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Thermoskin Wrist Thumb Sleeve Thermoskin Thumb Stabilizer, Universal - One Size Actimove® Thumb Stabilizer Extra Stays
Thermoskin Wrist Thumb Sleeve contains the exclusive Trioxon lining for clinically proven heat therapy. Thin Stretch memory foam contours to the thumb for easy application and comfort. Adjustable Thumb Brace has a rigid splint that supports the CMC joint and reduces the affects of thumb hyperextension to relieve thumb pain. Useful for UCL injuries associated with ball sports, skiing and work related repetitive strain problems.
Actimove® Thumb Stabilizer has anatomically shaped stays, managing thumb injuries, keeping finger dexterity.
Actimove® Wrist Splint - 6in Actimove® Wrist Splint - 8in CORFLEX UNIVERSAL LACER WRIST ORTHOSIS W/ ABDUCTED THUMB
Short-length wrist splint for comfortable stabilization, made of breathable open cell foam.
Full-length wrist splint for secure stabilization, made of breathable open cell foam.
Universal Lacer Wrist is ideal for offices with limited space. Inventory is reduced from 10 items down to two–right and left. Hook and loop dorsal stay assembly can be repositioned to fit a wide range of patients. Lacer closure and stockinette interior allow for easy slip-on application and removal.
Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint Thermoskin EXO Thumb Stabilizer - One Size Liberty™ Thumb Spica
Liberty™ Thumb Spica
HPMS Price $29.99
The Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint features a moldable splint which provides support for the carpometacarpal joint. Thermal properties of this orthosis provides heat therapy for soft tissue thumb injuries associated with skiing, ball sports and RSI. Semi rigid support and therapy provided to the UCL joint.
Thumb Stabiliser has two flexible supports for each side of the thumb. These support the thumb joint and reduces the effect of overuse and hyperextension. Suitable for RSI injuries, officeworkers, sportspeople or manual handling.
Firm yet flexible thumb support allows thumb IP motion. Made of lightweight trilaminate foam with wide stretch loop straps and soft lining. Offers protection, support and positioning of the thumb and wrist for painful and inflammatory conditions. Perforated foam contours to the forearm and provides ventilation for cool, comfortable wear.
MedSpec CMC-X ™ Thumb Stabilizer MedSpec CMC-X ™ Lacer Thumb Stabilizer Actimove® Wrist Splint  w/Abducted Thumb
The CMC-X™ Thumb Stabilizer helps provide your patients with pain relief from CMC joint arthritis. The “X” straps are easily adjusted to position the frst metacarpal (base of thumb) in the desired degree of abduction to help stabilize the CMC joint while still allowing the thumb to have functional mobility. The CMC-X™ Lacer Thumb Stabilizer has the same “X” straps and stay pod as the original CMC-X Thumb Stabilizer. Wrist splint with abducted thumb with extra protection through the composite closed cell foam thumb spica.
Actimove® Manus Forte Plus Wrist & Thumb Brace Modabber™ Thumb Orthosis Actimove® ManuMotion Wrist Support
Actimove® Manus Forte Plus offers optimized stability of the wrist and thumb supporting targeted pain relief and healing. It is anatomically shaped, leaving the fingers unrestrained for optimal usability. Made from highly breathable material, the patient’s skin remains cool for high wearing comfort. Comfortable, customizable thumb support. Anatomically shaped wrist support featuring 3D knitting technology and award-winning helix design for medical compression providing stability with integrated pressure pad to help pain relief
Actimove Rhizo Forte Thumb Orthosis Comfort Cool® Gladiator™ Wrist & Thumb Orthosis Manutec® Fix Rizart Plus CMC Thumb Orthosis
Actimove Rhizo Forte supports pain relief by securing the thumb without restricting hand movment. Designed for everyday wear and for daily activities such as hand washing and preparing food. Suitable for those sensitive to latex, brace is not made with natural rubber latex. This unique material provides the perfect balance between stability, compression, stretch, and breathability. Counterforce strap design reduces ulnar drift. Unique extra-long distal strap with anti-slip traction beads allows the clinician to provide custom fit for comfort and support. Designed with four removable, bendable aluminum stays for a customized fit. Keeps thumb CMC in a functional position. Stabilizes the base joint of the thumb and places the first metacarpal in its functional position. Anatomically corrects positioning and enables the other fingers to move properly, ensuring the functionality of the hand. Designed with double injected materials and rounded edges for maximum comfort during use. Includes fastening system, secured by metal core, that enables the degree of stability of the trapeziometacarpal joint to be adjusted as required
AliMed Freedom Thumb Spica North Coast Medical Progress™ Ultra-Ortho™ Multi-purpose Orthotic North Coast Medical Armour™
For de Quervain's syndrome, MP and CMC arthritis, and repetitive motion injuries. Provides the appropriate wrist positioning and adjustability for both flexion and extension of the hand, wrist, thumb and digits.
Lightweight, Kevlar® fiber-based thermoplastic that's rigid, long lasting, and tough.
North Coast Medical Progress-Plus™ Wrist Extension Turnbuckle Orthosis
Provide progressive low-load force to improve wrist motion between neutral and 60° extension.