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OPTP Contour Leg Pillow - Light Blue SkiL-Care U-Turn Bolster SkiL-Care Ultra-Soft Bolster
OPTP Contour Leg Pillow
HPMS Price $33.95

SkiL-Care U-Turn Bolster
Hpms Price $119.45
SkiL-Care Ultra-Soft Bolster
HPMS Price $51.99

Rest Well with Back, Knee & Ankle Pain Relief via Hip Alignment for Good Posture All Night! Supportive foam pillow covered in soft velour puts you in the right place automatically and its comfortable, contoured design stays in place. Light blue.
The U-shaped base and curved interior slot design helps with turning the patient’s body in order to prevent bedsores and muscle atrophy caused by prolonged bed rest.
Available in two sizes, the versatile Ultra-Soft Bed Bosters provide positioning, pressure relief, and comfort. They may be used to secure the patient in a side-lying position, elevate heels, separate knees, among many other applications.