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Support & relief due to fracture or other ankle injury. Please note, this is not for self-treatment of a fracture and/or break. Please consult with your physician regarding rehabilitation of an injury to indicate medical appropriateness.
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Actimove® Closed Shell Air Walker, High or Low Actimove® Heel Wedge For Closed Shell Walker Actimove® Standard Air Walker, High or Low
Walker with rigid outer shell and circumferential cuff for maximum stability and comfort.
Actimove® Heel Wedge For Closed Shell Walker Walker with easily adjustable air bladders to help control swelling, with circumferential strapping for increased stability
Actimove® Standard Walker, High or Low BodySport Wobble Board 16" Cho-Pat  Ankle Compression Sleeve - CLEARANCE
Walker with circumferential strapping for increased stability.
16" Diameter 300 lb Weight Capacity; durable non-skid plastic board. Ideal for balance and stability workouts. Clearance - Limited Stock. Dynamic Ankle Compression Sleeve is a comfortable, knitted support that combines warmth, compression, and support to help reduce pain and promote healing.
Comfy Splints™ Comfy™ Ambulating Boot Corflex Ankle Fixed Walker Corflex Lower Leg Fixed Walker
Ideal ankle-foot orthosis brace for preventative plantar flexion contractures, assist with wound care and relieve foot drop and support structures. Fixed ankle walker with natural heel height helps reduce leg length discrepancy providing stability while healing. Natural heel height helps reduce leg length discrepancy providing stability while healing.
Corflex Pediatric Fixed Walker Corflex Pneumatic Walker Corflex R.O.M. Walker
Corflex Pneumatic Walker
HPMS Price $99.99
Corflex R.O.M. Walker
HPMS Price $149.99
Easy to apply pediatric walker for children 1- 9 years of age. Support for foot or ankle fractures; post cast or alternative to casting.
Built in compression pump lower leg walker has low profile non-skid bottom, promotes natural gait & increases stability, decreasing edema. Adjustable hinge allows for or limits range-of-motion during healing process. Indicated for stable foot or ankle fractures, severe sprains or strains, soft tissue injuries, post-op and post-cast removal.
Corflex Tri Shell Pneumatic Walker EVO® Quatro® Ankle Stabilizer Fabrifoam Achilles Healer™
Fabrifoam Achilles Healer™
HPMS Price $25.00

Features posterior and anterior shells with dual chamber liner for optimal compression and stability. The next EVOlution in ankle bracing technology. Encourages faster heel rise. Duel functioning, lightweight devices made of ProWrap allows for adjustable compression.  
Fabrifoam Step-In Compression™ Ankle Wrap Bauerfeind MalleoLoc Med Spec ASO® Speed Lacer Ankle Stabilizer
MalleoLoc by Baerfeind
HPMS Price $91.95
Easy to Wear Ankle Compression Wrap with Step-in Design! Ankle wrap provides adjustable compression and support; used to treat edema, swelling from strain or sprain and ankle discomfort. One size fits most.
MalleoLoc can be worn to support ankle injury, sprain or ankle instability. Easy to put on and can be worn with or without shoes. Offers good ankle protection with ease of application.
Med Spec ASO® Vortex® Ankle Stabilizer Mueller Aircast Sport Ankle Brace Mueller Lite Hinged Ankle Brace
Mueller Lite Ankle Brace
HPMS Price $20.99

ASO® Vortex® Ankle Stabilizer is an Ultra low profile ankle brace that helps protect and support the ankle. Maximum support after a severe injury and allows an athlete to get back to participation. Mueller® Lite™ Ankle Brace allows full vertical mobility, yet still helps prevent rollover injuries. Padded side guards and hinged lower swivel make this brace ideal for volleyball and basketball.
Urias Hand Pump with Safety Valve
Use to inflate Urias Air Splints as well as other brands of air splints that have a 1/4” ID inflation tube. The safety relief valve is preset at 35mmHg to assist in preventing circulation restriction or over-inflating and damaging the splint. Air splint sold separately. Preset the safety valve to prevent damage.