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IMAK RSI products provide relief from repetitive strain injuries and are renowned for their comfort and efficacy.

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IMAK RSI Arm Sling by BrownMed BrownMed IMAK Computer Glove With Ergobeads Elbow Band by BrownMed
Features massaging ErgoBeads neck/shoulder pad and hand exerciser. Available in standard and immobilizer models. The Computer Glove provides superb wrist support for those on the go. Cushions and protects hands for hard surfaces and laptop heat. Comfortable band feels good all day long, so pain does not get in the way of work or play. Great for tennis or golfer's elbow, tendonitis and more. For extra relief, freeze the removable Pressure Pad. Universal size.
IMAK RSI Pil-O-Splint - Nighttime CTS Relief by BrownMed IMAK RSI Smart Glove by BrownMed IMAK RSI SmartGlove PM - Night Splint by BrownMed
Perfect solution for night time wrist discomfort. Made of soft foam, polyflannel covering wit ergobead resting pad. Adjustable or Universal option. Helps relieve and prevent wrist pain from CTS, tendinitis and arthritis. Made of breathable cotton material for all day wear. Available in 4 sizes. Carpal tunnel night splint; helps keep hand in restful position while sleeping. Universal right or left.
IMAK RSI SmartThumb - Flexible Stabilizer by BrownMed IMAK RSI WrisTimer PM by BrownMed
Helps relieve thumb pain and help alleviate soreness.  Supports weak or aching thumbs from daily office work and other activities. Available in multiple sizes. Provides therapeutic treatment and support at night. Helps reduce inflammation and provide support for stress injuries, post-op, CTS, etc. Universal size.