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ArcMate EZ Reacher Standard ArcMate EZ Reacher® Deluxe ArcMate Mammouth PRO Grabber Reacher
Stainless steel fingers will not rust -- so durable it is Guaranteed FOREVER Strong sensitive fingers for extra-wide grasp. Stainless steel fingers will not rust -- If you have ever bought a cheap grabber and been disappointed, you will be delighted with this reacher. Fingers open 5.25in and with a depth of 4.5in making the grabber mouth one of the largest available – it’s the mammouth!
ArcMate Rainbow Reacher Ultra-lightweight, Plastic Bed Pan Graphite w/o Cover Disposable Bed Wetting Alarm
Bed Wetting Alarm
HPMS Price $31.99
Lightweight plastic construction for quick and easy pick-up. Easy to use small squeeze grip.
  • Disposable Graphite w/o Cover
  • Resistant to stains & cracks
  • Dimensions: 14" L x 11" W x 2.5"D
  • Weight capacity: 250 Lb
A small plastic alarm box attaches to the shoulder area of the bedwetter's pajama or t-shirt with hook and loop attachment, close to the ear.
Blue Jay Absorb N’ Protect Quilted Pad Blue Jay Slide On Over Transfer Board Two Cutout Blue Jay Slide On Over Transfer Board, Solid Board
More effective and economical than disposables. Shields your couch and chair seat cushions from moisture damage. Quilted top layer. Non-slip bottom layer keeps pad in place. Machine wash and dry. Latex free.
Helps aid safe patient transfer from a wheelchair, bed, chair, or commode. Rounded corners, tapered ends and a smooth finish provide an easy patient transfer. Helps aid safe patient transfer from a wheelchair, bed, chair, or commode. Rounded corners, tapered ends and a smooth finish provide an easy patient transfer.
DMI Orthopedic Foam Bed Wedge Pillows DMI® Deluxe Wood Transfer Boards DMI® Ergonomic Reachers with Rotating Jaw
This foam bed wedge pillow has a comfortable, gradual slope that eases body aches and pains. Sealed and coated board allows easier transfers to/from bed, wheelchair, chair, car or commode. This lightweight plastic reacher helps you pick up hard-to-reach objects. Ergonomic trigger handle is easy on your hand. Claw rotates 360 degrees to reach any direction. Simply pull up on it and turn. Convenient magnet on the back of the handle picks up light metal objects. Rubber cushion tips help secure your grasp.
DMI® Folding Bed Board Mattress Supports DMI® Wood Dressing Aid Stick Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Shower Chair
Helps add firmness to too-soft or sagging mattresses to better support your back. Slide the bed board between the mattress and box spring. This dressing aid stick is the perfect tool to help with clothing as well as retrieving items. Product available without. Conveniently folds flat. Blow-molded bench provides comfort and strength.
Duro-Med Foam Bed Wedge Fabrication Enterprises Inc. Sock Aid With Ridges Glideaway Quest Memory Foam Pillow
Duro-Med Foam Bed Wedge
HPMS Price $39.99
Can be used to elevate legs or upper body; perfect to relieve back/leg pain, respiratory ailments or poor circulation. The Sock Aid with ridges makes putting on socks easier! It features a loop strap which can be used with one hand and can be adjusted up to 30". Although small in size in comparison to a mattress, the pillow’s roll in providing a healthy night’s sleep is almost as important by providing a resting place for the most important parts of your body.
Kinsman Bed Pull-Up Kinsman Push-Pull Stick Manicure Sticks Bx/144
Kinsman Bed Pull-Up
HPMS Price $18.99
Kinsman Push-Pull Stick
HPMS Price $23.99
Manicure Sticks Bx/144
Our Price: $10.99
Heavy duty cotton webbing with easy grip ladder rungs to assist those with limited hand strength, to pull themselves upright in bed. Push-Pull stick is ideal for those with limited range of motion and has the ability to be used as a reacher Bx/144. Hardwood. 1 end pointed, 1 end slanted.
Metal and Mobility SafetySure® Bed Pull-Up Metal and Mobility SafetySure® Transfer Sling North Coast Medical Advantage Rail™
The Deluxe or Economy Bed Pull-Up is ideal for those who need extra assistance when sitting up in bed and or getting in and out of bed. An easy to use Transfer Sling device with many patient transfer applications. Floor mounted security bar provides support when standing or sitting. Height adjustable.
North Coast Medical Easy-Turn Lampswitch Kit North Coast Medical Encore Ready Sheets North Coast Medical EZ Reacher®
Turning on lamps just got easier. Replace small, hard-to-grasp lamp knobs with the three-spoked Easy-Turn Lampswitch Kit. Larger knob size helps to switch lamps on and off more easily. Ready Sheets are precut, at no additional cost Smaller sheet sizes save time and let you make the most from your splinting material. Durable reacher design stands up to everyday use. The EZ Reacher® relieves the strain of bending, stretching or stooping to pick up items beyond reach.
North Coast Medical Hand-Held Shower Head With Pause Control North Coast Medical Norco Bed Pull Up North Coast Medical PikStick® Reachers
Reduce and restart waterflow with a push of a button. An easy-to-turn oversized spray control allows the user to choose from three settings: shower, pulsating or massage. Simple, non-bulky design helps clients sit up in bed. The 1in (2.5 cm) wide webbing of the Norco™ Bed Pull-Up helps clients use upper body strength to sit up in bed. Reachers jaws rotate 360° for increased maneuverability and easier lifting of heavy objects. These PikStick® Reachers are lightweight, easy to use, durable and rustproof.
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