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North Coast Medical Norco Wheelchair Cushions North Coast Medical Wheelchair Cushion North Coast Medical Wheelchair Gel-Seat Cushions
Foam cushion offers comfort and support for decubitus management. Made of long-lasting, polyurethane foam. Foam cushion offers comfort and support for home care and long term use. Medium density, high support foam holds up under continued use. Gel and Foam construction provides perfect weight distribution for maximum comfort. Cushion consists of a 1" (2.5cm) gel pad nested between 1" (2.5cm) firm foam and 1" (2.5cm) soft foam padding.
Relaxo-Bak Original Comfort Seat Rose Healthcare Eggcrate Wheelchair Cushion with or w/o Seat Back, Blue SkiL-Care Adjustable Lateral Support
Helps relieve back and tailbone pain. Light-weight and portable. Long lasting foam, seat and back for wheelchair. Even distribution of weight. Designed to prevent lateral left and right leaning in a wheelchair, geri-chair or standard chair.
SkiL-Care Air Lift Seat Cushion SkiL-Care Air Lock Cushion SkiL-Care Backrest Seat Combo
This pre-inflated Air Lift Cushion is designed to provide added comfort and pressure relief to residents while seated in any chair. This soft pre-inflated anti-bacterial vinyl cushion makes any wheelchair seat moe comfortable while providing pressure relief and redistribution. Provides added comfort and cushioning to any chair Customer Rating
SkiL-Care Bariatric Foam Cushion w/Nylon Cover SkiL-Care Comfort Foam WheelChair Cushion SkiL-Care Contour Cushion
SkiL-Care Contour Cushion
HPMS Price $151.45
Skil-Care’s Bariatric Foam Wedge is designed to reduce sitting pressure and control forward sliding.
This foam cushion provides comfort, pressure relief and redistribution. A pressure relief and redistribution cushion that has pronounced contours for controlling sliding and improving body posture.
Skil-Care Contour Cushion SkiL-Care Contour Plus Cushion With Gel SkiL-Care Convoluted Foam Cushion
Skil-Care Contour Cushion
HPMS Price $114.99
A pressure relief and redistribution cushion that has pronounced contours for controlling sliding and improving body posture. A pressure relief and redistribution cushion that controls sliding and helps maintain proper posture. The concave bottom eliminates seat hammocking. An economical foam cushion that provides resident comfort and pressure relief.
SkiL-Care E-Z Transfer Slider Pommel SkiL-Care Econo-Gel Cushion SkiL-Care Elevating Arm Support
SkiL-Care Econo-Gel Cushion
HPMS Price $79.45

Designed to prevent sliding in the wheelchair by maintaining pelvic neutrality and helps keep legs in abduction. Designed to relieve pressure and increase comfort for wheelchair users. The foam layers on top and bottom provide stability and cushioning. Soft foam positioner provides elevation to reduce swelling and edema. Can be used on left or right arm and can be placed on any leveled surface.
SkiL-Care EZ Dry Foam Cushion w/LSII Cover SkiL-Care Foam Air Cushion SkiL-Care Gel-Foam Cushion
This reticulated foam cushion has large pores that allow the cushion to dry easily and quickly
A pressure relief and redistribution cushion that provides the softness of air on the top and the stability of a foam bottom. A multi-surface gel-foam cushion that provides pressure relief and redistribution. This cushion also has a coccyx cutout for treatment in coccyx skin break down.
SkiL-Care Gel-Foam Cushion Alarm System SkiL-Care Gel-Foam Cushion and Sensor SkiL-Care Gel-Foam X-Cushion
This ChairPro Safety Alarm System comes with a gel-foam cushion with a built-in sensor.
This Gel-Foam Cushion with built in sensor provides pressure relief, redistribution and comfort. This Gel-Foam Cushion is designed with an inner baffle to limit the movement of the gel for added stability.
SkiL-Care Gel Lift Cushion SkiL-Care J-Hook Drop Seat Skil-Care Lateral Body Pad - Synthetic Sheepskin
SkiL-Care J-Hook Drop Seat
HPMS Price $179.45
The gel-lift cushion offers a water-based gel surface that redistributes pressure while the gel cools, reducing skin-damaging perspiration. An adjustable drop-seat that can be adapted to most wheelchairs to lower the seat surface which facilitate foot peddling. Skil-Care Lateral Body Pad - Synthetic Sheepskin is a lateral leaning chair support with a foam covered plastic insert.
SkiL-Care Lift-Off Lap Cushion Alarm System SkiL-Care Lift-Off Lap Cushion Sensor SkiL-Care One-Piece Econo Footrest Extender
Designed to alert caregivers when a resident leaves or has fallen from the wheelchair. This Lift-Off Lap Cushion Sensor incorporates an easy release hook and loop closure while providing posture control.
Extender raises footrest for improved posture, seating alignment, prevents foot drop and feet from slipping behind the foot rest. Secures easily and made of wipe-clean vinyl.
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