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Baseline® Tuning Forks Fabrication Enterprises Inc. Babinski Hammer Fabrication Enterprises Inc. Neurological Buck Hammer
Baseline® Tuning Forks
HPMS Price $16.99
Evaluate hearing and vibratory sensation with the Baseline® Tuning Forks Percussion hammer can be used to elicit responses during examination. The adjustable percussion head can be oriented in two directions for better versatility. Use pointed bottom as a "gross" aesthesiometer. Latex Free options available. Long Handle options are available.
Percussion hammer can be used to elicit responses during examination. One side of instrument has neurological buck hammer head, and the other end has a point and brush for cutaneous sensation evaluation. Contains latex or Latex free option.
Graham Field Grafco Buck Neurological Hammer Graham Field Grafco Neurological Set Graham Field Grafco Percussion Hammer – Taylor-Type
Chrome-plated octagonal handle. Compartment for stainless steel needle and brush. Black rubber bumper. Overall length: 7” (1304). Buck Neurological Hammer with 4 ½" – 7" telescoping handle (1304-1).
Each neurological Set includes: 7" Buck Neurological Hammer, 7.5" Taylor Hammer, 7" Wartenburg Pinwheel, 8" Babinski Percussion Hammer, and Additional Babinski head included.
Soft bumper. Overall size: 7.5" L. Two Optoins: Chrome-plated handle with bumper (1305-1) or Stainless Steel Handle (1305)