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9-Hole Peg Test Kit by Jamar Able Tripod Cane Base Tip Adapt Adjustable Ostomy Belt by Hollister
Able Tripod Cane Base Tip
HPMS Price $22.99
One-piece design features a molded dish next to the 9-hole peg board, to keep reach consistent. Walk with confidence. Cane tip provides balance, stability and makes your cane self-standing. See size chart for proper fit. Made from high quality elastic material, this Ostomy Belt attaches firmly and securely to hold ostomy pouches in place. Adjustable, reusable and washable.
North Coast Medical Adult Terry Cloth Bib Adult Wheelchair Tray North Coast Medical Advantage Rail - Floor Mounted
Adult Wheelchair Tray
HPMS Price $59.99
Terry cloth adult bib allows for neater and more comfortable meal times. Machine washable. Fits standard wheelchairs. Washable with soap & water. 24"x 20"x 1/2" Floor mounted security bar provides support when standing or sitting. Height adjustable.
Alex Orthopedics Wheelchair Bag Alex Orthopedics Wrist Strap w/ Snap Off Clip All Pro Adjustable Therapeutic Ankle & Wrist Weights
Wheelchair bag for back of chair; contains several pockets to carry a variety of items while on the go. Made of washable fabric. Wrist strap for cane with detachable clip for easy release. Available in Black. Cushioned flaps keep weights secure and provide friction-free comfort. Sold individually. Latex free.
Aloe Vesta Bathing Cloths by Convatec Assist-A-Tray Ultimate by Standards NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt
Moisturizing cleansing system for no-rinse bathing. Makes skin feel smooth and soft with no sticky residue.  Each package contains 8 wipes. Makes standing and sitting easy and safe. Tray includes cup holder and utensil compartment. Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions.
NCM Assure Safety Transfer Belt - Fleece Lining NCM Assure Safety Transfer Disc North Coast Medical Automatic Card Shuffler
Foam padded belts that can be used as a transfer or walking belt. Vertical and horizontal handgrips offer seven holding positions. Fleece Lined. Portable turntable Pivoting help for those able to stand and have good upper body strength or as a caregiver
assistance tool that makes transfers easier.    Portable, lightweight and non-slip top/bottom for ease of use. Size options.
This battery-operated card shuffler is perfect for those with limited hand use. Simply push the button and it shuffles one or two decks.
Maddak Autosqueeze Eye Drop Bottle Squeezer B&L Engineering Scoopy Scoop Dish Providence Spillproof Baffle Urinal
Ideal for people with weak or arthritic fingers. Can be used in conjunction with Autodrop. Rounded back edge dish allows food to "plop" on to eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex "plop" on to the eating utensil. Dishwasher safe and latex free. THE URSEC is the first urinal that has an innovative anti-reflux system and will not spill its contents, even if rolled completely over.
Bariatric Sock Aid by Kinsman - 5" Wide Fabrication Enterprises Baseline Finger Circumference Gauge Baseline Measurement Tape - Multiple Lengths
The bariatric sock aid provides a non-slip resistance to the sock.  Made of extra firm ABS molded plastic. Cord or foam handles option. Finger circumference gauge with clear measurement reading and comfortable webbing. Woven fabric measurement tape is calibrated in inches and centimeters. Multiple lengths available.
Baseline Measurement Tape w/ Hands Free Attachment Basic Hip Kit with 32 inch Ergo Plus Reacher Maddak Battery Powered Card Shuffler
Woven fabric measurement tape is calibrated in inches and centimeters. Hands free attachment makes measuring even easier! Offers the most recommended ADL items for patients recovering from hip surgery.
2 deck card shuffler; eliminates the need to shuffle by hand. Perfect for those with arthritis or limited hand mobility.
North Coast Medical Norco Bed Pull Up Maddak Bedside Beverage Holder Bend Aids Hip Kit by Maddak SP Ableware
Bed Pull Up by Norco
HPMS Price $26.99
Simple, non-bulky design helps clients sit up in bed. Clamps onto tubular bed, wheelchair, or other tubular frame. Most glasses, cups, cans or bottles fit into plastic holder, even with handles. Includes the most helpful products for anyone with limited mobility, arthritis or recovering from hip or knee surgery.
Bendable Sponge by Sammons Preston Maddak Blanket Lift Bar Maddak Blister Pack Pen
The special handle on these sponges allow users to manually bend and straighten them multiple times to aid in cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Model Options. Keep your feet warm while enjoying freedom of movement, by taking the weight of blankets off of them. Made of plastic-coated steel. Looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen, but easily cuts through blister packs & protective seals.

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