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Blue Jay Keep Nice n' Dry Waterproof Cast & Bandage Protector BrownMed Seal-Tight Cast & Bandage Protector - Original - Adult Arm/Hand Seal-Tight Mid-Arm/Knee PICC/Dressing Cover by BrownMed
Ideal for baths and showers, outdoor weather protection, burns, casts and bandages, lace rations, IV, PICC lines and skin conditions.
Non-latex, durable polyvinyl bag prevents water penetration. East to apply cast/bandage protection. Eliminates need for pumps, closure straps and adhesive tape. Latex Free.
Seal-Tight Shower Patch 5 Pack by BrownMed Corflex Ankle Fixed Walker Corflex Pneumatic Walker
Corflex Pneumatic Walker
HPMS Price $99.99
Sight specific moisture protection. For use while showering, made of non-latex material. Fixed ankle walker with natural heel height helps reduce leg length discrepancy providing stability while healing. Built in compression pump lower leg walker has low profile non-skid bottom, promotes natural gait & increases stability, decreasing edema.
Darco Body Armor® Cast Shoe Darco OrthoWedge™ DARCO Slimline™ Cast Boot
Darco OrthoWedge™
HPMS Price $33.99
The redesigned DARCO Body Armor Cast Shoe features improvements in function and design. It is specifically engineered to shield the cast from moisture, shock and everyday wear. The shoe can be used with all casting materials and bulky bandages while sporting a fresh, modern design that will appeal to all patients.
Ideal post-op shoe with square toe design. Constructed Eva insole with tricot foam.
Indicated for post-surgical application or use with casts or compression bandaging of the foot and ankle.
Delta-Cast Elite Polyester Cast Tape Delta-Dry Water Resistant Cast Padding Delta-Lite Conformable Fiberglass Cast Tape
Delta-Cast® Elite is a polyester cast tape that offers strength and durability. It features extensible yarns that provide excellent moulding capabilities and a smooth cast surface for patient comfort. Delta-Dry®’s unique patented technology outperforms other water resistant cast padding, making Delta-Dry® the best choice for medical professionals and a more convenient solution for their patients over traditional cast padding. No special tools are needed for application or removal.
Delta-Lite Conformable Fiberglass Cast Tape- Delta-Lite® Conformable creates lightweight, strong, long lasting porous casts. Its high conformability and our resin formulation offer superb anatomically molded casts.

  • 3-5 minute set time
  • Weight bearing in approximately 20 minutes
  • Low tack - use the gloves of your choice
  • Primary and secondary casting
Quantity: Box of 10

Size: 2", 3", 4", or 5" x 4 yards

Color: Red, Dark Blue, Green, Purple, Black, White, Light Blue, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, or Neon Pink

Material: Conformable

Manufacturer: BSN Medical

Brand: Delta-Lite

2" x 4 yards (7226500) GTIN: 04042809158250
3" x 4 yards (7226501) GTIN: 04042809158267
4" x 4 yards (7226502) GTIN: 04042809158274
Dark Blue
2" x 4 yards (7226600) GTIN: 04042809158281
3" x 4 yards (7226601) GTIN: 04042809158298
4" x 4 yards (7226602) GTIN: 04042809158304
2" x 4 yards (7226700) GTIN: 04042809158311
3" x 4 yards (7226701) GTIN: 04042809158328
4" x 4 yards (7226702) GTIN: 04042809158335
2" x 4 yards (7226800) GTIN: 04042809158342
3" x 4 yards (7226801) GTIN: 04042809158359
4" x 4 yards (7226802) GTIN: 04042809158366
2" x 4 yards (7226900) GTIN: 04042809158373
3" x 4 yards (7226901) GTIN: 04042809158380
4" x 4 yards (7226902) GTIN: 04042809158397
2" x 4 yards (7227000) GTIN: 04042809158403
3" x 4 yards (7227001) GTIN: 04042809158410
4" x 4 yards (7227002) GTIN: 04042809158427
5" x 4 yards (7227003) GTIN: 04042809158434
Light Blue
2" x 4 yards (7227100) GTIN: 04042809158441
3" x 4 yards (7227101) GTIN: 04042809158458
4" x 4 yards (7227102) GTIN: 04042809158465
Neon Orange
2" x 4 yards (7227103) GTIN: 04042809158472
3" x 4 yards (7227104) GTIN: 04042809158489
4" x 4 yards (7227105) GTIN: 04042809158496
Neon Yellow
2" x 4 yards (7227106) GTIN: 04042809158502
3" x 4 yards (7227107) GTIN: 04042809158519
4" x 4 yards (7227108) GTIN: 04042809158526
Neon Pink
2" x 4 yards (7227110) GTIN: 04042809158540
3" x 4 yards (7227111) GTIN: 04042809158557
4" x 4 yards (7227112) GTIN:
Delta-Lite® Plus Cast Tape Gypsona S Plaster Bandage - Extra Fast Setting or Fast Setting Mueller Self-Adhesive Blister Pads
Delta-Lite® Plus is a fibreglass cast tape that combines a fibreglass substrate and advanced water activated polyurethane resin system which provides tack free properties. The tack free properties allow ease of application and molding using standard examination gloves. Gypsona® Plaster of Paris has been the trusted expert for over 75 years. Since 1940, when Gypsona® was globally established, the Plaster of Paris bandages and slabs have set the standard for the highest quality and handling comfort. Gypsona® is the premium choice of Plaster of Paris which allows well-fitting, strong, and durable casts, with the benefit of easy application and short setting time.
Helps protect blisters from friction and irritation. Easy to apply adhesive pad conforms to the desired area. 5 pack.
North Coast Medical Cotton Finished Stockinette Liners North Coast Medical Universal Knee Immobilizer Orfit® Orfilastic
Orfit® Orfilastic
HPMS Price $59.45
Soft, thin liner with finished edges fits most hands and forearms. Soft, cotton liner absorbs moisture to keep skin cool, dry and odor-free. Tri-panel design ensures an accurate fit. Two removable metal stays for medial and lateral placement. Contoured, reinforced posterior stays with center "I" beam provide rigidity and a custom fit. Orfilastic is a terrycloth lining material with a backing of self-adhesive open-cell foam. It can be used for covering large splint surfaces to prevent and absorb perspiration. It is easily removable in lukewarm water.
Specialist Cast Padding Specialist® 100 Cotton Cast Padding Tuli's® Cheetah® Heel Cup with Compression Sleeve
Specialist Cast Padding
HPMS Price $189.99
Specialist® Cotton Blend Cast Padding has a unique micropleated design for excellent conformability, protection and ease of application without tucking or tearing.
Specialist® 100 has the product features cotton users desire. The soft, 100% cotton material feathers and self-bonds to create a smooth undercast surface. Specialist® 100 is hand-tearable and applies easily. Excellent cohesion allows for custom padding around bony prominences.
Heel Protection and Support Gymnasts and Dancers Count On! Gymnasts and dancers of all levels, especially those suffering from Sever's Disease, have come to love the Tuli’s Cheetah because of the shock-absorbing technology from the Tuli’s Heel Cup's patented, multi-cell, multi-layer “waffle” design.