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Relief and support of symptoms due to elbow strain, sprain or overuse. Please note, this is not for self-treatment. Please consult with your physician to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Alex Orthopedics Elbow Immobilizer Alex Orthopedics Neoprene Tennis Elbow Sleeve Alex Orthopedics Tennis Elbow Strap w/ Gel Pad
Comfortable & breathable elbow immobilization in an easy on and off design perfect for alleviating elbow joint pain or injury.
Relieves pain from tennis/golfers elbow, arthritis, strains and sprains. Easily slips on; available in beige or black. Wrap around elbow support with gel pad for added comfort and support. Available in black or beige. Universal size.
Controlled-Glide Massage Creme BrownMed IMAK Adjustable Elbow Splint Elbow Band by BrownMed
Use Biotone Controlled-Glide Massage Creme for fascia and deep tissue therapies. Ideal for instrument assisted soft-tissue mobilization, deep-tissue and cross-fiber friction. Rich, thick texture assures a smooth application, contained glide and a non-tacky, non-drying finish. Soft fabric and breathable foam keeps the arm comfortable while allowing for breathability. Has a removable splint and closures for customization support. Comfortable band feels good all day long, so pain does not get in the way of work or play.
BrownMed Intellinetix Vibrating Knee/Elbow Support BrownMed Plastalume Posterior Elbow Splint - Padded - All Sizes Brownmed Polar Ice Wrist/Elbow Wrap
Vibration helps relieve knee/elbow discomfort. Increases blood flow and offers mild compression. Vinyl coated aluminum splint provides immobilization and support for elbow in flexed position. Ideal for reducing pain and swelling to affected area. Easily adjusts with elastic straps.
Chattanooga SPORT-PAC™ Cho-Pat Elbow Compression Support Sleeve - CLEARANCE NCM Comfort Cool Ulnar Nerve Elbow
Chattanooga SPORT-PAC™
HPMS Price $13.59
Chattanooga SPORT-PAC™ - Cold packs with a soccer ball design are best for sideline use at youth sporting events or games. Delivers soothing relief from strains, sprains and bruises and is easy to transfer from the freezer to portable cooler for on the go first aid.

  • Soccer-ball Shaped.
  • Reusable.
  • Provides up to 30 minutes of cold therapy.
  • Filled with non-toxic gel.

Quantity: 1 or pack of 10

Color: Blue

Material: Silica Gel

Manufacturer: DJO Global LLC.

Indications: For strains, sprains and bruises.

Cleaning & Care: May be washed with mild soapy water.

Product Code:
Single (1517)
10 Pack (1517-10pack)

Clearance - Limited Stock. Anatomically contoured elbow sleeve offers maximum fit, comfort and effectiveness to help support injuries, improve blood circulation and maintain body warmth to help reduce pain and discomfort and promote healing. Size/Color Options. Allows greater functional use of the arm because the elbow is not totally immobilized.
Universal Elbow Support by Core Products - One Size Corflex 1/8" Target Elbow Sleeve Corflex 9" Target Elbow Sleeve - 3/16"
Adjustable wrap around design is perfect for treating tennis/golfers elbow, muscle strain and inflammation. Available in black or beige, Universal size. Provides support, warmth, protection and compression for the elbow. Provides support, warmth, protection and compression for the elbow.
Corflex Tricot Arm Sling Corflex Cryo Pneumatic Ankle/Elbow Wrap Corflex Cryotherm Elbow Wrap
Corflex Arm Sling Tricot
HPMS Price $19.99

Soft, yet durable tricot material sling. Great support to maintain arm in neutral position. Compression & cold therapy combination wrap; helps relieve pain from edema, arthritis and strains/sprains. Economical elbow wrap designed to provide compression and concentrated cold/hot therapy.
Corflex Economizer Arm Sling Corflex Universal Elbow Immobilizer Corflex Elbow Orthosis w/ R.O.M. Hinge
Made of lightweight muslin material. Slide buckle or contact closure for ease of application. Keeps the elbow fixed at 90 degrees for secure immobilization. Made of foam laminated to pressure sensitive fabric. Anatomically designed humeral and ulnar shells with low-profile R.O.M. hinge.
Corflex 9" Target Elbow Sleeve w/ Pad - 3/16" Corflex 9" Target Elbow Sleeve w/ Strap - 1/8" Corflex 9" Target Elbow Sleeve w/Strap - 3/16"
Provides support, warmth and protection for the elbow with strap for added compression over affected tendons. Provides support, warmth and protection for the elbow with strap for added compression over affected tendons. Provides support, warmth and protection for the elbow with strap for added compression over affected tendons.
Corflex 9" Target Elbow Sleeve With Pad - 1/8" Corflex Universal Target Padded Elbow Wrap Corflex ER Shoulder Abduction Pillow w/ Sling
Provides support, warmth and protection for the elbow with strap for added compression over affected tendons. Features memory foam pad that contours to the elbow to provide optimal protection for the elbow joint. Firm density foam with tricot covering for non-surgical immobilization to help reduce incidence of recurrent dislocation.
Corflex Universal Comfort Shoulder Immobilizer Corflex Neutral Shoulder Pillow With Sling Corflex Ultra Sling & Swathe
6" wide tricot chest band, padded humerus and forearm cuff for optimal patient comfort. Contoured pillow and padded neck strap for optimal comfort. Has 3-D spacer and exercise ball. Lightweight, seamless material; features high profile sling design to fully support the elbow.
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