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Fabrifoam®, Incorporated in 1990, Fabrifoam Products began manufacturing and distributing its' patented composite material (fabrifoam) by 1992. Fabrifoam Products provide compression and support therapy systems for positive physical outcomes. Fabrifoam®, as a composite material, combines an open celled, elastomeric, non-latex foam with selected high quality and specifically engineered fabrics.  This unique composite was developed for use by various medical professionals including, physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers and related health care providers. Fabrifoam® provides highly qualified medical professionals with a wide assortment of superior compression/support therapy tools to treat patient discomfort related to soft tissue. The extraordinary non-latex composite of Fabrifoam can be used safely, and repeatedly, to achieve optimal benefits when compression/support therapy is required.
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Fabrifoam  MediWrap™ Therapeutic Wrap Fabrifoam MediWrap™ Therapeutic Wrap

The MediWrap theraputic wrap provides semi-rigid support, useful for restricting mobility. This design of a woven nylon, spandex, foam composite gives a low to medium degree of two directional stretch making it perfect for a wide range of injuries, replacing traditional adhesive tape for wrists, thumbs, fingers, patellae and ankles.

HPMS Price $49.99
Fabrifoam Achilles Healer™ Fabrifoam Achilles Healer™

Encourages faster heel rise. Duel functioning, lightweight devices made of ProWrap allows for adjustable compression.

HPMS Price $25.00

Fabrifoam AnkleGard Blue, Non-Latex Fabrifoam AnkleGard Blue, Non-Latex

Recommended for ankle sprains, can help prevent ankle injuries. Durable, supportive design, made of NuStimWrap, resists migration and delivers maximum adjustable compression

Hpms Price $29.99
Fabrifoam AnkleWrap™ Fabrifoam AnkleWrap™

The AnkleWrap provides support with a low profile to help relieve the stress and pain commonly associated with ankle ailments. Adjustable compression makes it perfect to help reduce pains and strains by providing bracing and support to the ankle area, minimizing inflammation and irritation.

HPMS Price $16.99
Fabrifoam BuddyUp™ Finger Splint Strap Fabrifoam BuddyUp™ Finger Splint Strap

The BuddyUp splint provides semi-rigid support with moderate limitation to the range of motion. Trims apart to provide single, double, or triple finger width for optimal use and fit.

HPMS Price $19.99

Fabrifoam Bunion Sling Fabrifoam Bunion Sling

Support and comfort while allowing for adjustability of application Ideal for pre-op and post-op use.

HPMS Price $17.99
Fabrifoam CarpalGard™ or Ultra CarpalGard™ Fabrifoam CarpalGard™ or Ultra CarpalGard™

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Relief! Support and comfort while allowing adjustable compression. CarpalGard or Ultra CarpalGard deliver semi-rigid or rigid support in a thin, slip resistant device available in size options for optimal fit.

HPMS Price $28.49

Fabrifoam ElbowGard™ Fabrifoam ElbowGard™

The ElbowGard is designed to provide anatomical conformation and optimal compression, support, control and comfort around the elbow. Can be worn above the elbow to help treat and prevent swimmers arm, and below the elbow for tennis elbow, tendonitis and golfer’s arm.

HPMS Price $14.99
ElbowGard™ by Fabrifoam Fabrifoam ElbowGard™

Tennis Elbow & Swimmer's Arm Pain Relief! Fabrifoam Elbowguard applies pressure on the extensor and flexor muscles, and absorbs vibrations to reduce the pain caused by traumatic injury. One size.

HPMS Price $17.85
Fabrifoam KneeGard™ Fabrifoam KneeGard™

Comfortable Kneecap/Patella Support & Positioning! Recommended for knee sprains, Runner's Knee and athletic injury prevention and rehabilitation. Delivers patella support and positioning. Size options.

HPMS Price $34.99

Fabrifoam PattStrap Knee Strap Fabrifoam PattStrap Knee Strap

Treat Knee Pain such as; Patellar Tendonitis, Osgood Schlatter Disease & Chondromalacia! Relieves the stress and pain caused by Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Fabrifoam composite material is breathable and adjustable. Size/Quantity options.

HPMS Price $12.99

Fabrifoam ProWrap Fabrifoam ProWrap

Foam lining gives ProWrap a minimum to moderate degree of two directional stretch. Delivers the most strength with minimal elasticity.  Size options.

HPMS Price $37.99
Fabrifoam PSC™ Positioning Strap Fabrifoam PSC™ Positioning Strap

Foot/Ankle Neutral Alignment that assists in the Treatment and Prevention! Treat plantar fasciitis, heel pain/spurs and shin splints in a helpful way. The PSC helps realign the foot into a neutral position to reduce pain and stress; fabrifoam® material assures durability and support. Size options.

HPMS Price $32.50
Fabrifoam Step-in Compression™ Fabrifoam Step-in Compression™

The Step-In Compression provides support with a low profile to help relieve the stress and pain commonly associated with ankle edema and discomfort. Adjustable compression makes it perfect to help reduce pains and strains by providing light to moderate bracing and support to the foot area while promoting ankle stability.

HPMS Price $14.99
Soft Foam Interior, Stretch Fabric & Hook/loop Closure Allow Comfortable, Adjustable Compression. Many size options. Fabrifoam SuperWrap™

Soft Foam Interior and Multi-directional Stretch Allow Comfortable Adjustable Compression! Delivering a high degree of multi-directional stretch, Superwrap is recommended for compression and support.

HPMS Price $19.99

Fabrifoam Thumb Spica Fabrifoam Thumb Spica

Semi-Rigid Thumb Support in a Thin, Comfortable, Slip-Resistant Device! Adjustable, moderate compression and support that aids in restricting thumb movement. Made from fabrifoam which is non-migratory, breathable and wicks away perspiration. Size options. Blue.

HPMS Price $16.39

Fabrifoam Ultra AnkleGard Fabrifoam Ultra AnkleGard

Recommended for ankle sprains, ankle instability, and extra ankle support. Can be used for treatment, or as a preventative for ankle injuries.

HPMS Price $31.99
Fabrifoam Wrist Wrap™ Fabrifoam Wrist Wrap™

Controllable compression Wrist Wrap provides comfort with adjustable universal sizing and ultra cool fabric that wicks away moisture.

HPMS Price $19.99

Fabrifoam® NuStim™ Wrap Fabrifoam® NuStim™ Wrap

Excellent for Joint Compression Wraps and Straps! Non-slip, easy to cut (for accurate sizing) wrap provides compression and support therapy to treat soft tissue injuries. Latex & Neoprene free, washable and reusable. Size options.

HPMS Price $15.99