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Aloe Vesta Body Wash & Shampoo - 8 oz Maddak Autosqueeze Eye Drop Bottle Squeezer Bendable Sponge by Sammons Preston
Mild solution that gently cleanses without irritating or drying skin. 8 oz bottle; bulk available. Ideal for people with weak or arthritic fingers. Can be used in conjunction with Autodrop. The special handle on these sponges allow users to manually bend and straighten them multiple times to aid in cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Model Options.
North Coast Medical Body Care Grooming Aids Maddak Clamp-On Adjustable Mirror Maddak Closed-Cell Foam Tubing
Body Care Grooming Aids
HPMS Price $28.99
Helps provide easy bathing for persons with limited range of motion. This multi-use mirror easily clamps onto bedrails, walkers, tabletops and other surfaces.
For building up tool and utensil handles and increasing softness. Built-up handles give greater control.
Cool-It Ice Roller Massager Deluxe One-Handed Nail Care by Therafin Easy Shampoo Hair Washing Basin
Stays cold with no wet mess. Rolling action provides a gentle massage; comfortable grip makes it easy to control pressure applied to the skin. Deluxe model has durable base with pivoting nail clipper. Arched ramp accommodates different finger thicknesses. Simple, easy to use inflatable tray comfortably supports and cushions the head, neck and shoulders during shampooing process.
EazyHold ®  Grip Universal Cuff Assist Etac Beauty Hairbrush Grooming Aid FabLife Hip Kit Series - Daily Living Aids
Adaptable, comfortable, washable & secure universal use cuff helps people accomplish daily living activities independently despite physical conditions or disabilities impacting grip strength. Great for use in schools, hospitals, therapy centers and home for utensils, tools, toys and more! Infant to adult size options. Brush your hair in comfort, control and confidence! Curved and longer than a typical brush for ideal comfort and control. Oval handle with non-slip surface enables a secure grip. Length options; Standard or Long. A variety of aids to daily living products to help those recovering from hip or knee surgery.
Hands-Free Hair Dryer Pro Stand 2000 "I Got Your Back" 18" Long Handle Sponge Kinsman "AP" Hip Kit
Kinsman "AP" Hip Kit
HPMS Price $36.99
Hair dryer (not included) nestles securely in foam padded clamp on top of a flexible neck which can be adjusted to any angle from its tabletop base. Great washing aid for daily living that helps reach hard to reach areas. Easily moldable. Shape options. "AP" hip kit for patients recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury. Available with 27" or 32" reacher.
Kinsman Bendable Bath Sponge - Contour Kinsman Built-up Handle Toothbrush or Adjustable Holder Kinsman Ergo Grip Bath Sponge - 3 Models
Bendable sponge that allows users to clean those hard to reach places. Can be re-bent into different positions multiple times. Built-up soft Handle affixed Toothbrush (included) or adjustable weighted Holder that can hold a variety of not included objects. Each sold separately. Ideal for those with limited reach. 3 models available, sold each.
Kinsman Freedomwand Hygiene & Bathroom Tool Kinsman Hip Kit "Q" Long Handled Sponge
Kinsman Hip Kit "Q"
HPMS Price $35.99
Kinsman Freedomwand Hygiene & Bathroom Tool was designed for anyone with limited mobility due to spinal injuries, shoulder limitations, obesity, etc. Helps aid with personal hygiene toileting, applying ointment and bathing. ADL items for patients recovering from hip/knee surgery or injury. Lightweight yet durable, comes with a polyfoam sponge head that gently washes and scrubs all the hard to reach areas.
Kinsman Razor Holder Reach N Scrub Bendable Bath Aid Lady's Extension Razor Holder by Performance Health
Kinsman Razor Holder
HPMS Price $36.99
Designed to hold an electric, regular or safety razor. Can be used to extend other tools as well! 24” bendable handle makes it the ideal bath aid for those hard to reach places. Can be easily stored and perfect for travel. Designed to hold either an electric or a safety razor. This handy aid assists a person in shaving their legs if they have a hard time reaching down.
North Coast Medical Long-Handled Bath Kit Maddak Roll Easy Lotion Applicator Autodrop Eye Drop Guide by Maddak SP Ableware
Ideal for washing hard to reach places. Accommodates one attachment at a time. Lotion applicator that massages the body while applying ointments, creams, lotions and medications. Folds for easy storage and travel. Add eye drops with ease and reduce wasting expensive eye drops. Device holds the eye open, directing drops for accurate installation.
Maddak Maddawash Terry Soap Mitt No Rinse Bathing Wipes No Rinse Body Bath - 16 oz
Maddawash Terry Soap Mitt
HPMS Price $10.99
Terrycloth wash mitt provides a palm pocket to hold a bar of soap. Right or left handed use. No water needed! 8 wipes provide full body bath. Alcohol free; can we warmed in the microwave. Sold each or in bulk. Leaves skin clean, refreshed & odor-free. Concentrated formula, alcohol free. Sold each or in bulk.
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