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Norco™ is a line of in-clinic and at-home Wellness products manufactured by North Coast Medical.

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Norco Soft Cold Pack - Reusable Cold Therapy Norco Mini Vibrator Massager Norco™ Cinch Strap
Norco Mini Vibrator Massager
HPMS Price $17.85

Anatomically shaped, long-lasting cold packs with reinforced seams conform to body contours. The inner pliable gel and soft outer cover cools you in comfort. Size options. Quality & Convenience in a Portable Vibrator! Vibration therapy for in-home use or on the go! Scar massage, desensitization, muscle stimulation, oral stimulation and sensory re-education on small muscle areas such as hands & feet. Includes 3 silicone heads and a cover that can be used for larger areas.
Ideal when there is combined MP and IP joint flexion restriction. Easy donning and doffing with just one hand.

Norco Universal Quad Cuff Utensil Holder Freedom Accommodator Insole - Arch Support Norco Cervical Roll
Cervical Roll by Norco
HPMS Price $16.99
Holds various sized handles, including feeding utensils, writing instruments and grooming aids. One size fits most handheld items. Get support for your sensitive feet that helps manage daytime plantar fasciitis pain by providing support to the arch and plantar fascia while absorbing shock from heel strike. Size options. Adapt pillows for better neck support while sleeping.
Norco Safety Exercise Ball Norco Buffered Iontophoresis Electrodes North Coast Medical Norco Bed Pull Up
Bed Pull Up by Norco
HPMS Price $26.99
Burst-Resistant Fitness Fun! This exercise ball helps improve core stabilization by training the muscles of the spinal column as the body works to stay in balance. Size/color options. Buffered Iontophoresis Electrodes offered in various size and shape options with great flexibility for iontophoresis treatments. Simple, non-bulky design helps clients sit up in bed.
Norco Therapeutic Compression Glove - Over the Wrist Length Norco Poly-Vinyl Gait Belt Adaptable Walker Basket by Norco
Easy application, non-constricting fit compression relief glove is perfect for relieving pain caused by edema, arthritis or carpal tunnel. Left or Right in several size options. Sonic-welded and sealed Poly-vinyl belt helps prevent cross-contamination. Very easy to clean material. Metal buckle provides a firm hold to prevent slippage. Size options.
Handy for carrying small or large items, secure basket features hooks that bend to fit most regular and folding walkers. Includes a clear plastic tray that prevents small items from slipping through the basket. No tools needed to assemble or attach!
Norco D-Ring Thumb & Wrist Orthosis - Long Norco Balance Bubble Narrow Walker Basket by Norco
Norco Balance Bubble
HPMS Price $29.99
Comfortable padded cotton support for thumb and wrist injuries. Long version. Choose Left or Right Hand and a Size Option. Sit or stand for challenging balance exercises. Can be used as a seat cushion. Sold each. Easy to use, hook and loop closure walker basket can be attached to inside or outside of walker. Also has plastic tray insert to carry small items.
Dema Grip Compression Stockinette Combination Oppenheimer Splint -by North Coast Medical Bunnell Knuckle Bender by North Coast Medical
Self-adjusts to provide consistent pressure over bodily contours to help control swelling. Color and size options. Combination Oppenheimer Splint with Dynamic Wrist and IP Extension Orthosis is ideal for post-radial nerve injuries, fracture, or spastic neurological conditions.  Provides dynamic wrist, finger and thumb extension to open the hand while allowing active flexion.
Bunnell Knuckle Bender Splint flexes all MP joints due to extension contractures and corrects intrinsic minus positioning due to nerve injuries. With different size elastic bands tension can be adjusted to allow for progressive joint changes and better functional positioning.

Padded Mesh Wheelchair Gloves by North Coast Medical Norco™ Multi-Use Electrodes - Multi Sizes Bunnell™ Reverse Finger Knuckle Bender Splint
Latex free, half-finger design with a durable foam-padded grain leather palm and cotton mesh back give breathable comfort. Has hook & loop closures. Sold in pairs. Norco™ Multi-Use Electrodes are latex free and can be used for multiple applications. Superior quality, outstanding adhesion and multiple gel layer technology. Available with cloth or foam backing and multiple shapes and sizes. Bunnell™ Reverse Finger Knuckle Bender is an adjustable width splint used to flex the proximal interphalangeal joint. Made of aluminum with antimicrobial treated felt pads that provide three points of support for comfort and stability.