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Ameriderm PeriShield™ Barrier Ointment and Protectant Cream Barrel Spring Nail Clipper Bath Sponge contoured head bendable handle
Zinc Oxide and Chloroxylenol additives help prevent and treat diaper rash. Perishield Barrier Ointment and Protectant can be used as a barrier ointment or a skin protectant to seal out moisture.
Concave, Stainless Nail Nipper.
This unique shower sponge has a bendable handle - just use hair dryer to set the handle curve you want.
CleanLife No Rinse® Bathing Wipes CleanLife No Rinse® Body Bath CleanLife No Rinse® Body Wash
No water needed! 8 wipes provide full body bath. Alcohol free; can we warmed in the microwave. Leaves skin clean, refreshed & odor-free. Concentrated formula, alcohol free. Sold each or in bulk. No Rinse Body Wash can be used anywhere on the body, including perineal areas as it is non-irritating and removes odors easily.
CleanLife No Rinse® Conditioner CleanLife No Rinse® Peri-Wash CleanLife No Rinse® Shampoo
CleanLife No Rinse® Shampoo
HPMS Price $7.59

A wonderful finish to your shampoo. Instantly eliminates snarls and tangles. Provides silkiness, softness and luster. No rinsing required. No residue or greasiness. Use as often as desired, adults and children. No rinsing required! Ready to use. Cleans and deodorizes. No alcohol means no dryness. Ready to use, all types of hair. Leaves hair fresh and clean. No rinsing required. Paraben free and pH balanced. Hospital tested and approved. Use as often as desired, adults and children.
No Rinse® Shampoo Cap Dr. Joseph's Footbrush EazyHold ® Universal Cuff Support, Silicone Adaptive Grip Aid
Dr. Joseph's Footbrush
HPMS Price $29.95
Fresh, Clean Hair without Mess, Stress or Rinsing! Shampoo and conditioner built inside cap for easy no mess, no stress and no rinse hair care. Leaves hair fresh and clean while eliminating odors.
Wash feet without bending over! Adaptable, Hygienic, and Oh So Comfortable! The complete collection of EazyHold Multi-Packs and Two-Packs, from the largest Green Sippy to the smallest Yellow.
Etac Body Care™ Grooming Aids FabLife Hip Kit Series - Daily Living Aids FabLife Back Scrubbers
Etac Body Care™ Grooming Aids
HPMS Price $28.99

FabLife Hip Kits
HPMS Price $35.99
FabLife™ Back Scrubbers
HPMS Price $23.99
The handles are oval and have a non-slip surface which enables a secure grip. The grooming aids help provide easy bathing for those with limited range of motion The FabLife Hip Kit is the perfect set of accessories for those who need assistance in their day-to-day tasks. Designed to help users avoid bending at the hip and improve daily living, the hip kit is a variety of selected tools that are vital in assisting patients with bathing, dressing, reaching, and other activities. A total package that's ideal for those undergoing hip, knee, and back rehabilitation. All the items in the kit help users regain and maintain their independence as well as prevent them from bending, kneeling, reaching, and twisting.
23" (56 cm) long scrubber with curved or Straight handle help people with reduced range of motion wash their back and lower extremities without straining. The curved handle allows use without raising the hand much higher than the shoulder. Replaceable sponge is 3 3 /4" (9.5 cm) in diameter.
Kinsman Built-up Handle Toothbrush or Adjustable Holder Kinsman Contoured Bendable Bath Sponge Kinsman Cool-it Ice Roller Massager
Built-up soft Handle affixed Toothbrush (included) or adjustable weighted Holder that can hold a variety of not included objects. Each sold separately. A bendable sponge that allows users to clean those hard to reach places. Can be re-bent into different positions multiple times. Stays cold with no wet mess. Rolling action provides a gentle massage; comfortable grip makes it easy to control pressure applied to the skin.
Kinsman Enterprises "AP" Hip Kit Kinsman Ergo Grip Bath Sponge Kinsman Hip Kit "Q"
The "AP" hip kit is ideal for patients recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury. Ergo Grip Bath Sponge features a foam sponge with an easy to hold white plastic handle with ergonomic grip ADL items for patients recovering from hip/knee surgery or injury.
Kinsman Enterprises Soap Holder Bath Sponge Kinsman Enterprises Telescopic Mirror Kinsman Freedom Wand
Kinsman Freedom Wand
HPMS Price $51.99
The head can be slid forward and a small bar of soap can be inserted for continuous soaping of the sponge head. Used for self inspection. The mirror is 2 1/2in x 3 1/2in and adjusts to any angle. The Freedom Wand has four extendable fingers that can grip toilet paper, razor, bath sponge or even be used as a limited reacher.  Designed to aid in personal hygiene and toileting.
Kinsman Long Handled Sponge Kinsman Razor Holder McKesson Antimicrobial Lotion Soap with Aloe - Herbal Scent
Kinsman Razor Holder
HPMS Price $37.99
A lightweight yet durable long handled polyfoam sponge gently washes and scrubs all the hard to reach areas provides more independence for those with limited reach. Designed to hold an electric, regular or safety razor. Can be used to extend other tools as well! An antimicrobial formulation–helps protect against cross-contamination and contains PCMX to help eliminate disease-causing germs.
McKesson Rinse-Free Perineal Wash - Fresh Scent McKesson Shampoo and Body Wash - Apricot McKesson Sterile Lubricating Jelly
A single-step, rinse-Free formula designed to clean, moisturize and deodorize the skin. The formula is pH balanced to be gentle and non-irritating on all body areas. Designed for everyday use and specially formulated for cleaning fragile skin, hair, and scalp. Formulated with improved viscosity to spread easily and evenly. Ideal for lubricating rubber materials and synthetic surfaces as well as surgical instruments
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