model options.
Non-latex, durable polyvinyl bag prevents water penetration. East to apply cast/bandage protection.
BrownMed Seal-Tight Cast & Bandage Protector - Original - Pediatric Disposable Urinal - Male or Female Dr. Joseph's Footbrush
Dr. Joseph's Footbrush
HPMS Price $26.99
Easy to apply without need for pumps or hook & loop closures. Arm and Leg models available, pediatric. Can hold 32 oz. Essential for anyone who has trouble getting out of bed. Designed to prevent spills. Wash feet without bending over!
Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Shower Chair Dycem® Netting Non-Slip Material Roll Dycem® Non-Slip Material Floor Mats
Product available without. Conveniently folds flat. Blow-molded bench provides comfort and strength. Easy to use non-slip netting is made from a soft mesh material that can be cut to size. Padding makes it perfect for seating and positioning. Non-Slip Floor mats provide a stable, non-slip base for individuals when they are being transferred or changing positions.
Low Density Polyethylene Eye Wash Bottle FabLife Back Scrubbers Kinsman Enterprises Slip-On Handle
Eye Wash Bottle
HPMS Price $15.99
FabLife™ Back Scrubbers
HPMS Price $19.96
A uniquely designed eye cup that allows the eye to be irrigated whether the user is standing, sitting or lying down. 16 oz. 23" (56 cm) long scrubber with curved or Straight handle help people with reduced range of motion wash their back and lower extremities without straining. The curved handle allows use without raising the hand much higher than the shoulder. Replaceable sponge is 3 3 /4" (9.5 cm) in diameter.
Slip-on handle is great for utensils, toothbrushes, razors etc.
Kinsman Freedom Wand Lumex Tub-Guard® Bathtub Safety Rails Maddak Maddawash Terry Soap Mitt
Kinsman Freedom Wand
HPMS Price $51.99
Maddawash Terry Soap Mitt
HPMS Price $10.99
The Freedom Wand has four extendable fingers that can grip toilet paper, razor, bath sponge or even be used as a limited reacher.  Designed to aid in personal hygiene and toileting. Textured, contoured handle provides a good gripping surface. Clamp holds firmly to tub wall without marring tub surface. Lightweight, compact design is excellent for travel. Fits tubs with walls 2 ½"- 6 ¼" thick. Available in two sizes: standard (12" height) and tall (16 ½" height). Terrycloth wash mitt provides a palm pocket to hold a bar of soap. Right or left handed use.
MOEN® Tub Safety Bars North Coast Medical Advantage Rail™ North Coast Medical Bariatric Shower Bench
MOEN® Tub Safety Bars
HPMS Price $51.59
These MOEN® Tub Safety Bars feature a sturdy, no-wobble design and different handle heights for easy grasping. Designed with textured grab areas for a secure hold. Bars clamp onto the tub wall for quick, tool-free installation and easy removal. Includes non-skid pads to prevent scratches on the tub surface. Floor mounted security bar provides support when standing or sitting. Height adjustable. Provides added safety while showering. Heavy duty frame is constructed of 1" (2.5 cm) aluminum tubing and features strong cross braces and legs for added stability.
North Coast Medical EZ-SHOWER North Coast Medical Safety Treads North Coast Medical Short Toilet Paper Aid
Provides a simply way to offer a refreshing shampoo to a patient in bed. The strong vinyl bag holds 2-1/2 gallons (9.5 liters) of water Create a safe, non-slip surface. Safety Treads are easy to apply and prevent slipping in a shower or tub. This tong-like device means no more uncomfortable reaching. Ability to use standard scissors required.
North Coast Medical Universal Transfer Bench Rotating Shower Stool Sage ComfortComfort® Bath Cleansing Washcloths
Rotating Shower Stool
HPMS Price $115.99
Provides safer, easier access getting in and out of tubs. Supports up to 400 lbs (181 kg). All plastic shower stool allows for easy transfer into and out of the shower and provides a safe, comfortable seat for people who have difficulty standing for any length of time. Washcloths pre-moistened with a unique blend of skin-friendly, rinse-free cleansers and moisturizers to clean and soften skin. There’s no need for soap, water, washcloths, or moisturizers.
Sage Fragrance-free Essential® Comfort Bath Cleansing Washcloths Sage M-Care Meatal Cleansing Cloths Seal-Tight Freedom Waterproof Cast or Bandage Protector
Rinse-free, fragrance free washcloths are pre-moistened with a unique blend of skin-friendly, cleansers and moisturizers to clean and soften skin. Medium weight cloths are gentle on the skin. As a rinse free alternative to basins part and part of patient cleansing protocol for Foley catheterized patients. M-Care cleansing cloths improves hygiene and adherence to infection control. Reusable polyvinyl water protection while bathing. Easy application with no need for strapping.
SkiL-Care Shower Chair Safety Belt SP Ableware Clamp-On Adjustable Mirror Maddak SP Ableware Denture Safe Cup
Designed for use with a shower chair, toilet or wheelchair. This multi-use mirror easily clamps onto bedrails, walkers, tabletops and other surfaces.
No corners or crevices to trap bacteria. Hinged lid provides a tight seal and legs prevent condensation from forming on the bottom.
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