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BodySport 14" Pilates Ring With Foam Padded Grips BodySport 6" Wide Exercise Band - 50 Yard Roll BodySport Kettle Bell
BodySport Kettle Bell
HPMS Price $69.99
Lightweight Pilates ring adds resistance to your workout to tone specific areas of the body such as outer thighs, core, arms, and calves. Features padded EVA foam handles and spring steel construction. Progressive resistance in a bulk roll. Perfect for gyms, rehabilitation or fitness centers. Cut to size 50 yard roll. Color/resistance level options. Cast-iron kettlebell with vinyl coating. Used for strength training and are ideal for functional fitness.
CanDo Handle w/ Adjustable Webbing - For Band/Tubing Thin, easy to use bar allows you to increase strength and range-of-motion from any position. Digi-Extend Hand & Finger Exerciser Replacement Bands
CanDo® Weight Bars
HPMS Price $24.99

The adjustable webbing handle makes exercising with band and tubing easier! Works with cando resistance bands and tubing. Increase Your Strength & Range of Motion From Any Position! Exercise tool used in the supine, sitting, or standing position also improves endurance, balance, and motor skills. Ideal for therapy, group classes, aerobics, yoga, and Pilates. Model/size options. Latex or latex free replacement bands for CanDo hand exerciser. Color coded resistance band options; 25 pack.
FitBALL MedBalls Color-Coded Latex Free Rubber Bands B.O.I.N.G.™ Upper Body Exerciser Device
FitBALL MedBalls
HPMS Price $31.99
Help improve your core strength, flexibility, and balance with weighted balls. Professional-quality burst-resistant balls available in multiple weight options. Color coded latex-free replacement bands intended for use in sold separately Norco hand exerciser.

Ideal for training and rehabilitation of the upper extremities (wrist, elbow, shoulder), the B.O.I.N.G.™ also involves the trunk and lower extremities.

OPTP Soft Touch Handles - Pair RangeMaster Thera-Loop Non-slip Door Anchor SkiL-Care Ex-Box™
SkiL-Care Ex-Box™
HPMS Price $143.99
Soft foam handles to use with exercise bands or tubing.  Sold in pairs. The original non-slip anchor for your favorite tubing and band. Anchors any resistive tubing or band within  any door frame. Quantity options. A convenient platform for a variety of strength-training, range-of-motion, flexibility-enhancing and coordination exercises.
Theraband Door Anchor TheraBand Exercise Handles - One Pair TheraBand Soft Grip Tubing w/ Handles & Door Anchor
Theraband door anchor accessory for use with resistance bands or tubing. Soft foam exercise handles are a perfect accessory to any TheraBand tubing work-out. Sold as a pair. Soft handle latex tubing with door anchor. Sold each, 5 colored progressions available.