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Transpore Medical Tape by 3M™ Blenderm Surgical Tape - 5 yds - by 3M Finger Cots by Complete Medical- Size Options
Latex-free, hypoallergenic and water resistant tape that can be torn bi-directionally. Porous and transparent to provide wound monitoring and healing. Latex free, hypoallergenic transparent plastic tape. 5 yards length in 3 width size options; single roll or box. Non-sterile, latex finger cots help prevent infections and are ideal for blisters, cuts, burns and stitches.
BSN Medical Tensoplast Elastic Bandage Graham-Field Latex Finger Cots BSN Medical Artiflex Non-Woven Bandage
Tensoplast, formerly Elastoplast, is an elastic adhesive bandage which is suitable for medium support or compression. White or tan, with multiple size options. Easy grip for assembly, preventing finger prints or covering wounds on fingers. Comes in all sizes; box of 144.
Ideal for padding under casts; made from comfortable and breathable synthetic material. Excellent padding for long term wrapping. Size options.
BSN Medical Cover-Roll Stretch Non-Woven Adhesive Bandage Pedifix Tubular Foam Toe Bandages Kind Removal Silicone Tape by 3M™
Specifically designed for the patellofemoral (McConnell) taping technique for correcting patellar position. Foam toe bandages help reduce friction between toes and helps heal corns, blisters and other toe irritations.  Can be used on fingers also. 3 per package. Size options. Latex-Free and Hypoallergenic Kind Removal silicone tape is ideal when skin integrity and pain minimization is the primary concern. Removes cleanly, without disrupting fragile skin layers.
Coloplast Ostomy Scissor Coverlet Latex-Free Adhesive Bandages by BSN Medical Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage by BSN Medical
Easy to use curved blade Ostomy scissor aids in circular cuts while upper teeth grip for better control and smooth cutting. Perfect for use on knees, elbows, chins, noses, and knuckles. Curves and contours to fit the body. Size options; sold per box. This wrap around stretch bandage provides compression and high resistance to stretch. Available in various size/length options.
Mueller PTape - Strapping Tape Spenco® 2nd Skin® Moist Burn Pads Simply Saline Plus Antibacterial 3 in 1 Wound Wash - 7.1 oz.
Rigid strapping tape with serrated edges for easy tearing. 1.5" x 15 yds. Bulk available. Moist Burn Pads Spenco® 2nd Skin® Moist Burn Pads are made from pure, sterile water to cool and soothe on contact. Best for treatment of 1st or 2nd degree burns, cuts,
scrapes, and bites.
First aid antiseptic wound wash solution that cleans wounds to help promote healing and helps prevent the risk of bacterial contamination.
Smith & Nephew I.V. Prep Antiseptic Wipes Tracheotomy Non-Woven Split Drain Sponge by Cardinal Health - 4" x 4" Mueller Tongue Depressors - Package Of 72
Skin prep wipes provide a clear one step antiseptic solution for IV site.  50 packs per box. Tray of 50 4"  4" sponges. Non-woven split drain sponge. 6" tongue depressors; white birch. Package of 72.
Skin Prep Protective Barrier Wipes by Cardinal Health Adapt Universal Remover Wipe for Adhesive & Barrier by Hollister - 50 Pack Omnifix Elastic Dressing Retention Tape
Protects skin from dressing tapes and other adhesives. Non irritating to intact skin. Gently remove adhesives and other barriers, without alcohol, to make removal fast and easy. Box of 50 individually packaged wipes.
Non-woven polyester backing with synthetic rubber based adhesive. 2 sizes available, sold each.
Amerx Amerigel Wound Care Wash Corflex Bunion Splint Spenco 2nd Skin Dressing Kit
Corflex Bunion Splint
HPMS Price $13.99
Sterile, pH neutral 3-Salt Ringers Solution whose electrolyte content. Can be dispensed from any angle. 4 oz. Designed to provide comfortable immobilization and alignment of the hallux. All sizes available. Spenco 2nd Skin Dressing Kit prevents and treats blisters while protecting the skin from rubbing, chafing, and friction. Soothing, cooling, moisturizing and flexible to fit any where on the body where chafing or blisters are prone.
Micropore Surgical Tape 10 yds - Size Options - by 3M Hollister Karaya Powder or Paste Alcohol Free No Sting Skin Barrier Film by Safe N Simple
Breathable porous paper tape works great on dressings; especially on damp skin. 10 yard rolls available in size options. Protects raw and weeping skin by creating a sticky gel; Karaya, a natural hydrocolloid, has unique skin care properties. Very gentle, convenient and scent-free No-Sting barrier film is ideal for skin that is easily irritated. Provides a transparent film barrier to protect the skin.
Ching Wan Hung Burn Cream by LHA Geri-Sleeve Protective Arm Sleeves ProStrips® Abrasion Protection - Precut or Roll
Perfect relief for treating chemical, heat or sunburn.  Decreases inflammation and helps regenerate damaged skin tissue. Breathable cotton-blend LYCRA® protects against skin tears. Thumb-hole cutouts help keep arm sleeves in place. Leg sleeves help prevent skin shear at the heels and calves. Protect IV and wound sites. Used by Professional Athlete, Rafael Nadal, ProStrips® offer the best in abrasion control protection against turf burns, scrapes and callouses. Stay protected and stay in the game! Pre-cut strips or rolls; various size options.
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