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Gymnic – The Way to Move – is the brand which Ledraplastic uses to show their products to the world market. All the products are based on movement and wellness concepts and are aimed at any age bracket. In pursuing the company mission, the production is located in Italy where first quality materials are used in order to guarantee a product that follows carefully the current regulations on chemicals. Thanks to its long-sightedness concerning safety standards, the company is capable to offer a full range of phthalate-free and latex-free products.
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Gymnic Activ Roll Gymnic Activ Roll

The Activ Roll is a small roller with soft bumps for a comfortable massage. It stimulates the blood circulation and provides a general well-being feeling for the whole body.

HPMS Price $37.95
Gymnic Aku Ring Gymnic Aku Ring

Soft & flexible ring; can be used for massage or and aid in recovery exercises. Merchants choice of 4 assorted colors. Each ring is sold separately.

HPMS Price $21.95
Gymnic Classic Exercise Ball Gymnic Classic Exercise Ball

First born of the Gymnic line, this ball is a useful tool to help recovery from neurological and orthopedic pathologies as well as a valuable support in the treatment of muscular dystrophy. Also known as “Swiss Ball” or “Bobath Ball” it is recommended in physical therapy for rehabilitation purposes, pain therapy, strength training, maintenance motor activities, Pilates method, functional and athletic training.

HPMS Price $39.95
Gymnic Classic Plus Burst-Resistant Fitness Ball - All Colors & Sizes Gymnic Classic Plus Burst-Resistant Fitness Ball - All Colors & Sizes

Versatile exercise ball available in various sizes & colors. Perfect for rehabilitation, exercise and fitness. Burst Resistant.

HPMS Price $39.99

Originally conceived as a sitting cushion, our Disc’o’Sit has established itself as a fitness- and therapy tool as well. Very useful to improve coordination and reflexes, this product is included in many training programs. Disc’o’Sit is highly recommendable as active seating device, in order to relieve pressure on the back and provide the beneficial effect of movement while sitting.

HPMS Price $47.95
Gymnic Faster Blaster Gymnic Faster Blaster

Inflate your balls with ease! Easy-to-use hand pump, with cone shaped nozzle. Ideal for inflating OverBall, Disc-o-Sit and other Gymnic products.

HPMS Price $21.95

Movin' Sit Sensory Seat Cushion Gymnic Movin' Sit Sensory Seat Cushion

Helps support spinal column by activating intrinsic trunk muscles. Wedge shape encourages good posture.

HPMS Price $47.95
Gymnic Physio Exercise Balls Gymnic Physio Exercise Balls

This is the extra-large version of the Gymnic Classic ball. With its considerable size, it is ideal for couple or group activities. Also suitable for specific physiotherapy and balance exercises.

HPMS Price $67.99
Gymnic Physio Roll Double Exercise Ball Gymnic Physio Rolls

Double roll exercise ball is perfect for exercise, rehabilitation and those with physical disabilities. Size/Color Options.

HPMS Price $69.95
Gymnic Sensy Ball Gymnic Sensyball

Sensory balls are soft to the touch and provide healthy stimulation of the pressure points.

HPMS Price $18.95

SoftGym OverBall by Gymnic - Varying Color Gymnic SoftGym OverBall - Varying Color

Lightweight easy to inflate exercise ball that is ideal for gym use, for elderly and for children. Color varies and is merchant's choice.

HPMS Price $22.95

Gymnic® Activity Ball, 50 cm, Clear Gymnic® Activity Ball, 50 cm, Clear

Transparent ball containing some small multi-colored balls moving freely inside. This tool provides extra sensory input as it stimulates eye mobility and amplifies the product’s three-dimensional feature.

HPMS Price $59.99
Gymnic® Aku Ball, Green Gymnic® Aku Ball, Green

Aku Ball is similar to the Sensyball with a harder surface. This higher consistency provides a more intense sensory response.

HPMS Price $24.99
Gymnic® Arte Plus Balls Gymnic® Arte Plus Balls

Same product as the Fit-Ball, the Gymnic Arte Ball has a special colour pattern. Every ball is manufactured in a different combination of colours, so it is a unique piece!

HPMS Price $49.95
Gymnic® Ball Supports Gymnic® Ball Support

This base is designed to hold the ball allowing at the same time its beneficial movement during use. Available in two sizes: small for 45 - 55 cm balls and medium for 65 - 75 cm.

