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Adult Wheelchair Tray Alex Orthopedics Wheelchair Bag Alex Orthopedics Wrist Strap w/ Snap Off Clip
Adult Wheelchair Tray
HPMS Price $59.99
Fits standard wheelchairs. Washable with soap & water. 24"x 20"x 1/2" Wheelchair bag for back of chair; contains several pockets to carry a variety of items while on the go. Made of washable fabric. Wrist strap for cane with detachable clip for easy release.
All Pro Adjustable Therapeutic Ankle & Wrist Weights Assist-A-Tray Ultimate by Standards NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt
Cushioned flaps keep weights secure and provide friction-free comfort. Sold individually. Latex free. Makes standing and sitting easy and safe. Tray includes cup holder and utensil compartment. Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions.
NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt - Fleece Lining North Coast Medical Automatic Card Shuffler B&L Engineering Scoopy Scoop Dish
Automatic Card Shuffler
HPMS Price $14.39
Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions. Fleece Lined. This battery-operated card shuffler is perfect for those with limited hand use. Simply push the button and it shuffles one or two decks. Rounded back edge dish allows food to "plop" on to eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex "plop" on to the eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex free.
Baseline Gulick Measurement Tape - Length Options Baseline Measurement Tape - Multiple Lengths Fabrication Enterprises Baseline Finger Circumference Gauge
Woven fabric measurement tape is calibrated in inches and cm. Spring attachment exerts constant force and tension on for accurate repeatable measurement. Woven fabric measurement tape is calibrated in inches and centimeters. Finger circumference gauge with clear measurement reading and comfortable webbing.
Baseline Measurement Tape w/ Hands Free Attachment Basic Hip Kit with 32 inch Ergo Plus Reacher Bendable Sponge by Sammons Preston
Woven fabric measurement tape is calibrated in inches and centimeters. Hands free attachment makes measuring even easier! Offers the most recommended ADL items for patients recovering from hip surgery.
The special handle on these sponges allow users to manually bend and straighten them multiple times to aid in cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Model Options.
Blue Jay Nothing Beyond Your Reach Blue Jay Plug It In AC Adaptor Blue Jay Soft n' Plush Natural Sheepskin Pad
Help Grab items off hard to reach shelves. Reach difficult places easier. Less bending, straining and stretching. Size & model options. AC adaptor for use with Perfect Heart Measure Arm Blood Pressure units ONLY. Eliminates need for batteries. Aids in prevention of decubitus sores and skin breakdown. Approximately 6-7 square feet.
Bon Vital Multi-Purpose Massage Creme Buttoner-Zipper Pull by Performance Health Carex Enablers Doorknob Gripper
Bon Vital´ Multi-Purpose Massage Crème has a superior light whipped texture that applies like a creme and performs like an oil. Comes with bendable metal cuff, combination button hook and zipper pull. Slip resistant material to make turning doorknobs stress-free. Perfect for those with limited or weak hands.
Carex Pill Pulverizer Coloplast Brava® Belt Comfort Grip Roller Knife/Fork
Carex Pill Pulverizer
HPMS Price $8.99
Coloplast Brava® Belt
HPMS Price $10.29
Wing grips allow for easy crushing of hard to swallow pills. Coloplast Brava® Belt is made of soft and comfortable material, and is discreet to wear. It ensures the position of the barrier for extra security. Dishwasher safe. Latex free. This utensil combines the utility of the roller knife/fork with our Comfort Grip.
Complete Medical Dressing Stick - Lightweight - 27" ConvaTec Aloe Vesta Bathing Cloths ConvaTec Ostomy Appliance Belt, Adjustable
This lightweight dressing stick is perfect for people with limited mobility. Moisturizing cleansing system for no-rinse bathing. Makes skin feel smooth and soft with no sticky residue. ConvaTec adjustable ostomy appliance belt adjusts up to 42" and provides added security and confidence with its belt loop attachment.
Maddak Crocheting And Embroidering Holder Cylindrical Foam Padding by Performance Health Deluxe Dressing Stick Dressing Aid
The Embroidery Hoop Holder can be used for knitting, crocheting, embroidery and darning. The Holder helps you work on needlecraft projects with just one hand.  Hooks onto table or wheelchair with ease. BPA and latex free foam padding for almost any utensil or self-help aid. Comes in 3 sizes and 2 colors. Apply or remove clothing and become more independent with a 5/8"-diameter wooden dowel Deluxe Dressing Stick Dressing Aid. Finished with lacquer, featuring a reinforced handy hook. Size options.
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