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Relief and support of symptoms due to hamstring injuries. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Actimove® PowerMotion Thigh Support Actimove® Thigh Support Adjustable Controlled-Glide Massage Creme
Patented thigh support providing circular, gradient compression with a unique Y-shape strap design simulating professional taping techniques. Actimove® Thigh Support Adjustable helps to enjoy sports, as pain relief and healing are supported through balanced warmth and medical compression. Use Biotone Controlled-Glide Massage Creme for fascia and deep tissue therapies. Ideal for instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilization, deep-tissue and cross-fiber friction. Rich, thick texture assures a smooth application, contained glide and a non-tacky, non-drying finish.
Blue Jay Universal Thigh Wrap Corflex U-Shaped Patella Stablizer w/Hinge- Cooltex/OP POP JOBST FarrowWrap Classic Compression Wraps 30-40 mmHg Legpiece
Wrap-around design provides customized support, warmth and compression for hamstrings, quadriceps and the groin. Cooltex, open patella design knee stabilizer with hinge; made of latex free neoprene. Provides optimal medial/lateral support. JOBST® FarrowWrap® is for mild to severe lymphedema patients who need a cost-effective solution that can adapt if their limb volume changes. FarrowWrap® is the patented Elastic Short-Stretch™ garment that gives the benefits of bandaging without the hassle.
Medi-Dyne ProStretch Plus Medi-Dyne Wooden ProStretch SpiderTech Hamstring One Piece Pre-Cut Tape
Medi-Dyne ProStretch Plus
HPMS Price $32.99
Offers flexibility and strength for legs and foot. Adjustable support to fit almost any foot size. Bigger and Stronger for Pro Teams, Sidelines, Fitness Clubs, Clinics, and Larger Feet. The hamstring one piece pre-cut kinesiology tape (KT) from SpiderTech is specially designed to conform directly to adult hamstring muscles and fits all adults universally. The hamstring is a particularly vulnerable part of the body that is prone to injury and can largely benefit from a supportive tape to either help to prevent or improve the healing of the hamstring area.
Medi-Dyne Wooden ProStretch
Bigger and Stronger for Pro Teams, Sidelines, Fitness Clubs, Clinics, and Larger Feet.