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Buttoner-Zipper Pull by Performance Health Cuff and Collar Button Extender Good Grips® / Sure Grips Button Hook
Comes with bendable metal cuff, combination button hook and zipper pull. Collars and cuffs are increased by 1/2" for added comfort. Extender is constructed of durable fabric. Pack of 3. The perfect tool for those suffering from arthritis pain and stiffness in the hands. Easily buttons clothing with little to no strain on the hands.
Grip Handle Button/Zipper Combo Kinsman Button Aid Kinsman Button Aid/Zipper Aid - Small
Kinsman Button Aid
HPMS Price $6.99
Features a built-up, rubber grip. Textured grooves on handle provide a secure grip and prevent the dressing aid from rolling in the hand. Easy to use button aid with stainless steel loop and wooden handle. Use with only one hand. Easy-grip wood handles. Duel ends, for buttons or zipper assistance.
Kinsman Button Hook Aid with Texture Grip Handle Kinsman Button/Zipper Hook with Texture Grip Handle Kinsman Classic Button Aid
Texture grip handle allows for secure grasp when in use. A soft textured grip handle is easy to hold. A specially formed loop allows for easy securing of the button and hook makes for easy zipping! Designed to increase dressing independence while offering an attractive, light gray, soft built up handle that is non-slip for easy grasp and hold.
Kinsman Enterprises Button Hook with Gray Vinyl Handle Kinsman Enterprises Button/Zipper Aid Vinyl Handle Kinsman Dual Ended Button Aid
Button Aid with Vinyl Grip has a plastic vinyl grip contoured to fit the fingers. Specially formed stainless steel wire loop goes through the clothing eyelet and secures the button to allow it to be pulled back through the eyelet. The perfect tool for those suffering from arthritis joint pain and stiffness, The vinyl handle feels comfortable in the hand providing additional ease of use. For those who have difficulties handling and managing buttons, this tool will save both time and frustration.
Kinsman Jumbo Loop Button It - Zipper-It -Wood Handle Kinsman Heavy Duty Dressing Assist with C Hook Kinsman Jumbo Vinyl Grip Button/Zipper Hook
Jumbo Loop Button Hook has a larger wire loop that can be used on almost any size button, large or small. Sold individually. Ideal for persons with limited upper extremity movement or decreased hip flexion. Bendable push-pull hook and a 1 1/2" vinyl coated C hook.
Jumbo Button/Zipper Aid with a jumbo wire loop can be used on almost any size large button. A vinyl handle with finger contours allows for easy grasp.
Kinsman Weighted Button Aid Kinsman Zipper Pull Skil-Care Activity Apron
Kinsman Zipper Pull
HPMS Price $8.49
Skil-Care Activity Apron
HPMS Price $36.99

Weighted button aid allows for aided ease of use for those with limited hand mobility. Vinyl handle is easy to grip. Sold individually. Zipper pull with brass ring and clip for ease of use. Sold as a 3 pack. Special needs activity apron helps eye-hand coordination, provides a variety of activities to reduce boredom, increases attention span and helps improve dressing skills.Great for Alzheimer's patients!
Combination Button Aid/Zipper Pull Dressing Aid Maddak SP Ableware Hole-In-One Double Button Loop Maddak Ableware Rotating One Hand Button Aid/Zipper Pull
Increase independence for yourself or those you care for with this easy to grip, comfortable to hold dressing aid. Wood and rubber handle with button and zipper aid at each end is ideal for those with limited hand/finger mobility or issues with fine motor skills. 2 different size loops for variety of button sizes. Fold down design for easy storage. Allows the user to complete the entire buttoning process with only one hand.
Zipper Hook & Button Puller - 2 in 1 Design
Easy to grasp and use for those with weak or arthritic fingers. This unique product eliminates the stress and frustration by pulling the button or zipper into position. Folds to half length to fit easily into a pocket or purse