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BSN Medical Leukotape® K - Kinesio Therapeutic Adhesive Tape Mueller Mtape Athletic Tape Pedifix Visco-Gel Silicone Scar Management Sheets
Wave pattern supportive adhesive tape. Allows for air circulation and full mobility. Mueller Mtape Athletic Tape is top-quality athletic tape for all sports medicine applications. Silicone sheets improve the texture, color and thickness of scars.  Soft and pliable; easy to use.  2 sheets per pack.
Silipos® Eczema Sleeve Silipos® Gel-Care® Advanced Strips
Silipos® Eczema Sleeve
HPMS Price $22.99
The Silipos Eczema Sleeve moisturizes and conditions to provide relief to dry, itchy and irritated skin. Silipos® Gel-Care® Advanced Strips will effectively soften, shrink, flatten, and fade scars caused by injury, surgery, burns, acne, and stretch marks.