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Corflex Economizer Arm Sling Arm Sling Corflex Ultra Arm Sling
Corflex Ultra Arm Sling
HPMS Price $12.99
Made of lightweight muslin material. Slide buckle or contact closure for ease of application. Let the Peanuts gang aid in your recovery with this Snoopy Arm Sling. Perfect support for hand, arm and shoulder; available in child and adult sizes. Features double D-ring hook and loop closure for ease of application and thumb loop to help prevent wrist drop. Indicated for injuries to the arm, shoulder, wrist or hand and cast support to maintain arm in a neutral position.
SkiL-Care Pouch Arm Sling Arm Sling Universal Mueller Adjustable Arm Sling (PHARMACY)
SkiL-Care Pouch Arm Sling
HPMS Price $12.99
Arm Sling Universal
HPMS Price $13.29
This pouch arm sling can support either arm and offers comfort with cozy cloth fabric and an adjustable shoulder strap.
Envelope style. Poly-cotton. 1in shoulder strap. Fully adjustable hook/loop closure. This adjustable arm sling provides general arm support and restricts movement to assist in healing sore or injured arms and elbows.
Mueller Adjustable Arm Sling (Sports Care) Corflex Collar & Cuff Sling Envelope Arm Sling by Core Products
Provides general arm support and restricts movement to assist in healing sore or injured arms and elbows. Features tubular neck pad and flannel lined cuff for optimal patient comfort. Made of lightweight cotton/poly fabric; strap adjusts easily to ensure a proper fit. Fits either arm.
Thermoskin Arm Sling MedSpec Padded Arm Sling Blue Jay Universal Arm Sling with Shoulder Comfort Pad
Thermoskin Arm Sling
HPMS Price $14.95
MedSpec Padded Arm Sling
HPMS Price $14.99
Provides support and elevation of the injured arm and it is fully reversible which means you can use it on either the left or right arm. The strap is easily adjusted to allow the patient to position the arm sling in the desired position. Provides comfort and support. Durable cotton blend for lasting wear.
Mueller Arm Sling Actimove® Mitella Arm Sling North Coast Medical Universal Envelope Arm Sling
Mueller Arm Sling
HPMS Price $16.99
Adjustable padded shoulder strap. Provides general arm support to restrict movement and help assist healing. Child-friendly designed shoulder, elbow and arm support limiting their range of motion with a rested, flexed elbow position.
Affordable sling keeps the arm comfortably positioned. Supports the forearm to help relieve stress on the shoulder. Ideal for casted forearms/wrists and for shoulder injuries.
Actimove ® Mitella Comfort Actimove Umerus Shoulder Immobilizer Actimove ® Umerus Comfort - Comfort Shoulder Immobilizer
Comfort shoulder, elbow and arm support limiting the range of motion in the shoulder and elbow joint and providing rest in a flexed elbow position. Actimove® Umerus is a cost-effective shoulder and arm immobilizer for limited abduction, extension, internal and external rotation of the humerus. Actimove® Umerus Comfort is a comfortable shoulder and upper arm immobilizer for limited abduction, extension, internal and external rotation of the humerus.
Corflex Tricot Arm Sling BodySport Universal Arm Sling DeRoyal CVA Sling
Corflex Tricot Arm Sling
HPMS Price $19.99

DeRoyal CVA Sling
HPMS Price $20.99
Soft, yet durable tricot material sling. Great support to maintain arm in neutral position. BodySport Universal Arm Sling provides support and comfort for injured or disabled arms. Features neck strap with pad and adjustable clip. Constructed of durable canvas material. Tubular foam neck pad for patient comfort. Strap features adjustable slide buckle closure.
DeRoyal Premium Arm Sling MedSpec Universal Hemi-Sling DeRoyal Universal Sling Style Shoulder Immobilizer
DeRoyal Premium Arm Sling
HPMS Price $21.99
Deep pocket pouch design constructed of black cotton material. Infant and child sizes feature cartoon print. Foam shoulder pad provides additional patient comfort. Thumb loop helps prevent wrist drop. Adjustable slide buckle on strap for best fit. Hook and loop closure with O-rings Designed to eliminate weight on the neck while effectively supporting the hand and elbow.
Perforated foam construction ensures patient comfort. Sling style wrist cuff for optimal comfort and support.
North Coast Medical CVA Sling North Coast Medical Standard Hemi Sling Corflex Universal Sling & Swathe
Padded sling strap cushions the shoulder. Foam-padded shoulder strap ensures a comfortable fit. Two flannel-lined cuffs support the hand and forearm. This adjustable sling can be easily taken off and on without assistance. Offers comfortable support for both hand, wrist and shoulder. Cradle-style sling with trim able swathe for optimal fit; universal design allows for inventory reduction.
Actimove Sling & Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer Corflex Ranger™ Universal Shoulder Sling Immobilzer Frank Stubbs Harris Hemi Sling
Corflex Ranger Shoulder Sling
HPMS Price $39.99

Frank Stubbs Harris Hemi Sling
HPMS Price $39.99

Actimove Sling & Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer has a firm shoulder joint and humerus support for excellent patient comfort. Features soft padding in the upper spine area for added patient comfort.

Shoulder immobilization post-surgery or injury with maximum comfort and wearability for short or long term use.

Favorite Harris Hemi Sling Now Constructed of a Softer, More Breathable Material! Easy for the one-handed patient to apply and remove. Ideal for those who do not have use of one arm due to hemiplegia. White or Black in Left or Right. One size fits most.
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