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Actimove Alufoam Finger Splint IMAK RSI Pil-O-Splint by BrownMed Seal-Tight Mid-Arm/Knee PICC/Dressing Cover by BrownMed
Brownmed IMAK RSI Pil-O-Splint
HPMS Price $41.66

Actimove Alufoam Finger Splint is a lightweight, strong, adjustable foam padded finger splint.
#1 Doctor Recommended Nighttime Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief! Eliminates need for pumps, closure straps and adhesive tape. Latex Free.
Comfort Cool® Pronation-Supination Splints Comfy Elbow Orthosis Comfy Splints Comfy Grip
Comfy Splints Comfy Grip
HPMS Price $79.99
Use this special orthotic strap to help decrease abnormal tone and increase forearm range of motion in persons with soft-tissue orthopedic conditions and with neurological disorders such as stroke, CP or brachial plexus injuries. A convenient splint that supports weak extremities and also helps immobilize certain painful arm injuries.
Designed to give your wrist extra support! Ideal for gradual extension of non-fixed wrist, hand, and finger flexion.
Comfy Hand Thumb Orthosis Spring-Loaded Goniometer Hand Orthosis Comfyprene Elbow Orthosis
Supports the thumb without stressing the web space between the index finger and the thumb, known as the thenar eminence.
Comfortable, soft Spring-loaded Goniometer Hand Orthosis gives a gentle push to wrist extension or can be set in a fixed static position. The ComfySplints™ Elbow Orthosis is easy to use, Bend-to-Fit orthosis that provides excellent support for flaccid or weak extremities and helps immobilize painful extremities. The patented malleable splint spine can bend to the desired ROM and the cuffs can be adjusted for optimal fit.
Comfyprene™ Cock-Up Hand Splint by Comfy Splints Comfyprene™ Hand Separated Finger Orthosis by Comfy Splints™ Deviation Hand Orthosis Splint by ComfySplint®
Ideal for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist sprains or joint weakness or after sports injuries and for support of the weakened extremity. Ideal pre-fabricated splint for Dupytrens, Swan Neck or Boutonneire contractures or sprains and fractures. Allows finger placement while supporting the wrist. Ideal splint for arthritic or neuromuscular deformities. Swivel in wrist accommodates for ulnar and radial deviation.
Progressive Rest Hand Orthosis Comfy Splints Spring Ankle Foot Orthosis Comfy Splints™ Goniometer Knee Orthosis
Multi-layer, soft and comfortable hand orthosis is ideal for gradual extension of non-fixed wrist, hand, or finger flexion. Patented Spring Goniometer at the heel joint helps provide a gentle push to extension and prevents plantar flexion.
Easy-to-use and offers the benefits of serial casting in one splint. Goniometer dial can be set to desired degree or set to static position.
Adjustable Boot with Strap Comfy Splints™ Comfy Boot Comfy Splints™ Comfy™ Adjustable Cone Hand
Adjustable Dorsiflexion and ankle support straps. Features extra protection to prevent plantar flexion, and ankle strap secures to prevent flexion. Rest or ambulate in comfort. Elevated heel by contour eliminates pressure areas. Resilient surface resists plantar flexion.
Worn on the lateral side of the arm, this highly unique orthosis helps treat and prevent strong flexion synergy at the fingers and wrist. The adjustable hinge at wrist helps increase wrist extension and can be locked into place.
Comfy Splints™ Comfy™ Air Hand Roll Comfy Splints™ Comfy™ Ambulating Boot Comfy Splints™ Finger Contracture Cushion with Finger Separator
The Adult Air Hand Roll is a great option for the severely contracted hand. The inflatable roll can easily slide through even the most contracted hands by pulling on the attached string. Ideal ankle-foot orthosis brace for preventative plantar flexion contractures, assist with wound care and relieve foot drop and support structures. This self-use cushion can be held in place using the attached thick elastic band. Helps reduce the risk of contractures, skin breakdown, and plantar maceration.
Comfy Splints™ Hand Wrist Finger Orthosis Comfy Splints™ Knee Orthosis Comfy Splints™ Locking Elbow Orthosis
Ideal positioning splint or use for gradual extension of non-fixed wrist/ hand with a patented malleable frame allows for customized fit in a pre-fabricated splint. This splint accommodates sensitive or fragile skin as well as edema. The patented malleable splint spine can be adjusted for optimal fit and ROM. The Comfy Locking Elbow Orthosis was designed to aid in elbow extension following injury, surgery, neurological complications, or CVA. Easily set or adjust the locking mechanism inside the splint into 1 of 6 desired positions by pulling and re-inserting the ring.
Comfy Splints™ Night Boot Comfy Splints™ Resting Hand Splint Comfy Splints™ Spring Loaded Goniometer Knee Splint
Nighttime boot is ideal for plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, plantar flexion, sprains or fracture. Adjustable foot straps and a soft lycra foam lining. Ideal resting splint that supports the weak or deformed hand. Deviation Hand has a swivel joint to allow for Radial and Ulnar movement. Designed to position and protect the knee by gently pushing the extremity to the adjusted degree of extension. Can be set in 10-degree increments.
Corflex 13" Anterior Closure Knee Wrap w/Hinge, 3/16" Corflex Suede Wrist Lacer Splint- 8" Corflex 8" Suede Wrist Lacer Splint w/Abducted Thumb
Features wrap-around design for ease of application with heavy-duty hinges for optimal medial/lateral support. With or without Op Pop Options Available. Cooltex (neoprene free) or Neoprene (latex-free) material options. Single-pull lace closure for easy one-hand application Indicated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, wrist strains or sprains and post-cast removal. Single-pull lace closure for ease of application, comfortable thumb and wrist immobilization while preserving mobility of other fingers.
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