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Lhasa OMS is credited with leading the adoption of ancient Eastern medicine products & techniques in the U.S. Until the late 1970's, the Western world did not have a proper TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) product pipeline nor proper training. Former chemist and founder, Thomas Riihimaki, dedicated himself to bridging these two global cultures of medicine. A 2015 Research Study concluded that more than a third of adult Americans engaged providers of holistic health treatments, inclusive of services administered by licensed practitioners of TCM. This company has strongly influenced how Americans holistically approach personal health and wellness.

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Accu-Band 6000 REC Magnets - 12 Per Pack Accu-Band 800 Gauss Ferrite Magnets Accu-Band 9000 REC Magnets - 12 Per Pack
6000 REC high strength rare earth magnets; 24k gold plated. 12 per pack. The most popular accu-magnets! bi-north features a tiny protrusion at the center of the magnet which provides additional stimulation to the point. 12/per pack. 9000 REC high strength rare earth magnets; 24k gold plated. 12 per pack.
Accu-Patch Pellets - 3 Styles Ching Wan Hung Burn Cream by LHA Foot Steps Multi Pole Magnetic Insoles
Press pellets for ear and body points. Available in 24K Gold, Stainless Steel or Titanium. Perfect relief for treating chemical, heat or sunburn.  Decreases inflammation and helps regenerate damaged skin tissue. 400 gauss insoles help promote circulation. Sold as a pair, 3 sizes.
LHA Flexible Magnetic Full Insoles - Large Sakamura Magrain Pellets - Ear Seeds Lhasa OMS Pointer Excel II - TENS & Point Locator - LIMITED STOCK
Flexible insoles containing 800 gauss magnets per sole.  Magnets are placed to give wearer a stimulating accu-pressure massage as you walk. Comes with 2 insoles; one for each foot. Stick on ion pellets for ear or body points.  Pellets can remain on skin for up to one week. Available in Gold or Silver plated. Two probe tips & 9 volt battery included. The latest and most advanced user friendly stimulator.
Longevity Smokeless Hollow Moxa Sticks Natural Herbal Pain Terminator Cream - Free Shipping Offer
Experience the power of Moxibustion with hollow center moxa stick/roll which makes lighting easier and produces less smoke & odor. 5 per box.
Fast acting, long lasting analgesic cream.