HPMS Price $54.99
Gymnic® Bene-Feet Mat Gymnic® Bene-Feet Mat

Thanks to its long flexible bumps the Bene-Feet Mat represents an evolution of the feet massage towards an active-reactive level.

HPMS Price $59.95
Gymnic® Body Ball Exercise Balls Gymnic® Body Ball Exercise Balls

The Body Ball is much more pliable than traditional therapy balls. This feature of extra softness provides a super touchy feeling and allows an easy grasping.

HPMS Price $45.99
Gymnic® Carry Strap Gymnic® Carry Strap

No idea how to carry your fitness ball? This strong and compact strap fits 55 cm and 65 cm balls allowing you to carry them easily!

HPMS Price $26.95
Gymnic® Comfort'a'Back Inflatable Cushion Gymnic® Comfort'a'Back Inflatable Cushion

This inflatable cushion is a great tool for your back. Thanks to its unique D shape, the Comfort’a’Back provides support for your lower back ensuring the correct posture.

HPMS Price $44.95
Gymnic® Core Balance Gymnic® Core Balance

The Core Balance is a multi-functional tool, which is suitable for different kinds of training: from fitness to post-injury knee and ankle rehab. It is a soft green inflatable half ball with a hard base.

HPMS Price $189.95
Gymnic® Disco Sport Gymnic® Disco Sport

Larger version of our best seller Disc’o’Sit, the Disco Sport cushion is ideal for balance training, coordination and functional recovery exercises.

HPMS Price $84.95
Gymnic® Easy Grip Balls, Set of 6 Assorted Colors Gymnic® Easy Grip Balls, Set of 6 Assorted Colors

Sensory ball covered with raised bumps, Easy Grip provides a soft textured feel. Perfect for small children to play with, this knobbly ball fosters grip and manipulation skills.

HPMS Price $48.99
Gymnic® Educ'o Disks Gymnic® Educ'o Disks

These thin and soft stepping discs are perfect to train children’s orientation and coordination. Supplied in a set of 12 pieces in four bright colors and including a set of white self-adhesive stickers, Educ’o’Disk is a valuable tool to teach your child left from right as well as to create many different courses! A set consists of twelve discs (3 for each color), and 15 stickers comprising of 6 x hands (3x left / 3x right), 6 x feet (3x left / 3x right) and 3 x arrows.

Hpms Price $79.95
Gymnic® Fantyball Exercise Balls Gymnic® Fantyball

Our Fantyball is a super soft and resistant ball, very easy to grip and pleasant to touch. Availible in three different sizes.

HPMS Price $23.95
Gymnic® Gyffy Gymnic® Gyffy

Gyffy the giraffe belongs to the family of our inflatable ride-on toys and has the same features as our popular Rody. Gyffy promotes an involving and active playtime.

HPMS Price $69.99
Gymnic® Gym Ball, Magenta Gymnic® Gym Ball, Magenta

Designed as the smaller version of the Gymnic Classic ball, it has the same technical features. This size is ideal for pediatric physiotherapy and specific rehabilitation exercises.

HPMS Price $19.95
Gymnic® Gym Ring Gymnic® Gym Ring

The Gym Ring is a set of four flexible rings supplied in four assorted colors. Great for many different motor- and recreational activities, these rings help children develop prehensile skills, reflexes and coordination.

HPMS Price $44.95
Gymnic® Heavymed Exercise Balls Gymnic® Heavymed Exercise Balls

The Heavymed balls represent an evolution of the classic medicine ball. Available in six different weights, starting from 500 gr up to 5 kg, these balls concentrate their weight in a compact size.

HPMS Price $26.95
Gymnic® Hop Balls Gymnic® Hop Balls

The Hop Ball is a dynamic toy, which promotes balance and coordination in children while providing a fun workout. The soft one-piece handgrip ensures the safest bouncing as it is made of the same material as the ball.

HPMS Price $49.99
Gymnic® Jinglin' Ball Exercise Ball Gymnic® Jinglin' Ball Exercise Ball

Transparent ball containing four tiny bells that sound when the ball is moved. The Jinglin’ Ball is particularly recommended to visually impaired patients in order to foster their spatial perception.

HPMS Price $54.99
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