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Relief and support of symptoms due to bursitis. Shoulder & Neck specific. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.

Bursitis is the inflammation of the fluid-filled pads that act as cushions at the joints. Occurs most often at joints that perform frequent repetitive motion such as the elbow or knee. Stiffness, swelling, and pain are the most common symptoms. Treatment includes rest, ice, and pain relievers.
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Therapeutic Dimensions RangeMaster BlueRanger Economy Shoulder Pulley SpiderTech - Spider - Precut kinesiology Tape - Neck Therapeutic Dimensions RangeMaster PinkRanger Shoulder Pulley
High quality, low cost shoulder exerciser with innovative molded plastic handles and a quick line length adjustment feature. Designed for therapeutic supports to facilitate a functional medicine approach to pain. 1 application per pack. Roller pulley system with pink nylon rope. Adjustable cord length.
SpiderTech - Shoulder Spider - Precut kinesiology Tape - Shoulder Duro-Med Posture Perfect OPTP Treat Your Own Shoulder, 2nd Edition
Duro-Med Posture Perfect
HPMS Price $12.49
Designed for therapeutic supports to facilitate a functional medicine approach to pain. 1 application per pack. 1" elastic bands with criss-cross design for maximum back support. One size fits most. Demonstrates techniques on how to apply treatment to yourself whenever pain arises and offers tips that help prevent or reduce the onset of pain.
BodyMed Cover for Cervical Roll Pillow - Satin or Cotton Norco Cervical Roll Blue Jay Overdoor Shoulder Pulley
Cervical Roll by Norco
HPMS Price $16.99
Satin cover for bodysport cervical roll pillow. 3 colors available. Adapt pillows for better neck support while sleeping. Helps increase range of motion. Perfect for shoulder, arm, or upper body rehabilitation. Sold each.
Norco Shoulder Immobilizer Duro-Med Cervical Neck Roll- 5" X 19" Blue Satin Cervical Contour Pillow
Rest your shoulder easy with this shoulder immobilizer; straps made from soft foam-padded material for the ultimate comfortable fit. Provides pain relief for both cervical and sacral discomforts. With removable washable cover. Jackson-style, hypoallergenic fiberfill pillow is designed for greater sleep comfort.
FLA Posture Control Shoulder Brace - White Med Spec Shoulder Immobilizer Universal Shoulder Immobilizer by Core Products
Designed to keep the shoulders back for proper posture correction. Multiple sizes; White. Soft padded shoulder strap comfortably distributes weight on healthy shoulder. soft padded waist strap restricts abduction. Universal shoulder immobilizer gently secures for a comfortable fit. One size fits most.
OPTP Posture Support Corrector - All Sizes OPTP Treat Your Own Neck™ and McKenzie Cervical Roll™ Gift Set Corflex Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer
Posture support corrector pulls shoulders back to properly align the spine for corrected posture. Relief for back and shoulder pain. Set includes the Treat Your Own Neck book and The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll. Made of premium quality elastic with 4" wide elastic waist band. All sizes available.
BodyMed Cervical Roll Pillow - White DeRoyal Universal Sling Style Shoulder Immobilizer Corflex Universal Comfort Shoulder Immobilizer
Kiss those achy mornings good-bye! This Roll Pillow is the perfect sleep aid to help maintain the cervical spine's natural curve.
Perforated foam construction ensures patient comfort. Sling style wrist cuff for optimal comfort and support.
6" wide tricot chest band, padded humerus and forearm cuff for optimal patient comfort. Universal design allows for inventory reduction.
Universal Clavicle Posture Support by Rolyan Universal Foam Sling & Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer by Medical Specialties Therapeutic Dimensions RangeMaster Stretch Strap
Encourages proper posture by providing stabilization. This support features a contact closure swathe that provides a custom fit
Collapsible stretching bar for patients who need to stretch shoulder-area scar tissue and increase range of motion.
Polar Ice Shoulder/Hip Wrap by BrownMed OPTP Stretch Out Strap Shoulder Package Corflex 1/8" Black Tricot Shoulder Immobilizer
Ideal cold therapy to help reduce pain and swelling. Has a fleece wrap to prevent frostbite. Easily adjustable for shoulders or hips. Great for restoring proper range of motion in the shoulder girdle and can often relieve neck and upper back tension. Comes with strap and exercise book. Made of soft durable tricot material with 1/8" neoprene. Waist strap for secure fit.
D-Core Cervical Pillow by Core Products - Standard or Midsize Foam Cervical Pillow - 2 Styles Available Basic Cervical Foam Based Pillow by Core Products
D-shaped center supports the neck to help relieve neck and shoulder pain. Fits in a standard pillow case. 2 styles of standard foam pillows. Relieves pressure points while allowing air to circulate.  Smooth or egg carton surface available. Conforms to the curvature of your neck and allows for full relaxation.  Washable polyester/cotton cover included. 2 Styles of pillow.
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